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[Resolved] Incident Report 3/04/2457 - Jade Rathel

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Reporting Personnel: Zinaida Langford

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Assistant

Personnel Involved: Jade Rathel - Security Officer

Time of Incident: Always.

Location of Incident: Station wide.

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct []Other

Overview of the Incident:

The Officer in question is needlessly and constantly hostile to any and all parties, offering such immature and unnecessary insults as "moron" and "shitter" on a regular basis. One need only be in the vicinity of her, no interaction required, to witness her wonderfully blatant displays of harassment on a regular basis. Not even the general communication channels are safe, as the slightest comment, regardless of whether in her direction or not, will incite a rage induced flurry of insults and curses at a moment's notice. This behaviour is absolutely unbecoming of an esteemed Officer of NanoTrasen security, let alone any employee of the company.

The security force exists to serve, not to act as antagonistic parties in pointless inflammatory actions.

How someone this violently unstable was allowed through screening is beyond me, how they've remained in employment an even greater mystery.



Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: No.

Additional notes:

The sheer consistent frequency of this behaviour is appalling, even ignoring the severity of the insults and threats flung around.

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Greetings, Det Genevieve Amiot here.

Apologies for the late response, I have had a lot of paperwork to do. I am currently relocating to a new home within Tau Ceti and have not had time to respond to this report.

I can confirm on behalf of the actions of Ms.Rathel, it was a busy shift and I understand our department must go through a lot during busy times and this can impact on stress. However, from the small amount I have witnessed. Ms. Rathel's actions were unacceptable. Ms. Rathel was verbally abusive and hostile toward people on general communications. I was an assistant for the shift, and being in that rank put me in a position where I could not directly confront her gently about her words and actions.

It would be suggested, as a fellow member of security that Rathel should be pulled aside and reminded that her role is not just for protection of crewmen, but a mediator of peace and conflict management. By not following that role she is not doing her job correctly and it could cause more conflict and issues within the workplace by making it an unnecessarily hostile environment for her and her colleagues as well as ruining the workplaces atmosphere by shouting on the communications channel.

I hope to see some improvement with this behavior in future.

Genevieve Amiot
NT Detective - Security Department

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Greetings, everyone.

This is Hazeri Saakhat. I'm sure many of you have heard of me. Allow me to weigh my opinion on the matter.

Jade is a rather bitter person. On the outside, at least. We have many trusted employees who are bitter on the inside, but it's the outside that matters, right? I can understand how many of you might consider her to be...Jaded...but I am fairly certain that she is acting in this way as some sort of mechanism. Childhood trauma? Attention? Who knows. I am not a psychologist, but believe me when I say that Jade can most certainly be counseled and have her behavior rectified. A couple shifts ago, during our break, I had opened up a little of myself to her, and she expressed very positive reactions. When I asked her to do the same, she because defensive, reverted back to her usual self, and bolted away.

My suggestion: Give her mandatory therapy sessions. Aimed at finding the root of her behavior, and a way to rectify it. Surely, disciplinary actions and temporary demotions have not been effective in the slightest. So, perhaps it's time to give something else a try.

Yours truly

-Hazeri, Shaman of Clan Saakhat

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Mr. Saakhat

While I appreciate the sentiment, the fact that Jade has had to be reprimanded so many times and has yet to show any improvement, even slightly, implies she is simply not fit for duty. As you noted yourself, temporary demotions have done absolutely nothing to even marginally nudge her in a better direction, so perhaps a permanent one may be more desirable. An individual this toxic should not be welcome in any workplace, especially not one that relies on the trust of the entire rest of the crew to act as guardians from undesirables. Whether her actions are justifiable by some form of prior trauma or not are irrelevant, we do not hire psychopaths simply because they have a reason for being highly mentally unstable, do we?

Keeping someone this violent - especially in the position she holds - should never have even occurred in the first place. However, if Rathel were to be temporarily suspended from her position as a security officer while on therapy until she has shown she is capable of acting in a respectable manner consistently and without fault, then perhaps your suggestion may work. Either way, her current actions are a disgrace to both her co-workers and the fine reputation NanoTrasen has built for itself.


Z. Langford

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Dear Miss Langford

Thank you for acknowledging my words.

Jade is by no means, a psychopath. Nor is she mentally unstable. To call her, or her actions "violent" would be to completely exaggerate everything. At the very most, she is bitter to the crew. The very worst she does it make snide comments over the radio and in person. We have *actual* insane people, and *actual* violent people who get by just fine, with an occasional punishment and some therapy. Why do we hire them? Because they still have skills.

