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  1. K’lax Sides With The Zo’ra In a surprising turn of events, this morning High Queen Ta’Zkaii'xay'yil K’lax presented her hive’s support of the Zo’ra in relation to their use of the new ‘Bulwark’ bodyform, recently claimed to have been stolen from the C’thur hive in an act of espionage. “One cannot simply lock an entire new species behind vague laws, keeping their usefulness out of reach for the rest of society. Especially if said laws themselves have not been broken.”, quoted from the High Queen herself during another session of the newly arranged ‘Court of Queens’ on Caprice, shows the K’laxane view on the matter. Ta’Akaix’Vytel’hyr’tkud C’thur has expressed outrage at the comment, exclaiming that theft is still theft, regardless of what the stolen item is, in this case genetic code. The Lesser Queen still calls for legal action to be brought against the Zo’rane Hive, and is now starting to direct the same sentiment towards the K’lax, as multiple K’laxane Bulwarks have now been sighted. On a related note, there has been a rise in tension within Mendell City’s ninth district, ‘Flagsdale’, where there have been multiple reports of standoffs between Vaurca of varying allegiances. So far, only a few have escalated to violence, with none resulting in extensive injury.
  2. The second event in the Court of Queens Arc! Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Small Assigned Admin: OOC Event Description : The second event of the Court of Queens arc. This is another semi-chill event for a semi chill arc, so don't expect character death here. Who knows about it : Nobody. Host/participants : Roostercat, Desven, Xev Notes : Be there or be square.
  3. As another note, it makes very little sense to me that you would try to justify trying to force money out of me by saying you had new responsibilities as a lore developer, and then a month later, here you are applying for a Spriter position. is this new workload now totally irrelevant all of a sudden?
  4. I said multiple times ,and you can even see the min the screenshots you yourself posted, that the problem was that you agreed to help us, did half of it, knowing this entire time you were going to have a new workload, then halted the project alltogether trying to demand money from me and wasting our time. The new things you were doing were not on a hard time limit, were not urgent, and you still tried to charge me money for something yo ualready agreed to do. I do not consider these good qualities for someone trying to be a spriter for the server. Also, petty insults are not going to get you anywhere, I have not insulted you as a person this entire time, I am just stating what happened and why I believe the things I do.
  5. You are still not being truthful. This is not true, the PR was never hidden, and you did in fact know about it, as you sent a message about when it got a Do Not Merge tag. The reason I did not mention this is because I gave credit in the vaurca announcements on the lore discord, and I never said you didn't do anything, I said you only did some sprites, which is still true. This is ALSO untrue, as Desven can also attest to. The most amount of arguing done was over design details such as how long sleeves should be and related matters, which is perfectly normal for spriting, making it even more concerning if this is something you cannot handle whilst applying for a Spriter position. As for the organization, at the very beginning I gave you a short list of what was needed, and that was all I ever expected or needed you to do, and later on in the project once organization was brought up, Desven even made a google doc showing EXACTLY what was needed, whether or not it was done, and who did it if so . (Which again, I never asked you or the other artist to do, I merely said you could help if you so chose to.) This is when I specifically said you both could help with more sprites if you wanted to. (The scratched out name is the other artist, who I will not involve here unless they choose to be involved). This is important because, again, I only ever asked for the short list. This is also not true. Desven started making more sprites because he felt it would be good if the Bulwark had more than the bare minimum at release, which he did of his own volition. You did not mention this at all prior to being accepted. You should never have agreed to help us with this if you knew full well you were going to have a bigger workload soon, and even then, dumping a pricetag on us right after you had said workload made it feel like charging us for the rest was thought of beforehand. Do not talk about the price as if the "measly 2$ per sprite" is just something anyone is willing to throw in. You agreed to do the sprites, did half the work, and then demanded money for the rest, all while knowing beforehand you could have the additional workload problem. Which I still hold as horrible conduct for someone who wants to become a developer for the server. This is ALSO not true. We did not decide to not go with their iteration. I said multiple times that I was willing to, and wanted to use their sprites as an alternate version to the current ones. The fact they up and decided to do all of that work, and then out of the blue refuse to let us use any of the sprites is by no means the fault of me, Desven, or you.
