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Commendation Report: 09/08/2464

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Reporting Personnel: Kadeem Rakrubijstri

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Operations Manager

Game ID: ckj-cB1J (Round after) 

Commended Personnel: Z.I. Provenance, Engineer; Anona Hopper, Bridge Crew

Witnesses: Almost everyone on shift. Jae-Hwu Ryoo is one that he knows definitely can stand as a witness. 

Time of Commendable Act: Through out the shift. 

Real Time: 1600-1800GMT 09/08/2022

Location of Act: Kadeem's Port, Hopper's Post (On the Exoplanet. He named it himself). 

Overview: He outlined to both of the individual's his intention to sanction the creation of a colonial outpost (Hopper's Post) to expand the influence of both the Republic of Biesel and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate within the Valley Hale region - following allegations of encroachment. He wished to ensure that Biesel had at least some kind of defined territory to prove to the Republic of Elyra that they are lying. ZI Provenance used her skills to create the outpost, and Anona Hopper organised the crew and the planetside operation whilst he remained above in its orbit. Without them, the colonial outpost would have failed. 

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