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  1. One of the best people in the community IMO, a great person, roleplayer, and certainly deserving of a whitelist. I've RPed with them on countless shifts, and I'm always happy to see them around. They RP a variety of different characters incredibly well, and I have no doubt in my mind they'd do the same as a Skrell. +1
  2. Kyres man bad. He poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague unto our houses!
  3. Bear was the first friend I made coming back to the server, and has been someone I treasure ever since. He's a genuine, kind, understanding individual who would be a grand fit for the moderator team. I agree with most everything said about him in this thread, and as was stated by others, we could always use more low-pop staff members. +1
  4. Amazing roleplayer with an excellent understanding and adherence to the species' lore of the character they are playing. Good person all around and definitely deserving of any whitelist. They'll do great. +1
  5. +1 Fun to roleplay with, good characters from what I've experienced, and agree with pretty much everything said above. They'll make a great Command staff member for sure
  6. I haven't had many rounds with Uaine in command, however, judging based on their other characters as well as my interactions with their command character, I believe they will make a good addition to the command staff team. They are a good RPer, have good characters, and from what I've seen are quite good at the mechanics side of the game, which I believe is obviously quite important. Command is role in which, no matter what you do, some one is going to disagree with how you handled a situation, and I believe they have the maturity to not lash out at criticism but instead to talk things out and admit if they've done something wrong, which is important for literally everyone, but especially Command where mistakes are more impactful on the round as a whole. +1 from me
  7. I've seen Darkstar's HoP in a few rounds, they play the role well and how you'd expect an HoP to play, not playing as some sort of secondary captain or interm HoS when there is none, which I've noticed a select few HoP's have quite the problem with. All in all, he deserves the whitelist more then some who currently have it, without even having to mention his good RP ability. I stand by my +1
  8. Agreed completely, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to mechanics and the actual numbering on things in code or w/e, but I DO know that putting an entire taser or magazine of .45 rubbers into someone and STILL having to stunbaton them down is crap, not to mention feeling like you're doing anything against antags with the Laser Rifle, despite the fact that it is an extremely pain in the ass weapon as, while it has 15 shots, it still needs to be recharged via one of the extremely limited chargers around the station. Given that those 15 shots don't do jack most of the time... not good.
  9. +1 In just one round with Peppermint's command character I, and anyone watching, could easily tell she is a wonderful fit for a Command whitelist. In what was even an extremely hectic round for civilian staff, let alone Medical or Security, Peppermint, as CMO, skillfully handled any and every issue that came Medical's away, even with such a small medical staff that shift. They RP'd their character well, did a fantastic job overall, and I think most if not all of medical on shift that round would back me up in saying so. I saw them in command positions previously and they were always on point, great in the role they chose both mechanically and RP wise. I have no reason what so ever to think things will not be the same this time. I hope she gets the feedback she deserves on this application, and that it gets passed once the trial is over, as I believe we are in quite the need for certain command slots at certain hours.
  10. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, good RPer, have seen him interm plenty of times very successfully. +1
  11. I think Peppermint would do great in a command position. She plays great and interesting characters, and has done well in command roles in the past. Peppermint is a wonderful roleplayer, and very skilled mechanically. She would certainly make a great fit for a command whitelist. On top of her RPing ability, it would be good to get more command staff in general, especially considering dead hour. Can't think of many better for the spot, +1
  12. Thank you everyone for the feedback, I have put in a request to have my whitelist application withdrawn, as I do not believe I should have one.
  13. sorry, I should have specified a few things, and made the relationship between it's Owner more prevalent in the story. The idea behind it attending classes instead of downloading the data was I thought it would be easier on Owners wallet, essentially, which I should have made clear. Instead of splurging on the databases, allowing it to learn naturally while still keeping up it's bartending job. As for the frame, which I also should have specified, I was thinking a Bishop frame. In fact, the idea was that the Owner went a bit above and beyond to make CEREBRAL look good as opposed to putting extra money into it's databases. For saving up, I meant to specify CEREBRAL was allowed to keep half of the tips it got. This all goes back to not fleshing out the Owner part in the back story, as the idea in my head was that the Owner didn't have all that much money, which is why he made CEREBRAL in the first place as an extra source of income. Sorry, that is my mistake, I'll do it over if you want, or make a new character or something. Thank you to everyone who has given feedback so far!
