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  1. Hi, thanks for applying. Unfortunately, there is a problem with your app. Namely, the fact that you cannot play a Ta without a head of staff whitelist, which I have been told you do not have. I'm going to have to ask you to make a new character.
  2. Hi. I feel you have a solid grasp of what playing a Vaurca means, and an idea of how an Athvur vaurca would play. App Accepted!
  3. I thought the name was familiar when I saw Faith Windsor there! Anyway, thanks for applying. First things first, I love the backstory. It really puts the weird VR of Mouv into a good perspective, and the way its worded shows me you really put the effort into it. First things first, I'd like to clarify something. In this department, the minimum any given vaurca would probably be taught is basic manners (how to say hello, how to not immediately offend somebody etc) and so on as to not embarrass the hive and to keep the Vaurca socially productive. Outside of that, the amount of training they receive in the Social department is really up to the player, so if you want a Vaurca that only knows a little about the Skrell and Humanity but is otherwise ignorant of what's going on with the other species, go for it. Just make sure not to give in to the pitfall that is making your vaurca negligent to it via acting like a three year old, (which I don't expect you to do anyway) and you should be fine. Now then, time for questions. 1) What is Lyrk's view on the other two hives? 2) What does Lyrk think of the more conventional VR realms as compared to Mouv's data ocean? 3) Does Lyrk follow a religion? If not, what do they think of the religions as a whole?
  4. I still think it is very weird that Zavod is dropping medical and is now getting an engineering subsidary out of nowhere, personally. Would rather they stay as is.
  5. Hi. Bugman here. I think your app demonstrates a good understanding on how Leto works, and overall the general themes of the race. Thus, I shallt be accepting this application. Have fun being bugman.
  6. Upon doing some testing in the thunderdome, at 350 health it appears this thing can solo a warform. This thing is way too powerful. It also took almost a full particle SMG (which are usually near instakill weapons) and also a full laser shotty. Please god tone this down, since atm this is just something to encourage PKs
  7. If more slots is a hard no, it should be a physician alt title. Given Nurse was always the easier to understand one and didnt contribute that much to the problems the millions of other alt titles gave, I don't think it would be that much of an issue.
  8. As for them having an overlap with physicians, that is not the point. At this point there isn't a lot other jobs are going to do mechanically unless we actually get new mechanics. The point here is ROLEPLAY variety. Medbay players vanished in droves after the alt titles were removed because, at least in my opinion, physician and surgeon generally blend and get rather boring roleplay wise after so long. They have the same perspectives.
  9. I doubt one person has the final say over the matter unless they are a Headdev or something. Plus I'd like to know the actual WHY if that is the case. I see no real reason Nurse shouldn't be added in.
  10. Physicians can still do surgery to an extent, and there are not always surgeons around. Nowadays medical is actually a tad empty, in fact. From an RP standpoint Nurses would likely be handling aftercare and the like, which is more or less just explaining what happened, answering questions etc. with a different perspective than a physician would give. Otherwise the role of assistance is a lot more valuable than one thinks at a glance. A nurse can help in surgery, doing CPR and medications or the like, freeing up actual physicians to do things with other patients, so the entire medical team is not too busy with a single patient.
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