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  1. Anybody who has ever interacted with MccRrib on an OOC basis can tell you he's a wonderful, funny, smart guy that is enjoyable both to talk too and be around. He always happily takes constructive criticism and improves on everything and anything he can for his characters. He is an excellent roleplayer and can seamlessly lean into any gimmick ICly and will go out of his way to roleplay with most anyone. MccRrib would be a great addition to the lore team, one that would work fluidly and cooperatively with everyone else on the team, of that I am certain. A definite +1.
  2. An easy +1. Faye is an amazing roleplayer and person. She is one of the best medical players we have right now by a wide margin. She makes great characters with excellent personalities and motivations. She will do great in the role of command, no doubt about it.
  3. Name: Game Master Short Description: Like during the KOTW arc, extended rounds would have little (or some times not little) events thrown in to spice things up. As a result, extended was played far more often then usual and peopled seemed to quite enjoy it. Make a whitelisted role that is heavily policed and given only to those that can be trusted to drive a story for at least most of the crew for an entire round, give them the ability to do a myriad of things, such as choosing ghosted people and setting them out with a specific goal. Example: I choose x player to be a Fisanduh nationalis
  4. To: Julian Chet From: CCIA Division of Appeals Subject: Appeal 12/02/2462 _______________________________ BODY: After thorough review of your conduct over the course of your demotion, we believe you have learned an important lesson and have come to understand why you were demoted in the first place. Your appeal will be approved and your demotion lifted. We trust you will understand that future mistakes of a similar nature will be met with far harsher consequences. Those that have vouched for you will be held responsible for your actions as well, should it come to such a thin
  5. The idea I was going for here was that, while Linha does not believe themselves to be a woman, nor have the soul of one, they also do not believe themselves to be a man, nor to have the soul of a man. Rather, the soul they have is their own soul, hence the struggle and the emphasis on trying to prove themselves. Others might assume they have the soul of a warrior regardless, and Linha likely wouldn't correct them on it, but Linha is meant to be portrayed as some one fiercely proud of who they are and who they've become. While younger they would become enraged from being referred to as a woman,
  6. @DeadLantern I tried to not go too overboard with the character, and yet ended up with 13 paragraphs, so I tried to leave some things more up to implication to cut down on length. For example, the fact that Linha practically abandoned their clan and left their father on his death bed without a word is suppose to sort of hint at how they feel towards their father. I could have done this in a few more places as well I feel but I was already feeling bad for the length of the backstory, tbqh. But essentially it's meant to show that while Linha did care for their fathers approval at first, and
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