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Districts in Mendell City

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===Mendell City===

Mendell City is the capital of Biesel, and of Tau Ceti as a whole; stretching over forty thousand square kilometres; it houses a total of seventy eight million people, situated on the south-western coast of the northernmost continent. Due to the low-tax system; many corporations and mega-corporations, such as Nanotrasen and Einstein Engines, have their head offices in the cities business sector. The city itself contains a mix of structures, ranging from kilometre high skyscrapers covering a dozen city blocks to almost serene suburbs, wrapped in the city’s urban sprawl.

Mendell City is the hub of trade throughout the system; trillions of credits flowing through the electronic stock markets in the business sector; whether in private transactions, or on the trade floor itself. It is said that you can buy anything in Mendell city; given enough money and time; however, this is not always true; given that walth attracts crime, the largest part of the city budget goes towards a very well-armed, organised and trained police force; keeping crime well-below acceptable levels. The training is so indepth, that several Paramilitary Companies recruit almost exclusively from the police force; giving them a very lucrative reputation.

Though Mendell City is relatively well-developed; it, like many other cities, has it's poorer districts, with significantly higher crime rates than the more affluent areas. Though Mendell City's well funded police force is able to restrict much of the illegal activity to these areas; they are hard-pressed to prevent sporadic outbreaks of gang-related crime in specific areas.

Mendell City attracts vast numbers of tourists, whether for the numerous festivals that the city holds, or for simple sight-seeing; however, after recent heavy riots caused by the far right Apotheosis party; after many high-ranking members were arrested for various criminal charges in 2451; tourism has dropped off in recent years; leading the City council to increase investment in attractions such as festivals, while cracking down on the more extreme political parties.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Is it really necessary that we explicitly detail all the districts in a city? It's a large, upper-middle class dominated city in a hub system. You can just come up with all the districts in it; the slums, the wealthy office district, high rise upper class, high rise middle class, the lower class apartments... Generally all cities follow the same themes unless they've got some niche to them.

Beijing and New York both have their defined districts, and there's nothing wrong with just coming up with one. Spelling them all out would make it a bit hard for players to make characters from there in a casual sense, because "No your district doesn't even exist, stupid" makes them have to study the geography of a fictional city, when it's really something anyone who's been to big cities (or have seen them in media) can establish pretty quick.

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