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[Accepted] The Vaurcan Multibox | Last Mementos of Sedantis (and my hearts)

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Vaurcae as a whole, but the K'lax get a lot of focus

Short Description: Vaurcae make special boxes for Sedantis nostalgia.

How will this be reflected on-station?: Puzzle boxes could be selectable from loadout w/ some mechanical differences. 

Does this addition do anything not achieved by what already exists?: Puzzle boxes didn't really exist before 

Do you understand that the project may chansge over time in ways that you may not foresee once it is handed over to the Lore Team? Yes all too well :), this is really just a formal suggestion, even when accepted.

Long Description: 


The Vaurcan Multi-box, sometimes called a 'puzzle box,' is a storage unit and partial Hivenet interface that demands all main senses of a Vaurca be used in a 'test of knowledge' to properly unlock itself. Most are traditionally used to store physical safekeeps of Sedantis, however there has been a rise in Multi-boxes being used for intimate, personal situations since the first colony worlds. As each box is customizable and directly tied to sensation, multi-boxes are often used as shows of affection to other members of the owner's hive cell or as personal 'experience diaries' for the owner to re-feel memories outside VR.

Multi-boxes were first conceptualized when the Klaxane Queen Leto commissioned herself an incomparably talented Xakat'kl'atan from the brood of Mother K'lax to push a device that could 'encapsulate and preach the to-be nostalgia of Sedantis.' Pacing against the doomsday clock of Sedantis, the commissioned worker would eventually deliver with the design of the original multi-box. The mixing of Hivenet with the embrace of a Vaurca's traditional sense of smell through antennae and through their shunned sense of taste through mandibles was seen as a message for Vaurcae to put present preconceptions aside, and to simply enjoy the past. To this, the multi-box was affectionately given the name Vaur'tatyk—translated to mean 'Dreams of Us People'— and its design schematics were  spread throughout the rest of the K'lax Hive, later publicized to other major hives whom each made their own alterations.

Queen Leto is typically counted as the first Vaurca to ever be gifted a multi-box and is rumored to have also solved it the fastest out of anyone, with the name 'puzzle box' being said to have come from the Nostalgic Queen's words herself—that any 'test of knowledge' to an active archivist, the Queen who built them herself no less, would be akin to a simple puzzle. However, in a twist of irony, Leto's next attempt to unlock a 'puzzle box' would prove to be her hardest—hardest of any Vaurca, for that matter—as she would bear the gift-to-be box of Mother K'lax before her chambers came ablaze, the box whose locks were made to be as bewildering and complex as its inventor revered the High Queen's mind to be.

With the multi-box being the last major connection to the High Queen and both its creator and recipient gone—Leto would fall into utter desperation trying to recall the faintest minutia about her mother to crack the box, only to fail with each new detail anyway. Many of the hive's greatest minds came to support and attempt to crack it themselves, but would fail just as the Nostalgic Queen Leto did.  Further attempts were made yearly to crack open the multi-box ever since, however the minimal progress gained has convinced many of the failed 'box cracker' Vaurcae that it is a near fruitless endeavor, with many citing off their collective failed attempts that the security locks are too specific to the High Queen for an opening to be found normally. Others speculate that the box's systems were irreversibly damaged from the original chamber fire it was found from and that it's unable to properly unlock itself, however Leto has expressively forbidden any physical alteration in fear of potentially destroying a key part of its old and now irreplaceable design.


Notes: If the text flows bad, it's because the original draft got deleted from tomfoolery and I had to rewrite everything from memory in three hours.

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Hi. Overall I find this to be an interesting concept, and will be accepting the application. Do note that this will probably be edited and trimmed down a little, or dispersed, whatever. Also this may take a while to be put on the wiki because of Stuff and Things™ already in the works. 

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