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  1. Yes i want please yes cool gamer move. But seriously, this would give biomech engineers something to do and allow people to make augmented humans, which should have been a thing long ago. As long as it is balanced. +1
  2. Please give me feedback on how I play the emotional timebomb that may or may not be this character.
  3. I downed an entire bottle of vodka and didnt even get the buzzed message
  4. For some reason, I have noticed that getting drunk involved downing 3 glasses of Vodka in thirty seconds, and even then you are drunk for like two minutes. This is either just me or it is obscenely hard to get drunk and stay that way now. I suggest making it easier to get drunk, or at least making us stay drunk longer.
  5. I would very much like 2 Nurse slots. Because otherwise my nurse and another nurse she is friends with can literally never work the same shift, meaning I am pretty much forced visitor, plus I do not like the idea of fighting over the nurse slot.
  6. After seeing her CMO, my stance on this is still a strong +1, they handle situations very well and doesn't crack under pressure. As well as their CMO being nice to RP with in general. Think they will do fine with a whitelist.
  7. I am against forcing the borer for multiple reasons. Firstly, being forced into an antag role roundstart is pretty shitty, and IS different from getting converted or slugged later since something usually happens instead of just “you are a slug slave now”. On top of this, having to break character for something you can get forced into is not cool. And finally, You might end up getting a new player slugged. Imagine joining this server for the first time, having all prefs off, and spawning the first round in with a brain slug who is now your sugar daddy. Not only does this not set a great first impression, a new player is very unlikely to support the story at all, especially with a complicated situation like this. Roundstart hosts are a great idea, but only if it is opt-in.
  8. Bold of you to assume we have a CMO that often
  9. I love organic borers, but I also like this idea. My goofy ass would suggest having a 50/50 chance of either mech or organic borer but that would likely not work in the eyes of others. That being said, mech borers would allow IPCs to be got and would make it slightly more sensible. It also reminds me of swarmers, which i like.
  10. That but 2 slots each I would think. Weird for there to be two OR’s but one surgeon.
  11. Some things take way too long to kill you, for example: guns may as well have a damn nerf logo on them, as they barely do anything since shrapnel doesn't do a whole lot and the only real threat is AB. On the other hand, some things kill you too damn fast, such as donating blood. Being a blood donor for some reason can kill you faster than being shot with bullets repeatedly, which I think is ridiculous.
  12. I think semiauto should do more damage. A gun is a gun, it should still hurt a LOT no matter if it is one bullet or three. I find myself being not as concerned when people pull pistols bc they rarely actually do anything, which in my mind fuckin SUCKS. So big agree.
  13. Very energizing and fun person to RP with. Has memorable characters and every time is a joy. Def +1
  14. The two hour mark foils my gimmick EVERY TIME as a vampire bc my escalation takes too long. But the thing is, that might just be MY fault, though I do feel very rushed with my gimmicks to do something stupid and dangerous so I dont get kekked by transfer. I would say up to 2 and a half hours. 3 seems a bit long.
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