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  1. Omari is always fim to see in a round, well rounded characters that are very memorable, +1 verified gamer
  2. I was the AI that round, they handled all situations incredibly well and responded to basically everything I told them. Handled multiple departments, mainly sec and supply, and ultimately kept the station together through bombs and manhack grenades. Solid +1
  3. I can get along with that, I am simply against removing maint access, I am absolutely fine with eliminating maint sweeps.
  4. I was the dead Diona security officer in this round, They had thought I was killed while restrained as the hostage at the time, and the raiders were fairly aggressive, hence the aggression when another hostage was taken. I was watching that as well, and Easter gave a LOT of time for the hostage taker to secure the hostage who was thought to be AFK, rather than just baton rushing. The raider Diona had taken the hostage further into medbay and was threatening to harm them, so I see how a flashbang could be necessary here, as again, they thought I was straight murdered for no particular reason. And had no reason to believe the raider wasn't going to kill the hostage now, as the raiders had been firing at people constantly prior.
  5. I think the chance for the merchant to spawn should be 45 percent compared to the 20 percent ( I think) it is now. I have tried to start as merchant for the past 15 rounds or so and not ONCE have I either gotten it or even seen someone else get it. Rarely is merchant ever seen, and I get that a merchant every round would get boring, but a merchant every 50 rounds isn't great either IMO. It is kinda sad that we see mercs with a trader gimmick more often than the ACTUAL TRADERS.
  6. What if there is no command and someone does something illegal and goes into maint? What if someone is dying in maint and we are the only close ones? Removing maint access on green has no real purpose other than denying the sweep, IMO it is a pretty not great idea.
  7. Wxkrii is a joy to be in the same round with and strikes a good balance of fucking hating Zo'ra and being receptive. I feel they can do Diona well +1
  8. Bug club better than NT change my mind

    1. Doxxmedearly


      I'll gladly host the bug club. Just come over to Elyra and we'll give you a warm welcome.

    2. geeves


      Did I hear "Club the bugs."? I'm on my way!

    3. ShesTrying


      bug cklub bezzzt cklub

  9. Tyanna is a pleasure to roleplay with and I am confident they can pull a Diona off, +1
  10. First time i saw black kois i was my Vaurca officer, Crono, and someone tried to tell me they saw a black hole in holodeck
  11. There have been plenty of times where I, a Vaurca, should have ABSOLUTELY bled out but just kinda didnt, then again there are times where a single laser killed me. I still support this though as I have walked away from far too many situations just fine after medical pumped me full of drugs in about 30 seconds.
  12. As much as I love playing sec antag as Crono, I agree with this due to the fact that I know it pisses everyone else off. there was one round where 3/4 officers were traitors, we just raided the vault and left the cap, cadet, single officer, and HoS deal with it, and that was before I threw a manhack grenade and disabled them for some time. Thye couldn't even attempt an assault from being so undermanned as we had already raided the armory as well. I say don't completely eliminate sectags but do lower the chances.
  13. So, Changelings are arguably the dumbest antagonist on the station currently IMO for multiple reasons. The chief among these, again IMO, is that almost if not all of the ling's abilities revolve around combat. There is nothing that these abilities do that can lead to some sort of RP that doesn't involve shooting. Armblade tends to give sec trigger fingers, Abomination gets shot almost immediately, and the stings are never really noticed by more than one person depending on the sting. My suggestion to fix this is in the title, Body Horror! Now, what the hell do I meant by that? Body Horror is when a creature does something incredibly grotesque, like splitting their face in half, to scare those around it. In-game I imagine the changeling having this ability to do the same thing. Though this ability would not have any practical uses other than that, which I feel would encourage more RP that doesn't involve a robustofest. Now sure, you could simply /me these things, but that kinda depends on other people to notice and use thier imagination, and having it actually happen in game would make it more reactable then looking at some blank sprite face that is supposedly bleeding from every orifice according to chat. It would be something simple like blood showing up on the sprites face with red text describing what is happening. At the very least, this gives changelings a few glory moments before being gunned down, and at best can drive a new range of RP, including autopsies and the like, as I am sure science is curious as to what kind of creature splits its head in half on command. Though autopsies like that do happen, it is pretty damn rare. Imagine catching someone's doppelganger in a corner as sec, or seeing both of them in a hallway in medbay with everyone watching, and then seeing one of them have their eyeballs leave their head on tendrils, it would shock anyone in the room and most likely have everyone involved screaming for their lives over general. I feel this is a necessary addition as, again, the Ling has basically nothing like this and has mostly combat abilities that are very hard to have any real RP with without either getting shot or people immediately running away due to knowing what that armblade is and what you plan on doing with it OOCly. At the least most people would read the red text and say something before booking it down the hallway. This is my first suggestion so if it seems lackluster that's why btw.
  14. Wizards are bad enough without being able to steal sec's weapons from their bags tbh. A neat idea though.
  15. In the event that one guy can't put two and two together I imagine it is to prevent mass infection before people actually notice. As people who know there is a virus will be more wary than if there was no announcement
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