  6. Hi. I have a pretty big issue with this app. That PR you linked for the additional bully clothes contains none of your work. It is all Desven's. Neither of us appreciate the fact that he was not even mentioned with that link, and it sort a feels like you are trying to steal credit here. On top of that, I have issue with how you handled the Bulwark clothes you DID do as well. You originally agreed to do a small number of Bully outfits, just the ones for job uniforms and that was it. Desven took it upon himself with me later joining to sprite most everything else, but what you ended up doing is spriting a few clothing items, then doing next to nothing for multiple weeks after making your Skrell dev app (this is when Desven started spriting everything else, by the way), and then you came back and told us that you refused to do what you agreed to do until we paid you because you "Have actual responsibilities now" despite agreeing to help with the clothes prior, effectively holding the project hostage for money. Here is some proof of the above. To reiterate, Ryver agreed to do the sprites Desven is asking him to help with far prior to this. Originally, I had not planned on saying anything, but this blatant theft of credit is really the final straw for me, and I cannot in good conscience condone this application. -1
  7. C’thur Hive Claims Theft of Genetic Code Following the reveal of the new “Bulwark” bodyform during the Court of Queens session in the City of New Sedantis on Caprice, accusations of theft against the Zo’ra Hive have been made by the Lesser Queen Ta'Akaix'Mouv'lek'tanta C'thur and Lesser Queen Ta'Akaix'Vytel'hyr'tkud C'thur, citing that the Bulwark was a joint project between the Jargon Federation and C’thuric scientists. Ta'Akaix'Vytel'hyr'tkud C'thur, also known as simply Vytel, or ‘The Just Queen’, claims that the only possible way the Zo’ra could have feasibly obtained the genetic code for the Bulwark caste is by ‘subterfuge and thievery’. Vytel herself has since called upon the Republic of Biesel to hold the Zo’rane hive accountable for the theft, and to disallow them the use of the Bulwark caste. Ta'Akaix'Mouv'lek'tanta C'thur, or “The Recondite Queen”, who’s brood was vital to the production of the new bodyform stated that this espionage had to have been conducted some time in the past as well, as it takes time for a Bulwark to reach its Adult stage, of which the Zo’ra had quite a few of around the time they were unveiled. Thus far, there has been no comment from representatives of the Jargon Federation, who have not sent word on possible legal counsel help for the Hive. Interestingly, Einstein Engines representatives based in Pheonixport have recently made comments regarding the issue, stating the deal between NanoTrasen and the Zo’ra hive to be a blatant exploitation of the hard work of their partners in Mouv’s brood and of the Jargon Federation’s scientists. In another statement, Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals representatives expressed disappointment at the C’thur Hive’s poor ability to maintain the project’s secrecy, having also funded some of the research behind it. However, it seems they have no intentions to pursue legal action at this time. Date: 10/14/2463
  8. More ‘Bulwarks’ Appear, Nanotrasen and Zo’ra Strike a New Deal After the spotting of a ‘Bulwark’, as it is now colloquially known by the media, today the Zo’ra Hive has made public some more information regarding this caste. A panel of Vaurcesian scientists was led by the public speaker Ta’Akaix’Vy’losk Zo’ra, known for her promotion of Vaurcesian biology research performed by humans and Skrell alike on behalf of the Xavier Trasen Medical School and the brood of Ta’Akaix’Scay’exiith’aur Zo’ra, said the following: “This newest member of our species has been the result of millenia of research that has only been finally made possible because of the aid of human technology. After countless hours of research, they are ready to be unveiled and some specimens have been sent to the Xavier Trasen Medical School for further examination.” The showcase also demonstrated the incredible feats of the Bulwark, such as their heavy lifting, and even included a Q&A with an Unbound. Like Ra’Akaix’Zol Zo’ra, more Bound and Unbound Bulwarks will soon become new hires by Nanotrasen. In her same speech, Ta’Akaix’Vy’losk Zo’ra announced that some test locations, namely the NSS Aurora, NSS Upsilon and the Cargo decks of the NTCC Odin have been selected as the first candidates for their introduction. Jargon Federation scientists have opposed these measures. Following the Zo’rane panel, Volxrim Zeuquui, known in Skrellian space for collaborating with C’thur scientists in the system of Glorashi, posted on their Chirper account: While no official statement has been made from the C’thur Hive, the shuttles which carried their delegates for the political summit at Caprice, known as ‘The Court of Queens’, seem to remain in Tau Ceti space. Date: 10/13/2463
