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[Denied] Skyline Tracking chip(impant) request.


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Character name: Skyline(IPC, AI, Android)

Item name: Tracking chip(impalnt)

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Because this IPC has history that it tried to escape when it get first IPC chasis from NT. This IPC is property of NT, they brought it's software from Sol Alliance a long time ago. NT managed to capture Skyline and they booted it up. Then NT were upgrading software of Skyline for almost 50 years and finaly Skyline was revived again and was tested onboard of Aurora as an AI. After that they have gaved to Skyline another chance to test new IPC Chasis. So to prevent futher esceping if there would be, this unit has mounted Tracking chip.

Item function(s): Tracking chip, that works as warden tracking implant.

Item description: Tracking chip that could track IPC's location.

Item appearance: Well, everyone knows how Tracking implant appears.

Additional comments: I don't have comments.

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Hmmm.....normally I would toss a +1 without a doubt, but I believe there may be a teeny issue.

A tracking implant might offer a slight advantage. If you get attacked by an antag, you could be located almost instantly. I know it's not as major as one of my old characters, (Hawk Silverstone with his loyalty implant) but while Hawk had that implant, unseen advantages arose. It turned out that Hawk was basically immune to cults and revs. It created some really, REALLY fun RP that wouldn't have been possible without the chip, but it was also kinda unfair.

And Hawk was a bloody special snowflake, who had to get revised to fit in the current lore.

Could there perhaps be some other way? Like a bracelet tracker instead? Just a simple bracelet with no in-game functions. We could say that the tracker signal can't be detected by station equipment.

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This chip could not be tracked as Warden device. I didn't said that you need to track me by that. I told that it's experimental Chasis, it's /really/ expensive and NT don't want to loose it again as it was before with Skyline. So they mounted /special/ NT tracker, only Odin Staff could have access to it.

And i don't think that if Antag would gang me then someone would remember about my chip, mostly we don't have warden onboard. By the way most of time when antag trying to kill me they are just EMping me.

P.S. Byt the way if to make that Chips working really with outher pinpointer. Then we could make a Round when Skyline is trying to escape with Chasis again and NT ERT or whatever it would be called are trying to get that back.

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One thing Nebs, it is just a tracking implant. Not everyone will realise he has one. And if he just turned on his suit sensors it would be just as much an advantage. Not to mention it's a serious disadvantage. If he's an antag security can locate him with no problem. So I think it's pretty balanced.

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I don't think I've seen custom items that actually have disadvantages to their owners. I don't think that's too awful either, within reason anyway.

I think this is alright, though.

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Oh PoZe one final thing, if the warden/sec/Crew don't have access to your implant then there's no point, you might as well just RP having one. So if you really want the chip in game, it'll need to be accessible by crew considering otherwise it's irrelevant.

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