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  1. Hiiiii. I can vouch for Cybs' roleplaying ability, as well as their ability to make interesting characters. And most of MY characters get their personality and backstory as I play them, not as I envision and make them beforehand, so that part is fine. As for the app, I have some points to make. 1, While being neutral to the Aut'akh can be believable, it is known that the Mi'kuetz and the Aut'akh regularly steal technology and supplies from one another, and there are even warriors with the Mi'kuetz who specialize in infiltrating Aut'akh dens, named Bunker Busters. This would almost certainly affect the perspective of any Mi'kuetz. 2, Other wastelanders often saw the Mi'kuetz as intruders or hostiles. Use this to shape your character's opinion some more. Now for questions, the fun part. 1: What is Vii's opinion on The Hegemony? Does it differ from other factions containing Unathi, like Dominia? 2: How does Vii view the C'thur and Zo'ra?
  2. It may not have been direct name calling, but it was definitely implied. There was also a case of people putting words in my mouth, and stating that my opinions and view on the matter were something other than what I said, which is rude as hell, to put it simply.
  3. While I haven't really been hit with the big insults such as anything racially charged, I have noticed that developers tend to be oddly hostile. I made a thread suggesting the removal of the draft system, stating reasons for why, and it took literally two minutes before I was pinged multiple times in the code dungeon, and basically called an idiot for thinking the thread would go anywhere and that my opinion was factually wrong. The hostility in the staff team, and not just developers, is very noticeable. And it should absolutely be addressed.
  4. For me, there are two sides to this. 1, I feel that Dominia and Elyra should absolutely have their own languages, with Tradeband being secondary. It makes sense that they would have different languages and all the different human spots in the universe all revolving around three languages is a bit strange. 2, Adding more languages i feel would make the radio a hellhole. We already have people only talking in sol and cats that only mrowl. This might amplify that.
  5. when I did that the format on the forums changed and fucked it all up
  6. So. The format changes things on the forum post. I did not know this.
  7. I bringeth thee business cards that @VisVirific and I made You can use these for any card really, just change parts of the form with things such as your liason's name and the logos.
  8. Mel is good gorl. She is competent, sensible, and often directs the newbies among us. Her play is always full of roleplay and energy, and she is very friendly. I think she would do great as a moderator, big ol +1
  9. Hi. Thanks for responding, to get to the point- 1. Rahjul has a neutral outlook towards M'sai, but a negative outlook on Njarir. He sees the Njarir as oppressive rulers, who like to subjugate those below them, with the PRA and NKA leadership just being proof. He finds life as a Zhan in the PRA rougher, with harsher punishments for doing bad things and an oppressive, sometimes cruel behavior directed towards him by other ethnicities. 2. Rahjul saw the ALA as liberating due to, in part, his hatred of the PRA, and he saw them as a necessary evil. Sure, they did bad things. But those bad things only happened because of the PRA in his eyes. The mortar shell that killed his father never would have happened if Nated didn't feel the need to coup against PRA leadership, for example. He dislikes the use of child soldiers and terrorist acts, but again, sees them as a necessary evil. Their suffering now would bring forth a brighter tomorrow. As for the technology thing, I had a somewhat hard time deciphering when and how much human tech got spread around, so that's my bad. As for language, he speaks Siik'Maas due to being around multiple ethnicities and being a fighter.
  10. BYOND Key: Roostercat12 Character Names: Jaquelyn Roberts, Aphid, Za'Akaix'Crono Zo'ra, Claire Rentrue, Raymond Shane Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Chocolate Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yuh Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) Once upon a time I thought I was never going to apply for the Tajaran race. Nothing seemed to get me into it. Then a few things happened. One, at some point I think Yahir and a PRA consular got into a gunfight. me being curious as to why I slowly started to learn about the political climate of the Tajaran race, which got me intrigued. At this point I was not necessarily interested in playing yet, but it did look interesting at least. Then came part two, what REALLY made me want to give it a try. The Tajaran Cold War arc. I was present for almost every event in the arc, and discovering the lore and reasons behind every event only got me more and more intrigued with the race. That being followed by the District Six riots made me interested enough to actually start reading lore pages. After reading the first page, I kept reading. And kept reading. And kept reading and here we are. I literally sunk into it like quicksand. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum) First of all, this race, unlike Skrell, Humans etc., are still VERY focused on their home planet, with the problems and conflicts having massive impacts on the race as a whole. The home planet is also one of the only ones that is NOT controlled by a single government. Tajarans are susceptible to heat, being from a snowcone of a planet and covered in fur, so much so that a spicy enough burrito can literally give them a fucking heart attack whereas humans can just get a glass of water or something. Tajarans talk in third person, which in of itself is a huge, very noticeable difference compared to talking to a human. The two main religions have overlapping figures, such as Raskara and Messa etc, and are heavily focused on astronomy, unlike human religions that tend to be centered around one deity. Character Name: Rahjul Nukir'harran Please provide a short backstory for this character (Approximately two paragraphs) Rahjul was born in a snowy winter on Adhomai in 2440, on Das'nnra. He was born and mostly raised a Zhan-Khazan in a smallish village not too far away from the bustling city-state of Crevus. His parents were very religious, following the Ma'ta'ke religion, and Rahjul followed suit. The small family consisting of Rahjul, his sister, and their parents earned their meager living as mechanics, Fixing various machines and farm vehicles only possible through contact with humanity. Though there was always a hint of xenophobia within the family, they still conceded that the technology was a plus. Rahjul slowly learned from his father as he began to learn the inner workings of various devices. Though the second revolution eventually reared its head after Nated's failed coup in 2451. The war ablaze, Rahjul and his family simply tried to avoid the conflict, continuing their lives and hoping it would blow over. The family in its