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Ban Appeal for Swammy900

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BYOND Key: Swammy900
Total Ban Length: Permanent Ban
Banning staff member's Key: thegoret
Reason of Ban: LRP Behaviour
Reason for Appeal: Well I don't remember the reasoning for the ban but I think it got to do with me being drunk and Roleplaying being drunk. When you're drunk an imaginary monkey will appear and beat you up. I was roleplay drunk while an office tried to arrest me. I didn't mean to call the office monkey or anything. And I think the reason for disconnection when being thrown into a cell is because the time that being set by the office for my public drunkenness is ludicrous. I think it is more than an hour. That is why I disconnected. Hey I'm sorry for my action. It is back in 2019 and I was new to SS13 back then. I wanna have a second chance in playing this server.

Aurorastation Ban.PNG

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Ill be taking your appeal.

The permaban you're appealing here weaves too well in with the rest of your problematic behavior, which is practically refusing to change your character being hitler of different ethnicities. So due to your die hard devotion to play a nazi for le memes, you can stay gone.

Appeal denied.

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