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  1. Hi there! This is to let you know that staff have checked over the antag involvement in this IR and it is being binned due to direct antag involvement. This thread will be locked and archived.
  2. The gimmick was bad. I didn't see the halls start venting, as I had to go. The gimmick was not, however, against the rules. After VVing them, they were nearly out of TC, and so my ruling was, if they want to waste their TC on dumb shit, they can. The antags were doing things in the halls, and the rad announcements are a viable way to get people away from where you are trying to operate.
  3. @MattAtlas and I will be taking this. @tbear13 say your piece please.
  4. Were you fighting when you were winded? If not, why did you say no? @Hesphos
  5. @Simon_the_miner Cound you say your piece?
  6. Hi, I was one of the medics. The jugg barely touched me, only enough to make me fall to the ground, and when I fell, you went to town on me with a cult sword until I died. I didn't see you ask if I wanted to be a jugg in looc, but I was long gone from your sword attacks regardless, as you can see the arterial spraying out of me in the logs. I hadn't spoken, seen, or heard from the cult before the two of you stormed medical and killed us all. It left a really bad taste in my mouth, and it still does. I may have had a chance to survive if you hadn't gone to town on me with a sword once I was already on the ground. You made sure I died, when I hadn't even interacted with you. It was super shitty, in my opinion.
  7. my owo liscence is valid, thanks

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  8. I like Owen. I've taken some extra time to interact with his characters since seeing this application, and he seems like a genuinely good person for a moderator position. I wasn't aware he was staff in the past, but it would make me happy to see him as staff again. He's been active, helpful to new players, and generally respectful from every interaction I've had with him. A solid +1 from me.
  9. +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Mel is everything I want to see from a mod. Already well respected by the player base, kind and considerate in ooc, a willingness to help new and old players without judgement, and a genuine kindness that's hard to come by. I've been pressuring her to apply for ages and it's hard to say how happy I am that she's finally done it.
  10. Xiang Zhou is a good HoP. Conflict resolution, someone you can approach, and yet still a member of command. I like them! And I like Cinny! +1, give them command whitelist or bust
  11. The archive unlocking thing is a widely broadcasted holiday/event-- to my knowledge, most all Fed skrell would have been watching it and seen the AI uploaded-- until the Federation cut off the stream. As far as I'm aware it's common knowledge ^~^ Good answers, though! My +1 remains.
  12. The application itself looks good, and I think this would be an interesting character to see on station. Lemei plays pretty good characters, and in them, I trust her roleplay capability with something like Skrell. I have not interacted with many of their characters on a further than superficial level, however they still leave an impression on me-- and I think that is the mark of a good roleplayer. A +1 from me as it stands, but I am trying not to leave feedback without questions, so, how does Jilijoo feel about the other speces aboard the Aurora? How does she feel about Vaurca, and c'thur in specific?
  13. Hi, while I was staff that was online, I wasn't reading the ticket. I think tbear's asking what we thought of it flew by in roleplay that I was participating in. I didn't really offer any input either way.
  14. Appeals are for when you agree with the ban reason, and want a second chance. Make a staff complaint if you think my decision was wrong. You were banned because you failed to listen to staff, and continued to have a horrible attitude towards us. That being said, Appeal denied.
  15. Unbanned and secban applied. Behave yourself, and have fun.
  16. Hello, myself and @Shadow will be handling this. In the mean time, @Cnaym and @Bear please say your piece. Thanks!
  17. Hi! Apologies for the delay in handling this. I am not against unbanning you, however there will be conditions: I will unban you, and you'll have a three day secban applied to your account. You'll be welcome to play any role other than security for your first three days back on the server, just to get a feel and understanding of us and our community once more. After those three days, your secban will be over, and you will be free to play any role on the station. Is this agreeable?