  9. New Type of Vaurca Reported aboard the NSS Aurora! Earlier today, a Diplomatic Envoy docked with the NSS Aurora in Tau Ceti Space for Phoron supplies for the rest of the convoy. Shortly after their arrival, the NDV Icarus detected unknown lifeforms aboard the very same vessel that docked for supplies. After the crew investigated, it was revealed that a new form of Vaurca has been identified. The details of this new bodyform are vague, but sources claim it is incredibly strong, and much larger than the average Vaurca. It is also allegedly coming to work in positions around the Galaxy sometime soon. How long this project has been in development for is still unknown, as is what caused it to be started in the first place, as the situation is still developing at the time of this articles publishment. It is likely that new details will emerge soon in the form of the Court of Queens, who are scheduled to have their first session early tomorrow afternoon, likely related to this new sub-species. The Orion Spur Oracle fully intends to cover the event until its completion, and is still gathering information at this time, so stay tuned! Date : 10/11/2463
  10. Hi. After some thinking, I've come to the conclusion that you have some misconceptions. You have a grasp on how vaurca are and the basics of how the hives work, but the finer details are eluding you. For example, The part in relations with other hives. The K'lax and the C'thur really don't like eachother due to the K'lax having a belief that the C'thur stole a K'laxan hiveship to get to where they are, which spiraled into hatred. BUT They are small misconceptions, and not enough to break lore too horribly. Thus, I have faith you can play a Vaurca, and will be accepting this application. Please do DM me or my deputies with ANY questions you have, or things you are iffy on. Have fun!
  11. Civil Unrest in Flagsdale Ends in Multiple Arrests While recent news concerning the Zo’ra Hive has been generally positive, some Vaurca individuals appear upset with the latest development regarding their species. A fight in a Flagsdale bar escalated into a full-scale riot after a Vaurca immigrant from the K’lax Hive openly criticised the diplomatic efforts started by New Sedantis earlier this week, specifically regarding the invitation extended to the C’thur Hive. Mendell City Police, however, did not intervene until a band of K’lax ‘warriors’ fired shots on the streets, and one of them, reportedly, claimed to have a bomb, though this claim never amounted to anything significant. Although police have not revealed the identity of the K’laxan or commented on the matter, we are told that they have made several threats to Caprice via the Hivenet. It is expected that the individual will be tried for criminal charges. The K’lax Hive has requested the individual to be returned to them, claiming they’re ‘defective’ and will be punished by their own means. The Republic of Biesel has refused, stating they are going to follow their own Court system regardless of species or political body involved. As reported hours earlier, the brood of High Queen Ta’Akaix’Zkaii’xay’yil K’lax had confirmed their participation in the New Sedantis Council. It is unknown as of now what measures will be taken to deal with K'lax participation, and whether this sentiment is shared by more than just those involved in the rioting. Ultimately, Mendell City Police performed forty-three arrests in a few hours after the chaos. No casualties have been reported. Date : 10/08/2463
  12. Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Medium Assigned Admin: Yonnimer OOC Event Description : The First event of the Court of Queens Arc! This first chapter of the story involves a new discovery on the NSS Aurora. Who knows about it : Nobody knows. Host/participants : Roostercat, Desven, Xev Notes: Be there or be square. You don't want to miss it!
