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Tal's Bringing Fannypacks Back

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Discord Username: t0l#4888

Character Name: Tal Yahalom

Item Name: brown waist bag

Item Function(s): A belt slot item with identical storage capacity to the existing fannypack, only worn on the left hip and slightly larger in appearance.

Item Description: A simple waist bag made from a sturdy brown fabric, featuring two separate zippered compartments for keeping tools, devices, and other small essentials in a single, convenient storage solution. The adjustable waist strap features improvised padding along the inside and is deliberately oversized to facilitate wear over bulkier outerwear. This particular example, noticeably weathered and worn, has certainly seen better days.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Tal uses the fannypack currently to carry the bare essentials of the Forensics kit instead of lugging the entire box around, keeping his hands free. During code blue/red situations, he swaps the content for medical equipment for quicker access.

How did your character obtain this item?: The fannypack was an item bought from a trader in the frontier, and later modified with a small belt pouch sewn onto the front face.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Tal wore this bag while working as a pirate hunter/"Ranger" in the Coalition, tasked with using basic forensic science to better track and catch various unsavory individuals along the Warpway. The sudden, violent nature of confrontations in this environment meant that he was forced to carry heavy weapons and wear EVA-capable suits while on the job, greatly limiting his carrying capacity. Conducting a majority of his work in the field, usually aboard freighters, the waist bag occupied empty space on his hip and allowed for him to bring the bare minimum of forensics equipment needed to do his job in a fairly unobtrusive manner.




Additional Comments: He's been "that fannypack investigator" since I made him nearly a year-ish ago, except I forgot custom items existed.


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This u? 


memes aside, I’m not sure this is quite different enough from the normal Fanny pack to facilitate a custom item. It could be just as easily implemented by making the current fannypack being able to be worn on the hip. Why should this be a custom item just for Tal?


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The bag's one pixel taller and features contrasting zippers like on the older mob sprite in order to reflect the type of fannypack that you'd reasonably need to store and readily access forensics tools. The current appearance of the recolorable fannypack is smaller, flatter in appearance, and I'm pretty sure the belt-flipping option is broken as I've tried a couple times and it didn't work. If there's enough of a demand for it, I could see about making the regular fannypack be able to be worn on the hip, but I don't exactly foresee the character wanting to wear this thing any other way and figured this was probably the easier route to take. 


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