Jade possesses a skill set that is beyond what you expect of a normal officer. Yes, she may be rude. But that's all it is. Rudeness. I have seen her in action, and I know that she handles stressful situations excellently, has a deeper understanding of the corporate regulations and procedures than her typical coworker, and is all around a wonderful officer. Saying that she is not fit for duty merely because of her language (Which ultimately comes down to excessive use of terms like "Loser", "Dweeb", "Moron", and such. A professional employee shouldn't be bothered too much by such 'playground terminology'). To terminate her work would be to be extremely wasteful of what she has to offer. And this corporation does not like being wasteful, does it? A much better approach would be to place more effort into fixing what is wrong.

Temporary demotions have not worked. The first time it didn't work. The second time it didn't work. However many other times it didn't work. Cutting her from the manifest would not be an appropriate response. An analogy I could use, would be a doctor finding an injured patient, and inject Dyelovene into them. After seeing it has no effect, the doctor injects some more, and more and more. The patient does not recover, so the doctor sticks them in the morgue. That patient could have been fixed with Bicaridine. What I'm trying to say is, trying to fix an issue the same way each time will yield no better results than the first attempt. Now is a pristine chance to try something new.

Once again, thank you for your acknowledgement. I hope to see my suggestion fulfilled, as it would benefit all parties the most. Do have patience with her. Hard to believe, but I'm fairly certain that if you worked on the Aurora, you'd deal with someone worse than Jade every day, and they keep at it. With great diligence, comes great accomplishments.

-Hazeri, Shaman of Clan Saakaht

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Mr. Saakaht

You possess an unfortunately high measure of patience, it is quite remarkable indeed. And while your attempt to excuse one person's ill behavior with the unfortunate circumstance that others have gotten away with it in the past is quite disturbing, I can quite respect your commitment to defending someone you likely have zero connection to outside of the workplace. Though I may be mistaken, I have not once witnessed these "insane" workers you claim we possess, and assuming they do exist, I question the sanity of whoever gave them clearance. As for violent, the most I've seen is a blatant disregard for professionalism that an unfortunate amount of the crew seem to have.

For clarity. I never once described Rathel as a psychopath, rather, used a metaphorical psychopath as an analogue for the example I wished to set; much the same as your doctor / patient sentiment. Speaking of which, no, it isn't like that at all. Someone this disruptive in the workplace, someone in a position that's supposed to set a positive example no less, is not a patient that needs curing so much as a blight that needs curing. Her "Bicaridine" should be a reality check; if she can't improve her behavior then she simply isn't welcome aboard a NanoTrasen station.

Now, while I can ignore the obvious contradictions you've made about her needing therapy but yet not being disturbed and simply having a childish, jaded mentality; your assertion that she understands corporate regulations better than most is absolutely laughable given her complete inability to simply hold her tongue. I have, admittedly, never seen her work in the field however. Due to this, I will withhold judgement on her abilities as an officer in general, though work skills should not justify an inability to follow some of the most simple guidelines that are set for security personnel.

I may be wrong in having such a harsh stance, but with how many chances she has had to improve her work ethic it is more than tiring to see the total lack of improvement she shows. I doubt without being demoted until further notice with mandatory therapy sessions she will see any permanent improvement in attitude, though I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

Thank you for the time you've put into replying to this report.


Z. Langford

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To whom it may concern:

I am exhausted with writing these, not only for myself but now for Jade as well. Never before have I seen such a sad excuse for a report, multiple reports even...It reminds me much of a young child telling on their classmate because they were called stupid. Jade Rathel is a excellent officer, one who I would trust my life with if needed and at times, it has come to that. As far as I am aware, I have survived these encounters thanks to Miss Rathel and her skills. Jade does call people stupid, moron, and other such names. But if one were to look past the insults, and stop being petty for a moment...one would see it's almost a tick of hers at most, and should not being taken seriously.

Having been one of the first people Miss Rathel labeled "Moron", I can say that she does not mean it, as most of security has asked about it before and simply realized that it is part of who she is. What I do find upsetting, almost disgusting, is that instead of going to the HOS, going to the Captain during the shift and seeing if we can calmly ask Miss Rathel to stop (( As I have done many times before and she has, which I respect greatly)), we instead push for her to get fired. There is only one instance in which her behavior has crossed a line and it was dealt with right away.

