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Commendation Report 7/12/2463 [Accepted]

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Reporting Personnel: Angela Ulery

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Research Director

Game ID: ccZ-b0mI

Commended Personnel: (Roboticist) Morrigan Linn, (Anomalist) Sezrak Han'San

Witnesses: Head of Personnel Vasiliy Trapeznikov, Chief Medical Officer Cheshire,

Time of Commendable Act: N/A

Real Time: Roughly 12:00 CST, hard to estimate. Almost a 5 hour round.

Location of Act: Tesla bay, engineering

Overview: Morrigan Linn and Sezrak Han'San went above and beyond, staying on-board post-shift and assisting in the construction and oversight of a large R&D supercomputer constructed in the Engineering tesla bay. Without fault, they ensured the construction was perfected from start to finish, and made a vested effort to assist me (Angela Ulery) and command staff in the logistical hurdles involved. To specify, much of Han'San's time on shift was spent carrying crates containing up to 5 space air conditioning units each from Cargo, from which they ordered themselves, only to immediately break the repetition and assist myself and roboticist Linn in constructing the supercomputer. From which, we obtained Level 9 research across the board on a previously intentionally empty research server. Without Linn and Han'San's assistance, I would not have been able to carry out the construction on my own, and without their professional handling of the logistical issues we faced, the project could have flopped entirely - wasting an enormous amount of company resources as a result. Furthermore, the speed and efficiency of the Supercomputer far outpaced that of traditional destructive analyzers- we projected Level 10 across the board to be completed in a matter of ten, to twenty minutes. After that, the computer would be calculating in the unknown.

Additional Notes: Sezrak Han'San took an interest in cataloguing picture evidence of our work, before the cleanup crew would inevitably clean up the alterations. Those pictures are below;




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  • Bear changed the title to Commendation Report 7/12/2463 [Accepted]

This commendation was accepted. The following actions were applied:

-Morrigan Linn and Sezrak Han'San, were officially commended for their participation and aid to Dr. Ulery.

-Dr. Angela Ulery was awarded the NanoTrasen Silver Science Medal for their creative use of newly implemented technology.

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