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  1. To an extent this already exists. Nowadays for some reason I am not entirely 100 percent on, it takes fucking AGES for people's lungs to work again after the healing surgery, meaning they need to be watched during which time the surgeon may be needed elsewhere. In addition you have infections, drug side effects, and trauma that is being really stubborn to contend with after surgery is already over with.
  2. I dislike this. This REALLY cuts out any variety the department has left after the alt titles were removed and turns everyone in the department into all knowing super doctors, which is already a complaint with some surgeons.
  3. I’ve always found it ridiculous that the damn JANITOR has more access than the job literally dedicated to keeping people alive. +1
  4. A while ago there was a suggestion to implement something called Corruption Cult. In a nutshell it essentially makes it so that instead of having to force people into conversion with violence various items and abilities slowly made crewmembers exposed to them more insane over time, with the crew having ways to lower this corruption as well. I don't remember ALL the details but the suggestion is somewhere on the forums still and I think its a step in the right direction. The above suggestion of using our own in universe lore religions as cult is also based as hell though.
  5. I think this would be a benefit. With the current system armor doesn't really feel like armor since all it does is make bullets hurt a tiny bit less, so someone with a shitload of it can still get magdumped and bleed to death regardless of what he is wearing. +1
  6. Sounds good to me, overall worth a try I suppose.
  7. While this does not remove extended, it DOES remove secret extended, meaning people are always going to expect antags (and even a suspected list of which at that) and char development and relaxed roleplay is going to be damn near impossible as everyone is waiting for the bad men to appear. Not to mention normal extended needs to supercede all the other votes which is very unlikely to happen often with the current crowd. And thus I really don't like this.
  8. In my eyes the IAC has always been an organization characters can belong to secondarily to NT, such as the TCFL. Chars can be a part of it, but are still just NT employees on station regardless. I think it should stay that way, because the IAC is a non profit humanitarian group and not a corporation that sells its workers around. -1
  9. Faye is a fun person to be with IC and fairly competent at the same time, enough so that I believe they would make a good CMO. Excellent OOCly as well, and incredibly approachable. +1
  10. [b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] Jaquelyn Roberts [b]Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] Surgeon [b]Game ID:[/b] b0Q-adrA [b]Personnel Involved:[/b] Astra Zemin, Xenobotanist - Offender Taika Thomson, Xenobotanist - Witness Neith Mekesatis, Pharmacist - Witness [b]Secondary Witnesses:[/b] Neha Koepple,Medical Intern - Saw the conversation over the incident in medbay Graziana Stoica, Warden - During the shift, asked to check on Xenobotany every now and then via cameras to assure something else would not happen. Apparently knows this is not the first incident like
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