  18. Appealing Personnel: Riori'Uptari Nunuz Specific Incident: Action taken as a result: Action contested: Suspension, pay docking Reasoning for contest: I do not often like to step out of line when it comes to affairs with Central Command, but this shift in particular was, to say the least, insane. It is not nearly as simple as I believe the agent wanted it to be. Throughout the interview, I felt targeted by them, as if they were leading me into a trap. At one point, I would like to mention they smiled at me, almost as if they were pleased with a 'gotcha' moment. Conduct in the interview aside, I did not go against the company, or the crew's interests. Allow me to reiterate that this was not just the crew against some PRA robots-- my own crew made multiple attempts on my life. It was hard to tell who was on NanoTrasen's side, and who was going to shoot me the first chance they got me alone. Synthetics with machine guns were roaming the halls, dragging around an AI that should not have even interfaced with the station in the first place, lawed not to NanoTrasen, but to the PRA, and yet having access to all of NanoTrasen's confidential systems, including command communications, station announcements, and the room in my office. I am more than familiar with NanoTrasen's policies. I would like to know exactly where I acted in defiance to them, and the safety of the crew I am supposed to protect. Does CC promote execution via SMG death robot? That is what I was asked to allow, between trips to medical for my own crew trying to kill me. This shift alone, my own CMO shot me in the head, point blank. My own medical staff stabbed me, multiple times, and chased me down the hallway alongside a PRA machinegun robot, throwing knives after me. My detective chased me down, disobeyed my orders to leave the bridge, and unloaded an entire magazine of .45 into my stomach, chest, and head, long after I had fallen to the ground. I do not know why I survived this shift, but was my own crew and command staff attempting my life not punishment enough? I spent more of this shift in medical, or hiding from it, clutching bleeding wounds and a fading life force. I did my best, through my own crew's mutiny and the attack of robots. Do not patronize me and pretend to understand what it is like to genuinely fear for your life from people you are supposed to trust and rely on. By all means, if Central Command deems that I should have sent the RD off to be executed by robots, or allowed an AI lawed not to nanotrasen to roam our systems and data, I would like to hear it from the mouth of a superior agent. Additional notes:
  19. Answers to questions! Her religion does play an important part in her life, and how she interacts with the world around her. This ties in to the second question aswell, as her core beliefs circle around the idea that balance is key. S'rendarr and Messa both hold weight in positive and negative aspects of life-- it is very similar to the concept of a ying yang. You must treat others with respect and care, as they will return what you give to you. Especially with her time in Nal'tor college, she has taken idealisms from both Tajaran and other speces' religions and applied them to further her understanding of S'rand'marr so that she may better worship and serve the twin gods. Religion runs through her as a core belief, and it governs quite a lot of what she does, in her faith she believes that she will accomplish all she is meant to do in her life. Ivara has a somewhat negative view on the politics of Tajara. Growing up with only faint memories of her father, and ultimately losing him, took quite a toll on her, and shaped her worldview considerably. She believes that what makes a person good or bad is not their politicial alignment or blood, but their actions, beliefs, and the way they show worship to their Gods. That being said-- she tends to look down on people that do not worship, as she views them as faithless people with no higher morals or teachings to guide them. idk ur pretty smelly
  20. YOND Key: ShesTrying Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A wheatey-white colour-- M’sai colouration. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Other than just a general interest, I’m honestly quite interested in Tajara, and the unique way they play. I don’t have a grander-scheme answer to this, other than it seems like a truly enjoyable race to play, with plenty of opportunities for unique and new characters. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Tajara are quite different from humans. Apart from the obvious differences, such as tails, ears, and claws, everything down to the social constructs-- Tajarans are much more reserved in their ideology, what is alright to display outwardly in regards to emotion and self-expression of identity. They speak in the third person, and with limited education available may have trouble speaking Ceti Basic. A general intolerance to heat even makes this species different to play on-station in a round-to-round basis- needing to shed heavier clothing or sweaters to deal with the station’s warmer temperatures, or perhaps in my character’s case sneaking off to the freezer to cool down after working in front of the frier. Character Name: Ivara Almasi’Rrajra Please provide a short backstory for this character: Growing up on the outskirts of Nal’Tor, Ivara is the eldest of five children, born to a family of hunters and farmhands. Growing up in a traditional family, she has always been a devout follower of S’rendarr and Messa, praying that through S’rendarr’s grace she may receive the opportunity to bring her family joy and prosperity. Being raised with so many siblings of course brought bickering amongst them, but also responsibility. A hard worker from a young age, as the eldest, Ivara was responsible for taking care of the children while her mother worked to pick up the slack of a father gone off to fight in war. As a result, Ivara found herself cooking meals and maintaining the house, and she found a great joy and appreciation for the culinary arts, often experimenting and latching on to rumours of recipes from places across the galaxy. It felt like a dream for there to be anything but what she had, though the hope of one day travelling, and trying everything she may desire kept her spirits up, and her wanderlust high, even going so far as to carefully compile a recipe book, sorted by planet and species of origin. Her father had joined the Republican Army when she was young, and she never knew him well enough, in her own words. There is a small amount of resentment, as a result, towards the PRA, though as a whole Ivara does not feel strongly towards any political alignment, finding them only methods for more wars. Ivara’s father passed in service when Ivara was twenty-one. Family tolled by the war, Ivara found herself and her family in growing debt, and, without many resources or skills of her own, Ivara turned to the NanoTrasen recruiters stationed in Nal’Tor for a supplementary source of employment with a relatively low bar for entry-- she found a position open for a chef, and after a brief attendance of Nal’tor college with a loan from NanoTrasen, found herself passing the basic language test and qualifying for a work Visa. Both nervous and excited, Ivara is somewhat unsure of NanoTrasen and their intents. To her, such a large company seems all-powerful, and with so much power comes an amount of fear and respect. She has no idea what work life will be like outside of a relatively small household and a family business, and with trepidation and loans to pay off, she sent her papers and resume away to be looked at with the hopes of a career, a chance to see what was past Adhomai, and a future she hadn’t thought possible. What do you like about this character? To be honest, I like the idea of a simpler character. No real tragic backstory, and no complex history or trauma. Someone who looks past the Aurora for hopes of bigger, and grander adventures, working for each credit and saving all she doesn’t send home to her family in order to go to new places, new experiences, and gain new recipes to add to her collection. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Solid 8/10. Notes: meow
  21. Okay! Apologies for the long wait, I’ve been quite sick and a little distracted with family and the whole plague thing. Anyways, I digress. After a bit of discussion, I think the warning was unwarranted. In your case, Evandorf, I ask that if you plan on placing an insta-kill trap, you give a bit more warning so people actually understand it’s going to kill them instantly. Killing someone like you did is still super shitty. You took someone out of the round you really didn’t have much interaction with, and that really sucked. There’s a somewhat fine line between ‘sec is kos on me, they are valid’ and ‘kill anyone who passes x checkpoint’. You said so yourself you could only see the first person who came up to the door-- what if it was a civilian? The bottom line is instantly killing people sucks, about 90% of the time, even if it’s valid. Try to be a little more creative with traps, and if you’re not, give very clear warning that this will absolutely wipe anyone who approaches out. After that, if anyone approaches they’re fair game. That being said, your warning will be reduced to a note on the condition you keep wary of this kind of behaviour. Being an antag can be really fun, but try not to tunnel vision on ‘winning’ your goals. Focus instead on roleplaying them out, creating interaction for the whole crew, and making sure you’re not involving just a few folk. You have a bit of a history of going just a bit too far with things, and I think that that happened again here. Don’t let this warning getting reduced let the talk you had with Paradox be invalidated, please. The warning is being removed because I understand why you placed the bomb, etc, not because what you did was 100% kosher. Remember that the goal of antags isn’t to win, but to drive interaction and promote a story. I will be locking and archiving this in 24 hours unless either party wishes to dispute this.
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