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[ACCEPTED] Appeal 12/2/2462

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Appealing Personnel: Julian Chet
Specific Incident: INCIDENT REPORT - 9/29/2462
Action taken as a result: Demotion, Suspension
Action contested: Demotion
Reasoning for contest: I feel after an extended time period as an apprentice I've gotten better in team-ethics. So much so I'll have a list of people who can say that I do in the notes section. I feel like for the past 2 months I've learned from my mistakes that caused the demotion in the first place. In response to the concerns of the gravity of the situation, I believe that I understand it fully, and risks like that will not be taken again, as evidenced by my behavior since the incident and lack thereof problems. I hope that the Appeal division can believe in me and the colleagues that vouch for me, that I am a capable engineer and will not cause any further incidents.


Additional notes: 
The following Engineers are willing to vouch for me
Chief Engineer Tankred
St. Engineer Freya Sandstrom
St. Engineer Alik Antonov
Eng. Apprentice Zesuk Narturzuk
St. Engineer Cecile Shurrajager
Eng. Apprentice/Assistant Skazurah Kas
(Not an engineer but I've worked a lot with her) Research Dir. Xiao Zemin.
Eng. Apprentice Aen Nhone
St. Engineer Valetzrhonaja Nayrragh'Rakhant
Eng. Apprentice Halina Na'Baal
St. Engineer Azzam Amari
St. Engineer Darvan Omega.
Chief Engineer Steven Macnaughton
St. Engineer Brayden Parker
St. Engineer William Becker
St. Engineer Jaxon Williams
Chief Engineer Nadine Vehalmara (Noting that she has only had them as a subordinate since her start during the 35th's invasion. They were a capable engineer that could do anything tasked of them from what she has noticed. Aware of their background and circumstances, has not caused an issue, though this was over a week and few days more time period.)



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To: Julian Chet
From: CCIA Division of Appeals
Subject: Appeal 12/02/2462



After thorough review of your conduct over the course of your demotion, we believe you have learned an important lesson and have come to understand why you were demoted in the first place. Your appeal will be approved and your demotion lifted. We trust you will understand that future mistakes of a similar nature will be met with far harsher consequences. Those that have vouched for you will be held responsible for your actions as well, should it come to such a thing. Behave, and try not to disappoint them.

  • As of 2462/12/10, 01:58, your appeal is approved and you may begin working as a full time engineer once more.


DTG: 10-1:58-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2462

Sign: Caroline Jameson


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