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  1. Rooster has been a great and well behaved member of staff for quite some time. He plays great characters, is friendly, and has a good temperment, not to mention he's a well rounded roleplay. +1
  2. Aftering reading over your "Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career?" I have no choice but to -1 this app. It shows a profound lack of understanding, which you admit with your own words, of the lore of the server. For starters, why do you think you can use corporate assets, in this case something you grow on the station, as something your character would be able to take off station and sell? There are a number of checkpoint customs that check over what you take off the station. Assuming that's not the case, given
  3. Due to OOC reasons we will be closing this review request and archiving it.
  4. Never said any AI didn't anything like that, I just figured if we removed malf for a reason, I'm surprised we allow traitor AI, though Alb makes a good point I actually assumed they were still able to explode apcs and send CC announcements due to something that happened on a prior shift with a traitor AI days ago. If they aren't able, that's fine. I actually meant to say it encourages the same shit rather then IS all the same shit, but such is life. Again, no one did anything to, yet, to warrant an ahelp or a whitelist strip. By all means, feel free to show me or
  5. I don't understand why we allow AI to be traitor when we've removed MALF. It just causes the same shit that got MALF removed to happen, the only difference is we don't have to deal with code delta.
  6. I have a lot of experience with Shadow's command play in the past, I think he did good more often then not. While I haven't interacted too much with his characters icly, the times I have done so have been pleasent. +1
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