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[Denied] Unban Request zibudo Atmos Grief

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Banned for plasma grenade.

4/6/15 4:30 pm EST GMT -4

Admin: Tishinastalker for 7200mins

Story: At start of round I was a scientist. I go to science shuttle to look around the science asteroid. As i am looking there a person who says Unknown tells me some lines such as mortal human you are inferior or something. Tells me to cause chaos or I will be killed... So I create plasma gas bombs and set one off.

Admin PMs me asking why? I reply that I was forced IC and Ill give him logs. Paste logs with converstation which i lost after i closed game. You can check the game for in game chat logs.

Admin says I am writing them up and lying. Then asks me to read the rules and tell him which I broke. Unbelievably partonizing and I was not in the mood to humor that.

Claims I was atmos griefing.

On your server you claim griefing = act of ruining something for no reason.

My defense: I had a reason, admin was just patronizing me af and did not appreciate it.

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You were not banned because I thought you were lying to me. I read the logs, deduced that you were, in fact, telling the truth, and then moved on to the next big issue; plasmagrief. You were banned for plasmagrief and refusing to read the rules. I asked you to read the rules and copy paste to me the rules that you broke, but you refused to. If you had done that, then you would've been showing me "Look, I am reading the rules". Instead, you were essentially saying "There's no point, you'll ban me anyway." I considered letting you off the hook with a severe warning, but then you refused to do it, and I still let you off with a lighter punishment than I should've. This only tells me that you do not care for the rules in the first place, and if you do not care for the rules, then you probably shouldn't play to begin with. The rules you broke are:


  • -The singularity and atmos are generally off-limits, due to the impact they can have on the round. If you think you have a really good reason to mess with either, adminhelp first to get clearance. || You threw plasma grenades around the station, which you admitted on this appeal.

    -Only escalate conflict in a realistic manner - some characters might overreact, but you would not realistically go berserk or attempt to kill someone because they stole your prized pen, for instance. || "Do this or I kill you" being said by a random colleague doesn't generally get you to detonate plasma grenades and start plasma fires.

    -Characters must be believable, and well-rounded. No insane or psychotic characters. No Mary Sues. || Same reason as above. A normal, sane person doesn't start plasma fires simply because a colleague said so. They said something, and you immediately jumped to the task. That's not RP nor build up.


Plasmagrief generally carries a week ban, but I decided to give you two days less due to an antag being involved in causing you to carry this out. That does not change the fact though that what you carried out was essentially atmospherics grief, and in a manner that caused an extreme annoyance to the administrator that was trying to undo it. See: http://puu.sh/h3Ytw/3afce329c3.png

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