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Amos Zhujian's Ouerean Vest

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Byond key: DronzTheWolf

Discord key: Dronz#2441

Character Name: Amos Zhujian

Item name: Ouerean Vest

Item function(s): Like a poncho or cloak, it will function as both a suit slot item or accessory.

Item description: A thin vest made of separate colors, this one is brown and turquoise, with something written in Sinta'Unathi on the right breast. While this is a traditional cut vest, it's made of modern machine-woven fabrics as is commonly done on Ouerea, and sized to fit a human.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: This was a gift from a Kataphract, Saa Sszehaak. Amos was attacked to his group as an Izweki levy, when he volunteered during the King of the World arc. As an article of clothing, it's meant to be worn, and Amos perceives it as a badge of honor.

How did your character obtain this item: It was gifted to him by Saa Sszehaak, a Kataphract who's group he was attached to as an Izweski levy. He'd left a positive impression on the Kataphract, in his conduct and helpfulness, as well as his respect. The simple act of Zhujian joining the levy is seen as brave, because non-Unathi Ouerans are not subject to the draft, and heeding the Hegemon's call to arms was a very honorable decision.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: It's valuable to Amos as a reminder of home and as a gift from someone he learned to respect, and tells the story of the few humans who joined the Izweski in their support of Tau Ceti. Ouereans are not known for their patriotism, especially the Humans and Skrell, so wearing this traditional styled vest is his show of allegiance to the Hegemony.

Sprites: Amos Vest.dmi

Additional Comments: While much of this is very subjective, one of the OOC motivations to get this is to help represent Ouerea as a blending of cultures. At the time of applying, there hasn't been much love shown to the planet in the way of culture and society outside the political realm. With much of the cultural blend left to be interpreted as the reader thinks. 

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