But it truly shocks me that so many crew members push for someone to lose their job because they are called stupid, moron, and other childish names. Would you demand a child to be expelled from school if she called another student stupid? No? Then why, may I ask, do we let such childish things affect us. Firing Miss Rathel is beyond ridiculous, and the idea that more then one person is entertaining this idea shows quite a few things about the crew of the Aurora. If a person is so self conscious about themselves that instead of asking another Sec officer, the HOS, or the Captain to ask her to stop ((which we have done successfully before, it only takes a PDA message)) and instead push for a woman to lose her job, I do not believe Miss Rathel is the issue here.

There is only one person in my time as a Security officer that has any right to be angry at Miss Rathel and I have been handling that situation personally, and would like to apologize to that person as my words are not directed at them. There may be other situations that I am not aware of like the person I am thinking of, but that is not what we are discussing. The point is, Miss Rathel calling people stupid is a problem...But a bigger problem we seem to have is people abusing the system to get others fired, as its now turned into "Someone said something mean, please fire/demote them so they stop being mean".

Get Security, Get a head, Get the Captain to deal with it. Pushing for the woman's job is ridiculous.

-W. Carton.

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Mr. Carton

I'm glad both your own and Mr. Saakaht's assertions that it's childish to wish to uphold the high integrity and maturity expected of NanoTrasen employees have been made, as it underlines the very issue that this report wishes to resolve, albeit on a much narrower scale. As you appear to be wildly missing the point in your defence of one who fails to uphold even the most basic standards that have been set by your employer, I will now outline the exact issues that indicate Rathel is not fit for duty.

Firstly, her own immature and constant harassment of other staff. This is not acceptable, whether she were completely inept in her other duties or vice versa. Standards are set for a reason, and security officers are expected to be a shining example for all others to follow. They are the protection, they are the idols, they should embody all of the rules they are there to uphold. Rathel has failed once and again to be an idol in the most simple area of standards, respect. Respect for the workplace, respect for the other workers and respect for the company we all work under. Yes, the insults are immature and mean absolutely nothing; however that does not by any means excuse the fact that she is still making them and still failing in her duties.

Secondly, despite numerous chances to improve after punishments, she has completely ignored that her behaviour is troublesome and continued to act just as abrasively as she previously had. This is an extremely notable character flaw, in that her lack of respect for her workplace and co-workers carries over to culminate in a lack of respect for NanoTrasen itself. She does not care for improving her behaviour, however simple it would be to just hold her tongue when necessary and act in a calm and professional manner as is expected.

You have the nerve to call this report childish for wishing to uphold NanoTrasen's standards while simultaneously lacking the comprehension to see the real issues, do you?

Beyond making passive aggressive remarks that completely ignore the issues presented in order to insult me in a round-about manner, all you have accomplished is highlighting the rampant lack of professionalism that appears to be prevalent among a disturbing number employees aboard this station. After all, you are the one sitting there defending someone that is a part of your clique like a child in school lying to get one's friend out of trouble; while I aim to uphold the standards that should be expected of proud NanoTrasen employees.

If you wish to play out a fantasy as an odd-ball cop that dances around the line between by the book and vigilante, perhaps you'd be better suited to work planet-side in the slums. If you wish to partake in the honour of working for a professional, well run company however; I'd suggest you step back and take a look at what yourself compared to what is expected of NanoTrasen employees.

I appreciate your time.


Z. Langford

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Hello everyone.

During the most recent shift I had with Miss Rathel, I asked to speak with her in private for a moment. I referenced this complaint, and told her how silly it was, and how she should just curb her attitude for the sake of getting this ridiciulous demand out of the way.

She has already promised to me that she will do the following.


  • Visit a psychiatrist every shift for helping whatever mental or behavioral issues she bears which is causing her to act this way, whenever the service is available.
  • Reduce the amount of "playground vulgarity" used over open communications.
  • Be less rude to her coworkers.


See how hard that was? All I had to do was ask her nicely. You'd be surprised how effectively personal issues could be resolved if you engaged in civil conversation with the individual in question. Rather than preaching of how this system has left someone with too many warnings (and according to Jade herself, she has only been officially punished/warned by the Duty Officer System once. Only once), actively solve your own problems, so other people don't have to. It's the professional, and mature way.

I'm afraid to say that this "demotion to civilian for a while" idea will no longer be necessary. Immediately after our conversation, Jade had showed instant signs of improvement. She can keep her current position.

Now, you'll want evidence of this, surely. If you wish, I can bring Miss Rathel to provide an oath, right here on this complaint form, that she will swear to uphold these promises she has made. Or, you can just, you know. Actually talk to her yourself.

Thank you for your time, Miss Langford. It has been wonderful conversing with you, and I wish to see you on the Aurora sometime.