  13. New Sedantis Prepares for Diplomatic Summit With the Zo'rane Queens properly settled in Caprice, the Hive has prepared to host a Council in their new capital, referring to it as the "Court of Queens". Although details are still to be determined, both the K'lax and C'thur Hives have already received formal invitations. However, the Republic of Biesel is unsure whether or not it can host an event of this scale. "We receive a lot of traffic all the time, yes, but there’s something different about this," said Michael Wikita, a worker of Biesel's Department of Transport, who also oversees the Bluespace Gates. "We do not know these individuals, and in how many numbers they come. We can’t be expected to treat this as any other situation." Miles Jameson, former secretary of the Vaurca Integration Department, who now serves under the State Department, is unconcerned. "The Vaurcae people have the right to freely assemble just like anybody else. We have been aware of this 'Court of Queens' for some time now, and the free-access to Hivenet communications is also a sign of the Zo'ra Hive's transparency and why we trust them. They've been discommunicated for so long from each other, I think that whatever is discussed there in their court chambers will be mostly in benefit for all Vaurcae people and the species that have aided them." As of now, three Lesser Queens have opted out of coming to this new council. Lesser Queen Ta'Akaix'Xetl'jyatk'yatu C'thur, who claims to have more important things to do, Lesser Queen Ta'Akaix'Vetju'tenx'sil K'lax, who is currently busy with a project on Tret, and Lesser Queen Ta'Akaix'Scay'exiith'aur Zo'ra, who did not give a reason. No Zo'ra representatives have yet commented on the topic. Date : 10/05/2463
  14. Vaurca Hives Unveil New Flags Following the Inauguration of New Sedantis on the Volcanic planet Caprice, the major Vaurca Hives of the Orion Spur have felt new motivation to further solidify themselves as independent entities. This newfound inspiration has pressured the Hives of the Zo’ra, K’lax, and C’thur into creating their own Flags to wave, to represent them as a whole on the Galactic stage. Whether or not all three revealing their new standards simultaneously is a coincidence or a planned maneuver is a matter of debate. The Zo’rane flag is believed to have been created by Lesser Queen Ta’Akaix’Athvur’zezkt’azi Zo’ra, and it symbolizes the hive’s current position in the Republic of Biesel, whilst still representing the Hive’s own nature. President Dorn has shown support of this new Flag, stating that it is “An important step in furthering the relationship with the Zo’ra.” The K’laxane flag is derivative of that of the Izweski Hegemony, showing their status as a Vassal of the nation. Lesser Queen Ta’Akaix’Vedhra’rept’ylanze K’lax has told us, multiple times, that she is the creator of the flag as it is now. Finally, the C’thuric flag symbolizes the C’thur hive’s independence, and their allegiance to the Jargon Federation that has given them refuge in the Orion Spur since they arrived years ago. It is believed that this flag was made jointly between Jargon Federation officials and Lesser Queen Ta’Akaix’Vytel’hyr’tkud C’thur’s brood. Date : 10/02/2463
