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Weapon sound effect replacements?

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So, I'm playing an older Russian fantasy-sci-fi RPG spess sim that I absolutely love. And I've been looking at the resources and the code for it, and found the mp3 files of the sound effects for some of the weapons that just seem so ASMR-esque.

Some of the weapon sound effects we have are rather... underwhelming, and a bit too bland for my tastes. You can hardly tell the difference between a revolver firing and the RnD SMG firing, as well. Laser rifles and energy pistols sound like pussy lasers, too. What would be cool is being able to fear the signature sound of a laser rifle that would just practically sizzle your ears out.

I'll upload the resources and put 'em into an archive to download and unzip so you can take a gander at them, whenever I get off work today. Still, something to consider?

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Inducing OOC hearing loss because muh immershunz is a terrible idea.

More to the point, guns don't tend to be especially distinct, as sounds go. A lot of times people hear a shot and dismiss it as a door slamming, or a car backfiring, or simply ignore it because this is a good neighborhood and nobody gets robbed or murdered - it Just Doesn't Happen Here.

As for FearRP, I think you'll find after someone's spent half an hour in medbay because they mouthed off to the tator and got introduced to the wonders that are Internal Bleeding and Embedded Objects and Broken Bones and possibly a Size Ten Tactical Operator's Gorlex Marauder® Operational Boot to the groin, they'll be plenty fearful about the idea of being shot.

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I actually brought up creating some new unique sounds for the server before, and apparently it's something that people want.

So, I may create a few sounds to test the waters, and if the community likes them enough I'll look at seeing if they may be included in a future update.

Aside from weapon sounds, are there any kinds of things people particularly want some new sounds for?

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Ohh yes! Which reminds me, change sounds for laser tag rifle and toy gun. It's annoying and gives security scares and panic.

Just replying to highlight one of the cool things about these weapons *is* that they have the same sound as a real gun.

Of course, in a RP environment, I don't know if we want this. But it can be used to an extent to mess with people.

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As for weapons, I've made a few examples for the fine people of Aurora to peruse and give feedback for.

Gunshot (Revolver): Current || Updated

SMG: Current || Updated

Laser: Current || Updated

Laser Cannon: Current || Updated

As a general rule of thumb, I tried to stay as close as possible to the "theme" of the original, while giving each updated sound some more nuance and quality.

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Frankly, they're painful to listen to.

The laser cannon is the only one that isn't actively unpleasant, and while it's a decent effect, I'm not sure it fits.


Ouch dude, got a much more positive response from the people on TS.

Could you perhaps be a little more constructive and go in depth, though?

I can't really fix anything if all I have to work with is "0/10 hated them."

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I would say go ahead and try, I can't make two cents out of code that was;

Written in Russian.

Retranslated to Esperanto to stop people from modifying/stealing the codebase.

Encrypted with whatever template afterward.

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I almost want to buy a high qualityrcording device and record the sounds of rifles, pistols and shotguns as I fire them.


I'm probably going to go down to the range anyway, sans expensive recording equipment.


Issue being that's only like 20% of making the sound. A gunshot is literally about 0.1 of a second of your mic peaking and that's it, and then you have to make that sound "good".

Those first two, those are real guns being fired at a range. They sounded a LOT worse before tweaking.

@1138 + anyone else that wants to help out

If you have files (even low quality ones) that represent the kind of sound you'd like me to aim for, shoot them my way. What I put up are just a starting point, an example. Let me know what kind of thing you guys want and I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind that in game the sounds are compressed in a way that takes the "edge" off them, and they aren't quite as startling as they seem.

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Ouch dude, got a much more positive response from the people on TS.

Could you perhaps be a little more constructive and go in depth, though?

I can't really fix anything if all I have to work with is "0/10 hated them."

Revolver: ow. Unpleasant at any volume.

SMG: more of the same, + even ignoring the sharp? effect it sounds more like a bunch of keys being dropped.

Laser: even more of the same, + the doppler thing which sounds like it'd be rather tiresome.

Laser Cannon: in retrospect, I didn't notice quite how high-pitched that tone was. No idea what it sounds like, apart from something strange going on at the end of a long pipe.

Apart from the cannon, they're all too 'explosive' or whatever sound types call it; uncomfortable to listen to even at low volumes.

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