-Hazeri, Shaman of Clan Saakhat


Footnote attached:

Furthermore, I believe that this report form is a prime example of the reality of Aurora's social issues. Nearly everybody here is trapped in a cage of steel, a bubble of glass, and told to operate to their finest abilities whilst under the greatest pressures for success, and risk of their lives. Yes. Their lives. We have a rather expensive genetics facility for a reason, and it's not too brag to our neighbors. It wouldn't be here if death was just an occasional occurrence.

Back on topic, we are trapped in this iron grave of ours, with people who, for some reason, we can't even begin to attempt to relate or understand. Rather than be warm and open with our coworkers, we handpick the ones we tolerate, and discretely shun the rest, hoping they leave our presence. Rather than cooperate for no ill reason, we isolate ourselves, and do our own things. Rather than fixing issues that we have ourselves, we rely on someone higher to solve the most minor of our problems, without giving it the slightest bit of effort. We hide behind them the way a small child hides behinds his mother's leg. This is unacceptable.

Miss Langford, please do not take what I am about to say personally, but your attitude towards your fellow crewmembers in this post have been more acidic than the chemical concoctions I create within my laboratory. I am utterly shocked that such hateful words cane come from the mouth (rather, the fingers, in this case) of a human being. If I may add an additional note to that, your demeanor has been more hostile and more aggressive than anything Jade has ever spoken or acted. If what you claim to be "unprofessional attitudes" in the workplace is such a serious matter that the only viable solution would be a termination of their contracts and duties, I believe I can find a space to clean right now.

I still find it difficult to get over the fact that we can't even try to work together. The bitterness of living and working on such a facility has caused us to become desensitized to the notion of being alone in the void, and we act like rabid animals to each other. If you have even thought of the argument that this is a professional workplace, and that social interaction and fulfillment are not mandatory, please burn your tongue. NanoTrasen employs humans, Skrell, Tajara, Unathi, Diona, and IPC. Nowhere on the employment records will you find the hiring of any zombies, fiends, or husks. If we continue to behave in this manner, our workforce will stutter and falter without the warmth of companionship to protect it. Our prestige as a station will plummet. Those are "logical" disadvantages, but the greatest con of all is that we all lose our sense of being alive. Not that that matters anywhere inside a research station. It's not like we go home to our families or anything...

At this point, is quite obvious that you have some kind of grudge against Jade. That's fine. Your problem, and her problem. You may even have one against me, now. That's fine. Your problem, but not my problem. I won't let it affect me in anyway whatsoever, and I advise you to do the same.

Furthermore, unless I am specifically called for a good reason, I will not be posting any more comments on this report. I will not be subjected to any more of this harsh, "salty", immature talks. If you wish to address something to me personally, go ahead. My workplace email is listed on my profile. Talk to me about it, if you can manage to resolve your issues by yourself.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for any amount of rudeness that I have personally displayed. Absolutely nothing I have written so far has been intended to spite or provoke anyone, and I am sorry if I have done so. But I had to speak my mind about this frivolous complaint.

Take care, Shaman.

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She really didnt stop insulting people over the comms last shift which is what pisses me off the most because sec arrests people for insulting them whenever they want and i bet that if i said thats how i talk i would get detained so no. I would be ok if by officer it only meant command but sec uses it to detain ppl they dont like and also she has harrassed Luna over the pda several times without her starting the conv and she called her hair weird and stuff like that so thats also harassment and i also heard that punches the other luna the janitor one in the face so yeah thats assault maybe she can tell you herself i dont know. Well i gotta go now sorry if the format or whatever wasnt right its my first time posting in this thing my brother Leo did it for me the other time. He told me i couldnt swear but if i could i would have so much more to say oh well.

See ya

Roy Wyatt



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I'm getting tired of seeing these complaints. Jade Rathel calls me 'Blondie' on a regular basis, which is hardly a name to give your superior. However, I haven't repremended her for it once, because it's not actual harassment. Crew on Aurora are too easily offended, in both security and other departments. I'm not saying actual insults and harassment don't happen, what I'm saying is that crew makes fuss for, excuse my language, bullshit things. When someones says something that sounds like an insult, try and ask yourself if they actually attempted to insult you, or if they are just rude. The latter is not an excuse for a termination of contract, even if an officer is in question. That said, I will be looking into all 'Insulting an Officer' charges while on duty, to try and curb this supposed hypocrisy.


E. Raschnikova, J.D.

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Fallowing a discussion with Miss Rathel and several of her co-workers in the security department, Miss Rathel has agreed to weekly meetings with a therapist to discuss her issues in an attempt to curb her behavior to a more corporate friendly one.

((Any Further complaints should be made in a new thread))

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