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Natalia's face remodeling implant

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BYOND Key: Gromnax

Discord Username: Grom#6592

Character Name: Ebere Ijeoma

Item Name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): Face remodeling implant

Item Function(s): This item allows for the face, accent and voice of the user to be changed to preserve their real identity. It is not modifiable once implanted, and is subject to damages and ions.

Mechanically, this item would be an implant doing mostly nothing, unless damaged, ionized or straight up removed. Then, Ebere Ijeoma's face and voice would return to Natalia Cilnius, her true identity, and her accent would go from Eridani to Vulgar Morozi. This implant is located in the head mechanically, in the jaw icly. if active, when Ebere's face is physically examined (checking bruises and bones with the grab), it would say there is something strange with the skin of the face.

Item Description: A face remodelling implant originating from the Techno-Conglomerate. Its technology allows to project new facial features which are undetectable with sight alone. It can modify one's voice and accent as well. However, it is quite fragile.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Ebere Ijeoma is trying to hide her true identity to any potential dominian aboard, since she is an Edict Breaker researched in Dominia. Plus, this item is an implant, and thus can not be taken out easily.

How did your character obtain this item?: Natalia obtained this item while she was working as a medical intern in the Techno-Conglomerate.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: I have played a bit with Ijeoma's real identity these last shifts. For example, I managed to play with a voice changer and an ID card in an Intrigue round where she was searched by the ninjas for her dominian crimes. A lot of people enjoyed this gimmick, and since it is part of Ijeoma's identity, I would like to make it more easily doable even when non antagonist.

Sprites: None. The custom head implant sprite could be used, as by definition this item is not visible most of the time. The sprite thus does not really matter.

Additional Comments: Icly, Ebere started checking to join Zeng-Hu and the TCFL to gain biesellite citizenship. She might thus change her name at some point. However, if this implant can work as explained, the character name in the character creator page is all that will need to be changed, so this should not be an issue.

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We discussed this on Discord with a few others yesterday. I think with a bit of tweaks on how it works exactly and wht it does/technology wise this is a very creative item. Technically it's not that hard to implement. If it's against the custom item rules is for someone else to decide.


I approve of this, though.

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While this is cool, this is definitely too farfetched and begs the question of why your character would ever have something like this (which is a gigantic risk) instead of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, this will have to be denied.

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