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  1. The idea with the i tents could work although having to wait for the neckgrab would be annoying as hell since someone could just press 4 and keep clicking resist u til they are out
  2. Im a bug and dont get cloned anyway so this is fine
  3. As Leudo said, the RGB of your bug is pretty important, so include that. Other than that, I like it! shows a good understanding of Xakt's brood, and I like how their attitude about people, with wanting to keep them alive, immediately changes when they are actually dead. It tends to shift one way or the other, so it's nice to see.
  4. You seem to have a good grasp on Lizar lore and such, and I can attest to Uaine being a wonderful roleplayer with very memorable characters. That being said, -1 for not applying for Vaurca Strong +1 from me!
  5. Thr main idea with the blood amulet would be for a cultist to wear it and take a stroll down main hallway, slowly corrupting everyone that sees them
  6. Alright ima hit you with some ideas - Blood amulet: Amulet that is wearable and constantly covers the wearer in blood. IF the wearer is not a cultist, VERY high corruption gain, if cultist, no real change. Anyone that can see the person with the amulet slowly gains corruption. Taking the amulet off someone causes 15 burn to the hand and makes them drop it. Does not go through walls. - Door trap: A talisman that rigs a door to scare the fuck out of the next non cultist to open it. Upon opening it will play a loud ass noise and spawn a fake construct on the other side briefly that disappears soon after. Causes moderate corruption gain that fades away unless they gain another point, at which point the number stays where it is. - Body Stand: Allows you to put a corpse on it and act as a constant source of corruption. Any who see it will gain corruption over time. - Chaos Orb: Small orb that can be turned on. When on, anyone within a small radius will hear whispers and gain very slight amounts of corruption. Destroyed when turned off, applying 10 burn to the one that turned it off. More ideas to come... Maybe
  7. I also had a thought. What does this do to constructs? I think soul stoning can still be a thing if someone is 70 corruption or higher, give or take. And there is a new construct that has the sole goal of turning people insane. ie hitting people causes corruption instead of actual damage or their presence does it over time.
  8. I really like this idea, though there are some things I would change about it, chief being a way for the cult to get followers. Maybe instead of death at 100 corruption it turns to conversion? This would make it so that the cult isn't fucked bc one of the roundstart guys is an idiot. Maybe a cap of 3 to 4 cultists at one time, so that you can replace dead members but nothing past that. As for ways to decrease corruption, I would say that hypno or crystal therapy should lower it ( meaning the psyche is actually important now) and maybe giving the chaplain something to decrease it. Overall I like this idea.
  9. If tou mean drag i think you hold it in your hand and click your sprite while targetting mouth Edit: i read the rest of the topic and i feel dumb dumb
  10. Need to have a paragraph for each of the questions, my friend. The only one that can usually dodge this requirement is the "what roles do you plan on playing" one and below. I have no say on whether this gets accepted or anything, just saying that that will be brought up.
  11. Borya is a good gamer roleplayer from what I have seen, and the app itself shows a good demonstration on Vaurca lore. So I think this character would be played very well. BUT... Time for the part where I ask you questions that you probably forgot the relevant lore about and now have to look it up. 1) What does Caduz think about the TCFL? 2) How does being a Warrior mesh with the job of a Paramedic? Would it change how she goes about it? 3) What is Caduz's outlook on Tau Ceti?
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