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Eliajhwatts ban appeal....Again

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Byond key: Elijahwatt

Ban length: Perma (again)

Banning staff member: Josh1133

Reason for ban: Multiple warnings, failure to improve

Reason for appeal: well to be honest i had 3 warnings that day and i feel only one was necessary. First things first earlier in the day i got a warning about throwing chloral grenades i understand that bad but it was only 15u and it only hit 2 spess men. Ok but seriously i fucked up that's my bad. Second warning was, messing with the engine when i was an engineer. I turned the power up to 2 and left it keep in mind ive never messed with the engine before in all my 2 years of spess man. I always dealt with hull breaches yet the Admin thought i was bullshitting her so that was strike two. Also keep in mind i got job banned from chemist for that chloral thing so thats why when i was an engineer i might as well give the engine a go. Anyway the admin claimed i knew exactly what i was doing and that i was just trying yo be a dick. That was strike 2. Strike 3 ohohohoh it gets better i got in trouble for breaking out of permabrig and it so happened the officer was ssd and Bakagajin said and i quote you should have done nothing. As in sit there in permabrig for the last 48 mins and leave the ssd officer alone. I mean all i did was take her pda and break out its not like a went in the lockers and tased the whole station. Actually i dont think that counted a strike but anyway the reason Josh was pissed was because i attacked a guy over o2 which is reasonable in my opinion. In desperate situations people do desperate things. So the reason i am appealing this is so i can play here again because to be honest Hypatia has been slacking on there events so yea. Anyways thanks for your time and cheers!

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Good form for SS13 roleplay is that if someone experiences SSD while conducting action, you wait for them to come back in, unless you actually have a live situation. You did not, as it was only you and the officer. Their internet crashed, so good sportsmanship would have been to wait for them to come back and continue from there.

Rules state you don't touch SSDs. If they would have actually left you in permabrig for 48 minutes with nothing to do, then you could have adminhelped it.

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I had said to you in your last appeal:


During this probation, if you make any more contraventions, consider your final chance over with and another permaban placed on you. Please heed this, because we have been lenient on you so many times.


Yesterday, you threw a choral hydrate bomb into a crowd of people as a non-antag over pettiness, stole from an officer who was having connection problems, and here's another report that once again that you were doing the exact same thing with killing a player as a non-antag. You were self-antagging yet again.

You were given leniency yesterday with a simple perma-jobban from chemistry, but to me, you essentially broke your promise that if I were to unban you, that you would follow the most simplest of rules. Why should we unban you if you're going to continue to do this? Why do you continue to make these promises if you cannot follow through with them?

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Well to be honest like i said with the chloral thing that was my bad typically I always carry a chloral grenade on me for self defense and i meant to throw the grenade with space drugs and Impredrezine in it to get back at another player for attacking me earlier. As i also said yes I fucked up my bad but its done and I cant take it back. I tried to follow through with the promises and i did besides the chloral bomb the player that died on the derelict that was on him only hit him 3 times and my intent was to use his o2 for a bit and put it back on him, not to kill him. Also Skull the ssd thing i know the rules on looting ssd's and i waited for like 5 mins and she didn't come back so i figured just take her PDA and escape. Anyway what im trying to say is whats done is done and that if you guys choose not to trust me I would perfectly understand; think of this as more of a sorry than a ban appeal.

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Hold on, how is carrying a grenade outside of chemistry without a very good reason a good idea at all? And how is Impedrezene any better than Chloral hydrate? From a gameplay perspective, it's worse.

But if it's worth anything from me, second chances are always a good thing. Third chances are not.

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Hello there!

I recall this ban as it was...rather interesting. You were banned not because of just what you were doing at the time, you were ban because a admin told you after almost talking to you every day for two weeks that your next offense would be a perma ban. So let us talk about your incident with me.

For some reason, you and three oddly named and strange players decided "Lets go visit a station that has been abandoned for a while". You then decided you didn't need a space suit or a air tank and went with one of them, one who took a space suit and air tank. Upon arrival, you realized your mistake, you turned and started attacking the man, this resulted in you being set on fire and the other man's suit being ripped so both players were taken out of the round. Now...had you been panicking and thought the only way you could live was to beat this man and take his air tank for your own survival, at least then I would understand. Your plan instead was to beat him , take his airtank, take a few breathes and....then give it back to him. Which...would have accomplished nothing, and gotten you both killed.

So, I was prepared to give you a warning before I was informed you were to be perma banned due to the multiple situations that had been piling up. I then banned you and here we are. So I just like to ask, having seen you do the above, released space carp upon the station via holodeck since the crew was bored, etc etc....Why should we give you another chance?

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