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  1. Alright... as I was bullied to write this by a certain someone I'll write a comment. I play the off-station antag Blondie From my perspective, as I was fairly incapacitated for most of the beginning parts of the round by getting arrested by security and stripped down to just my jumpsuit I saw a lack of communication between Security, Command, and the Mercs. Frankly though, I feel like the main problem's were the ERT team, which shouldn't've joined our side at all as we had less money, didn't comment about the fact 5 briefcases of credits just came into thin air, and denied phoron (from wh
  2. One of my favoritest(ist?) Spess people, they play their characters phenomenally, and does their job well. After they've been playing Valetzrhonaja and Freya I've had a multitude of moments to RP with them, and haven't hated or felt like they could've been better in any moments. Actually I've looked up to them a lot of the times for information, lore, and how to better myself as someone to RP with. I constantly while playing my character(s) try to urge them to take Interim positions because I feel like they have the ability to do it, not only icly but also oocly I have no doubt that they
  3. +1 You're stupid enjoyable as Bjorn and even when you're a tiny little shithead drone. You're a really fun RPer, a really fun person, your antag gimmicks always engage the crew in a fun way that is never seen to me as LRP bullshit that makes no sense. I wish you luck with this app
  4. Reporting Personnel: Julian Chet Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Engineering Apprentice Game ID: b0w-cyUA (Either the actual round or the one after... I forgot) Personnel Involved: -Halvard Nimrod, Station Engineer: Witness -Freya Sandstrom, Station Engineer: Witness -Khunrrayar Enkherrava, Security Officer: Witness -Victor Jenkins, Scientist: Offender Secondary Witnesses: - Sihle Niu, Lab assistant: Can confirm that nobody else was told in the research department Time of Incident: Real Time: 1300EST 12/9/2020 Location of Incident: Research Dep
  5. Appealing Personnel: Julian Chet Specific Incident: INCIDENT REPORT - 9/29/2462 Action taken as a result: Demotion, Suspension Action contested: Demotion Reasoning for contest: I feel after an extended time period as an apprentice I've gotten better in team-ethics. So much so I'll have a list of people who can say that I do in the notes section. I feel like for the past 2 months I've learned from my mistakes that caused the demotion in the first place. In response to the concerns of the gravity of the situation, I believe that I understand it fully, and risks like that will not be taken again,
  6. Appealing Personnel: Julian Chet Specific Incident: INCIDENT REPORT - 9/29/2462 Action taken as a result: Suspension, Demotion Action contested: Demotion Reasoning for contest: I feel after multiple shifts back as an apprentice I’ve learned my lesson in maintaining and generating power for the station, and feel like that I’m viable to be promoted back up to a Station Engineer. I also believe that my skills are above those of an apprentice and that I’m taking up a valuable place in this station for apprentices to learn in. I can also state, that I’m
  7. I don't exactly have too much to say about this because well, I just had an experience with your character. I was playing Julian Chet and in the 20 minutes I met your character it was quite impressive. I'm on the unlucky side when it comes to RP where I can only get into the game not the character, so my character halfway through just becomes an avatar, but this isn't about me heh. It's about you, and I can respect your RP and character design. I feel like I'd love to see your consular officer on the station, you get a +1 from me any day really.
  8. Interacting with your RD was a fun experience, I played a couple of rounds where I interacted with you and one with a massive clusterfuck of an excursion. I wanna +1 BUT, I do feel like you need to be able to grasp situations by the balls more, as a head you have the power over normal crew members and I wish you used that. But that's what this trial is for, I believe you have potential as a head and I wanna see you meet that, this gets a 0 from me, but if I see something while I'm observing or playing a Chet I'll definitely do a +1
  9. Because Geeves is such a nice meme I'll make an account to +1 I only talked to you once or twice as A Chet but from what I've seen you have solid RP and potential as a head.
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