  15. Hi. I am satisfied with both the app, the questions, and your etiquette as a roleplayer. Application accepted!
  16. Inauguration of New Sedantis, TCFL Parade in Caprician Sky With jet airplanes and marching Legionnaires, the inauguration of Caprice’s capital, New Sedantis, has concluded. In addition to live music, the event also included an address by President Joseph Dorn, who assisted alongside Nanotrasen representatives. “Both our peoples have been in cooperation since the beginning. Despite the turbulent years and isolated incidents, I am happy to say that Zo’ra and Biesel are friends.” Ta’Akaix’Vaur’skiyet’sca Zo’ra addressed both her people and the general public too. “The Republic of Biesel has been nothing but grateful to us, and has allowed for our stay. In our millenia long pilgrimage, we never had dared to name any of our multiple settlements New Sedantis. The search for a suitable place, however, has stopped. I am honored to welcome all of you to this new city, which has been only made possible because of hard effort and a strong alliance.” Amanda Blanchet first came into contact with the Zo’ra Hive while performing at a charity concert in late 2460 as part of an effort to aid in the k’ois famine. Queen Vaur congratulated her, the IAC and other organizations known to have helped Vaurcae in the past. The special guests then received a tour around the underground city, which included a visit to the new court chambers. The architectural style has been said to be “simply fascinating”, as mouthed by one of the Biesel representatives. Inauguration has not, however, been well received by everyone. Demonstrators blocked Republic's Landing streets in Mendell. Many, shouting anti-Dorn messages, claim that the President has ‘bent the knee’ to Zo’ra. Others, however, still wary of the Lii’dra invasion and k’ois outbreaks, simply fear that Vaurcae are still yet to properly integrate into our society. Date : 9/29/2463
  17. Beginning of the Court of Queens arc Titan Prime Docks in Caprice As a result of great efforts, the Vaurcesian Hiveship Titan Prime, which houses a variety of Vaurcae from the Zo’ra Hive and Dionae, has moved from its idle state to a newly constructed port in Caprice. The blooming colony has now established itself as one of the biggest settlements of Vaurcae in Tau Ceti space. The fate of the Titan Prime has been the subject of numerous rumours since the Vaurca race arrived on the Orion Spur almost seven years ago. The majority of Vaurcae were evacuated soon after they settled, although there are still a large number on board. There have been fears, however, about the consequences of a fully repaired Hiveship. The topic ranges from ideological to economic concerns. “We simply do not have the resources to commit to such a project,” said Melissa Stevens, speaker of Biesel’s Projects and Infrastructure Agency. “Vaurcae have begun their integration to our society, and are valuable contributors to our economy. There are little benefits, for both sides, to make sure their spacecraft is fully operational again.” Both Zo’ra and Dionae engineers, however, remain optimistic about the possible future of the Hiveship, now that it has settled and has a dedicated team looking after it. “It is not so much about launching it into the stars again, but about saving this marvelous piece of engineering,” replied Ka’Akaix’Riil Zo’ra after being asked about the subject. “Simply put, Klo’xryek [Titan Prime] has managed to amaze all sentients in the Spur, and continues to do so today.” The Dorn Administration has declined to comment on this matter. Date : 9/28/2463
  18. After some clarifications were made in DMs, I will be accepting this app. Welcome to Bug-dom!
  19. Hi, thanks for applying. Unfortunately, there is a problem with your app. Namely, the fact that you cannot play a Ta without a head of staff whitelist, which I have been told you do not have. I'm going to have to ask you to make a new character.
  20. Hi. I feel you have a solid grasp of what playing a Vaurca means, and an idea of how an Athvur vaurca would play. App Accepted!
  21. I thought the name was familiar when I saw Faith Windsor there! Anyway, thanks for applying. First things first, I love the backstory. It really puts the weird VR of Mouv into a good perspective, and the way its worded shows me you really put the effort into it. First things first, I'd like to clarify something. In this department, the minimum any given vaurca would probably be taught is basic manners (how to say hello, how to not immediately offend somebody etc) and so on as to not embarrass the hive and to keep the Vaurca socially productive. Outside of that, the amount of training they receive in the Social department is really up to the player, so if you want a Vaurca that only knows a little about the Skrell and Humanity but is otherwise ignorant of what's going on with the other species, go for it. Just make sure not to give in to the pitfall that is making your vaurca negligent to it via acting like a three year old, (which I don't expect you to do anyway) and you should be fine. Now then, time for questions. 1) What is Lyrk's view on the other two hives? 2) What does Lyrk think of the more conventional VR realms as compared to Mouv's data ocean? 3) Does Lyrk follow a religion? If not, what do they think of the religions as a whole?
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