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Character Feedback: Glo 'Ducky' Hanson

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For a long time, my main character on this server was "Walter Keck," but I have been working hard on developing this new character, Glo 'Ducky' Hanson. If you know of her by now, I'd love to hear feedback, as I really enjoy playing as her and want to develop her to her fullest potential. 

As for those of you who do not know her, here is the character concept: 

Glo 'Ducky' Hanson is an individual who graduated from college with an ornithology degree with a minor in journalism. NanoTrasen had a partnership program for college students that she took part in: they paid for her schooling, now she has to work there for five calendar years in return to NanoTrasen. It's a very select program. Ducky has had internships at zoos, taking care of birds, but she currently has one with a NonoTrasen-owned zoo, where once she is done working off her college degree, she will be transferred to, and her new occupation will be head ornithologist. 

Glo has had the nickname "Ducky" since childhood, as ducks were just always her favorite and she was a blondie, as well. As she was learning to walk, she was also waddling, as most infants do. So, her aunt dubbed her "Ducky." One thing that I really roleplay is the fact that she's plus-sized. The reason why is because I have not seen a lot of people roleplay the weight of a character all that often. For example, heavy footsteps or plopping down into ones' seat. However, I also think that a lot of characters do not talk about their physical appearance in-game, so I thought that'd be something that I could really roleplay and make evident. She also is a lesbian and a vegetarian and her parents do not approve. Right now she lives in a small apartment with her fiancé and her pet cockatiel, Terrance. She has not told her parents that she is engaged, yet. Her drink of choice at the bar is a "bluebird." Some character traits that she has in interactions include: quirkiness, peppiness, encouraging to fellow crew, motherly, and understanding. 

As a freelance journalist for the station, she has a newscaster channel called, "Ducky's Digest," where she has a variety of posts. She has her bird facts (usually I post one "5 facts about _____" article a shift, unless someone physically requests a second), she has musings (where they are random thoughts that are often silly or existential in nature. Usually stolen from somewhere else I heard them, but in this universe, she made them up), small poems (usually about birds), food reviews (depending on the shift and what she eats. Those food opinions have remained canon for every round after she's reviewed them), and of course the typical story. In general, I try to keep the newscaster interactions very fun and lighthearted if there aren't any stories, as I want her character to be a constant poster of fluff pieces. 


Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? This character is my new passion project and is much different than that of Walter Keck's, but a character that's actually difficult to roleplay. So, if anyone has interacted with her, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the roleplay and character, if you are reading this and hearing about her for the first time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the character concept in general. 

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unfortunately due to rules, i belive haveing a middlename or nickname isnt allowed on character other than on maybe a business card ingame and by people who know her can call her Ducky.

But for everything else, seems like a very interesting character i definitively gona bump into.

Also cool backstory :) wish i was good at writeing.

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7 hours ago, Eple said:

unfortunately due to rules, i belive haveing a middlename or nickname isnt allowed on character other than on maybe a business card ingame

Thank you for the positive words! She just has people she meets call her Ducky. I think she also signs her papers with Ducky, until personnel eventually will yell at her in-game. I'm glad you like the backstop, as well! I put a lot of thought into it! 

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