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  1. I can definitely agree with pretty much all of the points Sherman brought up, and can also back up the fact that they would definitely be a valuable lore team member. The points on Dominia are the part I want to see change with the most, as it does seem that most Dominian players follow a sort of template to being a religious ass who cause trouble just because. Seeing that change would be lovely, because I do very much like the concept of Dominia as a whole. However, like Matt, I feel like asking a question. So, that question is: What would you change about Dominia first?
  2. I agree with pretty much everything Kermit had to say. More or less what I have attempted to convey, but looking back on my previous posts and discord conversations, my comments have been more like angry rambling than anything constructive, which I apologize for, so Kermit puts it a lot better.
  3. I did read the thread. And telling people to fuck off and deal with it when they interpret something means you clearly didn't think about it too hard. The fact you seem to not care about the feedback only worsens my impressions on both the result and the intentions of this thread overall. Doing that RP is made harder by the fact everyone is the same damn role now, so you'd have multiple people stepping on eachother trying to do the exact same thing The point about it not solving the problem in the first place still stands, you saying 'see above' and ignoring it does not help. As for number 6, that isn't even what I said. I said you can't use Star Trek as an excuse.
  4. To be honest, no matter what the intention is, people are absolutely going to interpret this as changing Medical into a research role. You can't change them into a 'Biologist' and then expect that NOT to happen. Not to mention new players or people who don't read the forums who won't even see this thread, who will be completely confused as to what medical is supposed to be. On top of that, the different roles DO generate RP. As someone who played Nurse for multiple months straight, the RP you get from the job varies wildly from surgeon, as it is a lot more focused on things like aftercare, or simple checkups. People seem to make the mistake of thinking they just do paperwork and stuff like that when it couldn't be farther from the truth. Things I used to do as Nurse never happen now that I play Surgeon. For example, whereas a surgeon is expected to handle complex life saving surgeries on the spot and the like, a physician might be expected to do general health checkups and so on, which do in fact get asked for. As for the argument that it would separate the arguments of it not being realistic, this is inescapable. Just switching the titles will not fix this as they are still doing the exact same thing as before and still have MD's, making them doctors. Not to mention this happens in most of the other departments as well. I would go over how it completely alienates all of the medical players but that has been said by a lot of other people so I will just skip that part. Another thing I want to touch on is that just because Star Trek did it doesn't mean it justifies doing it here. We are not Star Trek. We are the Aurora. Using a different Sci-Fi universe to handwave huge changes like this is not only poor form but sets a bad precedent for changes in the future, regardless of intent. All in all I consider this a poor change. It changes things for what seems like the sake of change and really won't serve any purpose than to confuse everyone, alienate the current medical players, and more or less force them to rewrite their characters partially. Even if the intent is not to change them into research, that is how everyone is going to interpret it regardless.
  5. This also groups all the different doctor roles together, like physician and surgeon, who can do wildly different things. On top of that, why would biologists be running a medbay? They are basically scientists.
  6. so, despite the large amount of nos, the age bump went through. Wild.
  7. I am still against the age bump of surgeons, but I am also against removing psychologist. Mostly due to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an actual reason to other than ‘we felt like it’. Bloat is also not a valid reason to remove it. All removing it actually does is chip away MORE variety from medical and make it even more stale than it has already become. It makes even less sense to shove it into a chaplain alt role as psychologists do not tend to operate out of a church as far as I know.
  8. I am against the five year bump. It doesnt really serve much as an RP purpose, since most surgeons already say the xeno surgery is in their training anyway, and really only serves to force people to make their characters magically older, which is a huge pain in the ass to explain ICly. On top if that it basically makes the requirements for CMO and surgeon the same. Not much if an opinion on the TP removal though.
  9. Lessening the wide variety of drinks we have is a step back, in my opinion. It was never something I thought about too hard and making all the drinks look like different color liquids in generic glasses is sort of lame. Though the addition of shot glasses would be nice.
  10. sherman/lain is an epic gamer, and one of the few people on server who will actually have entire arcs explaining major changes to a character. For example, CMO Song Sun didn't just happen out of nowhere, there was a period in between of Song doing various iCMO shifts and DECIDING to go for CMO, talking with everyone around them about the decision. IT felt as if the character actually had life, and shows how great of a roleplayer they are. Big fat ol +1
  11. I do not think Adrenaline should be nerfed. Few chemists know how to make it as is and it is usually crucial to keeping critical patients alive. Making players rely on just one way of reviving someone seems a bit constrictive imo.
  12. The ointment looks kinda like kraft glue
  13. This punk, this bafoon, this actual GOOFY GOOBER has yet to reply after ONE WHOLE DAY of me starting an Rp with him and PINGING HIM all the while. This MENACE clearly has no intentions of roleplaying and must be SMITED. Then he has the AUDACITY to say THIS to me as HARASSMENT.
  14. Considering throwing (and pretty much all worthwhile grab moves excluding headbutt) has been nerfed to oblivion, requiring a red grab to do so, I don't think throwing would need to be made harder by this change. Most of the time people are able to resist out before getting to redgrab unless they dont spam resist in time.
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