  14. BYOND Key: Hepatica01 Character Names: Klementine Kuznetsov, Zoya Kuznetsov, Vitya Netov, Xaryus Simmons, Darragh O'Daly, Shi Fei, DAD (AI) Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I've read over the entirety of the lore page of IPC twice just in the last two hours due to my poor memory, and have done so in the past as well due to my roboticist character, as well as every single sub page that I was able to find. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Put plain and simply, IPCs interest me far, far more then any other race currently on the server. While I have absolutely nothing against the other races, nor the people who choose to play them, I personally have always been keen towards robots in real life, which naturally influenced me to want to make a whitelist for IPCs. After playing a hell of a lot of roboticist over the years, I've seen dozens and dozens of IPCs of varying types and personalities. I've seen the possibilities first hand, and already have a variety of interesting ideas I believe have quite a bit of RP potential. On top of this, the lore for IPCs is phenomenal. I fully believe that, at the advent of robotic creation, it would go near identically to how it is stated in lore, with corporations practically becoming completely reliant on a robotic work force, before the resources to create such a workforce started to deplete. The idea of massive, sprawling scrapyards filled to the brim with the discarded robotics from the era is just an awesome visual to imagine, and even gives me ideas for certain patchwork-esque robots (Not necessarily IPCs) made from parts scavenged from just such scrapyards. IPC lore has always interested me, but I've never felt like I had the RP ability to properly play one. I still am not completely certain, but I would love the chance to try, hence why I'm finally applying for such a whitelist after years of wanting one. All in all, I think there is an incredible amount of character diversity that can be done with IPCs that I, personally, don't believe any other race can achieve. I already have a multitude of ideas for a variety of different IPC characters with a wide variety of differing personalities between them. It's my hope that, should I receive an IPC whitelist, I can do the race justice through meaningful RP and character interactions. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Well, I believe there are a multitude of different answers to this question depending specifically depending on the type of IPC, so I'll try to go over everything. Starting out, IPCs can range from nearly identical and indistinguishable from humans (Hence, untagged Shells) to extremely robotic in nature. This leads to a significant disparity in how you can play one IPC to another, which is somewhat similar to humans, actually. Given that it was humans who created the positronics, I believe that being the case makes perfect sense, as IPCs are stated to sometimes be a product of their environment. However, that being said, even the most human of the IPCs are vastly different from humans in a variety of ways. A human can handle an ion rifle without a second thought, while an IPC would see that and would likely be extremely weary given that their number one priority is often self preservation. While on the flip side, a human would (ideally) be fearful of running head first into, say, tear gas, while an IPC could charge head first in knowing it wouldn't be effected. I believe situations like these, among many others, are where IPCs really shine in their RP. Character Name: CEREBRAL-PSY Please provide a short backstory for this character CEREBRAL-PSY was originally an IPC designed solely for bartending, with little money or effort put into it for any other purpose. Despite this, however, CEREBRAL-PSY was quite good with it's customers, often receiving generous tips due to providing not just pleasant conversation, but also due to it's uncanny ability to provide meaningful and ultimately helpful advice when listening to it's patrons' problems. It noticed that whenever it seemed to genuinely aid a customer with a problem in their personal life, even if it just meant allowing the customer to vent for awhile, it would feel a sort of dopamine-esque reward, or at least the equivalent for an IPC. After questioning it's owner and creator, it turned out this positive reinforcement it was feeling was built in with the hope that it would cause CEREBRAL, which was it's name originally, to provide excellent customer service in exchange for better tips. Due to this, CEREBRAL began studying a wide variety of materials in order to continue receiving what was essentially a momentary drug high in exchange, the main bulk of which were psychology books. After some years of getting better and better at it's customer service, it saved up enough money to request a variety of upgrades, mainly to aid it further in the field of psychology. Despite this, however, it wasn't that often that bar patrons would come to it with problems. Lately, the bar had been seeing rough times, and didn't have as many customers. Due to this, CEREBRAL started taking psychology courses, paying from them itself and with help from it's Owner. After eight years of taking as many courses as it could handle, CEREBRAL became a certified psychologist. Knowing it would have an unending stream of people to help, CEREBRAL-PSY, it's owner adding the -PSY on the end at it's request to signify it's new journey in life, marched confidently towards it's future. What do you like about this character? I think the character is quite interesting specifically due to the fact that it's not out of any innate kindness or predisposition towards humans that it wanted to become a psychologist, but instead because it constantly seeks the positive reinforcement. I think, or at least hope, that the idea is unique and interesting, as I certainly consider it so, and also gives a decent amount of depth to the character. Someone may ask, "Were you programmed to be a psychologist?" To which CEREBRAL-PSY could explain that it was once a bartender. Perhaps if asked further about why it became a psychologist, it would explain the positive reinforcement, which I believe could make people unsettled a bit and lead to interesting RP situations and interactions as a result. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Uhm... I don't know. I have an extremely hard time judging my own worth, especially in a positive manner. I've been RPing in a variety of methods for a dozen years now, so I'd like to hope I'm good at role playing, but this is honestly a question I just cannot answer. It's my hope that, maybe, people who either +1 or -1 me would be able to speak on my RP ability, be it positive or negative, so that I can use such information to improve. Notes: I hope my app is good, if there's anything you want me to change or redo or whatever I'll happily do so. This is the first (and likely only) whitelist I'll ever make a request for, so I'm extremely nervous and likely messed something up at some point. I'm really, really sorry about not being able to answer the rate your role-playing ability question properly.
  15. Not much to say that hasn't already been said, easy +1
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