entirety was never too fond of the PRA, with the secret police apparent and the ideologies a pain. There was always an oppressive air about whenever Rahjul would take a step into the open air, and he hated it. He had heard of the liberations of other places by word of mouth or other sources, and Rahjul started to like the sound of not having to live under the PRA's rule. He never actually said this openly, as the village had not only a small PRA garrison, but quite a few loyalists who wouldn't be too happy to hear the words. Biding his time as he learned more and more about mechanical work, The Liberation army grew ever closer. Eventually the sheer sounds of artillery could be heard in the distance, putting the entire village on edge. Patrols became denser, soldiers more numerous. It felt as if the entire village could be flattened by a barrage at any given time. Until one day the Army arrived. Four days of nonstop fighting had occurred on the outskirts and even inside the village, artillery leveling half the buildings. On the second day, an artillery shell had struck just to the side of the family's home, sending shrapnel straight through the eye of Rahjul's father, killing him almost instantly. Despite the shell being of ALA origin, Rahjul had actually chosen to blame the PRA, he saw the shell as collateral. The fighting would not have even started if the PRA had chosen to run things right, after all. As the Army swept through the village, forcing the Republican soldiers out, Rahjul had done everything he could to help the liberators. Whether that be repairing weapons or drag wounded soldiers to safety, Rahjul had made damn well sure to do it. All the while leaving the PRA wounded to die, and their weapons sabotaged by intentionally shoddy repair. After the long four days, the fighting had finally stopped, and the PRA had lost. The sounds of artillery became more and more distant before they couldn't be heard at all. Rahjul was satisfied under their liberation, but wanted to do more. With the village in shambles, the family had just enough money, stolen or otherwise from the previously alive loyalists, to move to Crevus. After being assured that his family could survive on their own, Rahjul left to join the Liberation army. Seeing all the horrors of war he could think of in turn. After the expulsion of the Republican army from Das'nnra, Rahjul was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. While he was away, his mother had fallen victim to a mugging gone wrong in Crevus, ending in her death, leaving Rahjul's sister more-or-less alone. The conditions weren't good, and while things were certainly better (at least in Rahjul's eyes) than when the PRA had ruled, it still wasn't great. Looking for an out after his attempts of finding a stable job had failed, Rahjul managed to secure a ride with a Ha'rron on a smuggling shuttle off of Adhomai, to Tau Ceti, taking his sister with and using almost all of their money to do so. Things weren't looking great for the pair, with the shuttle's conditions abyssmal, making the ride miserable. On top of that, the chance of a raider attack was always present, a sudden and horrifying end to their leave. That was not the end of their troubles either, Rahjul was wary of the foreign entity, the xenophobic sentiment within the ALA in full swing. Though he was willing to take his chances, as he had heard of the vague success of Tajarans there before, and it offered an out from the conflict as political-fueled killings were a norm. Eventually getting to their destination, Rahjul and his sister took residence in District Six of Mendell city as more-or-less refugees, with Rahjul reluctantly taking a job with a certain alien megacorporation known as NT as a cargo technician for a stable-ish income, more or less the best he could do with his lack of an education. He would have been more than happy to join a gang with like-minded individuals, but for once he thought more of his sister than of his ideology, and sided against such an action, shoving it back within his mind. What do you like about this character? I like Rahjul's political views, being heavily in favor of the ALA despite their artillery ending his father's life, the fact that he blames the PRA for most of his problems, and that despite his xenophobic tendencies, he decided to bite the bullet and leave Adhomai, being unable to get a secure job in Crevus. The character is something that was originally going to have a short backstory, but as I wrote it, I kept thinking of more and more things to add on. What was going to be two paragraphs ended up being four, and I imagine I'll add on even more in the future, likely religion related. I like that this character has a reason for needing to leave Adhomai, and a reason to like the DPRA. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would rate my roleplaying ability a solid 8/10 I have gotten better over time and feel I can drive a plethora of RP scenarios. Notes: I did this at roughly 4AM and finished at 5AM. God help me. Spare me if I fucked something up
  11. I remember that one time where Brainos and Resilynn implemented a new hypospray sprite , and then like two days later you replaced it with your own sprite without a feedback thread, without any warning. You just did it. Then trying to motion for a close on the PR to revert back to the BRAINOS sprite. I bring this up as I feel it shows an attitude issue. That attitude being you think its ok to just flat overwrite something someone else did and just hope nobody notices. Sooooooo is there any guarantee that something similar isn't going to occur with you as a moderator? I personally have had issues with one staff member telling me something is fine and then that thing being overwritten by someone else and me getting in trouble for it. I would really rather nothing like this occurs. So I'm gonna' ask for your take on that whole situation as I may have missed something, but otherwise its a -1 from me.
  12. First of all, Vaurca can be fucking DUMPSTERED by lasers, which in the case of security is almost always what they are using, as the "mostly bullet based" thing is in terms of rubbers, which are for pain. Vaurca are not immune or resistant to pain, and even if they DO use ballistics, that bleed mod means they bleed out hellishly fast, Vaurca also do not self heal without medication, and Toxins will destroy their everything. Saying burn is rare compared to brute imo is false, as the majority of sec's weapons lethal wise are lasers and most antagonists have a way to deal burn. Vaurca can also be permanently blinded by flashes, can only eat kois, which is a rare death fungus, and have a weird backwards surgery system that for the most part isn't even correct as you have to cut through their ribs anyway (despite them not having any) which often means their surgeries get fucked up. All of this IN MY OPINION can make Vaurca mechanically weaker than humans. Depends on the situation.
  13. This nerd is a competent roleplayer who churns out paragraphs every time he talks like a fucking lunatic. +1
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