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  1. Big ol +1 from me, was a godsend during a hectic raider round. Good RPer, pleasant to interact with, would like to see them around more
  2. +1 I HATE THIS GAMER!!!!!!!!!!! He literally said, right to my face in a group chat, that he hates @Melariara and honestly are we really gonna set here and accept that kind of abuse towards our staff? She has been the head admin here for FIVE YEARS and deserves to be respected as such!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think people should always be allowed to vote for what they want to do and play, restricting that doesn't seem useful or beneficial to the server in any way, imo. Like many others said, if majority people want x thing, they should be allowed x thing.
  4. +1 Gillian will do great in the position, anything I could say has already been said above, Gillian's a great RPer and will do good in the roles
  5. Gillian is a good RPer and will do very well with an IPC whitelist +1
  6. +1. Literally all my +1s. Anyone who has seen the ghost spam these two are able to put out will agree. I've been a Golem cultist. I had the ability to spam out ghosts before, but chose not too because, lets face it, that's not fun. At all. But we all know others will not hold back similarly if given the chance. I think ghosts are a valid option to help cult be a stronger force to be reckoned with, but they in turn make cult unstoppable with a Diona or the very rare times they get a Golem. Golems don't even have blood, man!
  7. I think it does if you pick it up a second or third time after the first, not 100% tbh, but yeah like, I figure it'd lend some credence to maybe, you're in a life or death situation and some cultists blade on the ground is the only thing you can grab as weapon in a moment of panic, you use it to protect yourself and Nar'Sie's like "gotcha bitch". Could be a few ways to RP that out too, plus has a chance to help out cults that get giga stomped 30 mins into a round lol.
  8. I propose two things. Remove Diona as a playable race, or make it so they can't spawn as or be selected for antag throughout the course of the round. And please god remove their ability to be in cult. Diona ghost spamming cult is horrific, I think we all can agree, given the main downside to ghost spam is that it does serious pain damage to the user and puts them in pain crit after a bit at 2-3 ghosts, making the summoner completely worthless.
  9. I was thinking it would be interesting if non cult people could pick up the cult sword, and it wouldn't threaten to gib their arm, or do damage to them, but instead it would begin to corrupt them. They'd probably receive messages like "You hear a whisper creeping into your skull" or something like that that would obviously show they are being affected by the sword, and if you hold it for too long you become a cultist. I would also say that, if they use the cult blade at all without being cult, it speeds up the time SIGNIFICANTLY, maybe 2-3 slashes and they're cult. Just a cool thing I think that is better then just "no u cant touch it oop arm gib", that would also provide some decent RP imo. Plus, let's be real, most people just drag cult blades around behind them ANYWAY.
  10. +1 I would happily make a beauty shell from Aerostat, more beauty in our lore is good, not everything has to be a run down crap hole!
  11. +1. Needs to be nerfed, not going to go into an entire essay on why, as everything Haveatya has said I agree with. There are plenty of counters to IPCs already. I've literally seen G2s get ONE TAPPED by a laser rifle to the leg and lose the leg entirely. One shot. Lasers are strong enough vs IPCs right now to make an Ion nerf perfectly acceptable.
  12. Rooster is a good boy, an epic gamer, and is trusted enough to have other whitelists, including command, AND is a lore writer. I'm 100% certain he can handle a Tajaran whitelist just fine.
  13. +1 Paradox is good, a gamer, and their presence as lore dev can only benefit the server, I think we all know this tbh.
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