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Rimworld - Lizard Nightmare

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A silly idea of mine, but a potentially funny one... Rimworld, but with three lizard boys from the Aurora, let's see how bad it gets...


Game details:


Playing on Rimworld 1.2, by the way. Storyteller is Cassandra Classic, on Adventure Story difficulty. Royalty DLC is on.

And here is the active modlist:


World seed is "callie" with normal temperature, rainfall and population, with 100% generated.



Landing site comes from me pressing the select random site button until I got something that wouldn't kill me outright. It's hot, it's mountainous, it's at the doorstep of some hostile settlement, but it's what I got. Also we're playing on a 275x275 tiles map.


Our protagonists (and their stuff)






Tweaked the starting stuff so it makes sense (ie: no wood if they crashed with a space ship), and so it remains balanced (notice 0 points remaining)




It was just like any other day on the NSS Aurora. These kinds of days, with skeleton crews and not much to do. Things went smooth, mostly... That is until Centcomm sent an urgent message. Something strange happened, in space, scientists get various readings that make no sense, and the NTV Icarus had to change course to avoid whatever this was. Pointing out the fact that the Aurora was equipped for this mission, and that it was the closest installation to this phenomenon, Centcomm demanded that the Expedition Shuttle be sent to investigate and do, at least, a preliminary analysis.

Being the only worker in science at that time, and being, on paper, trained for this kind of situation, Sezrak Han'san, anomalist, was to be sent, he chose Kar'skalzi Bollu, paramedic and friend, to join him and help if anything went wrong. Finally, Chief Engineer Kuhserze Ioraks tagged along, needing to see how well the shuttle would perform after having upgraded its engines and added some new features such as ejection pods, more storage space, and more sensors... and also just because he wanted to.

The flight was short and uneventful. Quickly, the anomaly became visible. Just outside of the Romanovich cloud was a massive... Storm? Some sort of cyclone, spinning around a blue disc. Quickly, Sezrak got to work. The Icarus even sent a couple of drones that would act as probes... After a couple of hours of intense research, and even some help from his friends, he managed to get a theory... This was some sort of Bluespace portal, that opened for unknown reasons, now in a stable orbit in Tau Ceti... In other words, a sort of natural warp gate. A first in known history.

Not content with just this, however, and after sending a third probe to make sure that this would be safe, Sezrak decided that they would fly through that gate... And so, they did. After a short trip, the shuttle left from the other side of the Bluespace rift, discovering a new, unknown system... Or was it? right by the gate was what seemed to be an inhabited world... Judging by the first scans, both of the planet, the traces of civilization on it, and the system itself, our Trio estimated that they were somewhere in the frontier.

Satisfied with what they saw now, they decided to head back home, send their data to Centcomm, and let them do the serious part of analyzing this anomaly... But just as they were going to pass through the rift, the shuttle's engines blew up. The rear section of the ship turned into a ball of phoron fire, that was however quickly put out by the depressurization that followed. However, with half of the ship missing, they couldn't risk flying through the rift... Not that they could reach it since their engines were now missing anyways... And more importantly, their husk of a ship was drifting towards the nearby planet!

With no other choices but to abandon ship, the Unathi trio ran into the newly built ejection pods, hoping that they would work better than the upgraded engine, and left the ship... Now, they could only to the Spirits, the Goddess, or whatever else they had, that they would survive the landing...


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