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Cameron Anderson's Custom Item


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BYOND Key: Echo519

Character name: Cameron Anderson

Item name: Skull Mask

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

The reason why Cameron is carrying this mask to work is because of his kidnapper from his past that did experimentation on him left his entire body deformed along with his face so he tries his best to keep his entire body covered up. Cameron was so sick and tired of being picked on and treated unfairly due to his disfigurement so he bought a unique mask to cover his face. He does find it funny and does like to chase people around and scare them whenever the lights go out but mostly he just wears it to cover his face.

Item function(s): Can put it on his face, also glows in the dark when the lights are turned off.

Item description: A white skull mask with the lower jaw removed.

Item appearance: A white skull mask with the lower jaw removed, it looks like it glows in the dark!

Additional comments: Here’s Cameron Anderson’s short bio if you want to read it. http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=208

Here’s a picture of an idea of what I would like it to look like, however you can change what it looks like but I would like it to stay a skull. If you have any ideas for it just message me on the forms.


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Okay, why would the corporation permit such an item to be carried onboard? It's clearly provokative in its being -- a facemask that resembles a human skull, and thus would be considered a source of potential conflict and misunderstanding. Further more, "...and does like to chase people around and scare them..." The corporation would rather rapidly deprive your character of such a thing, purely on the basis of it being used for shenanigans that lower productivity and can be considered "childish." The actions of its employees reflect on the corporation, keep that in mind.

Not trying to rag, but the other full-face-cover thing has a reasonable explanation towards why they would need it.

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If you dont have anything nice to say don't be a prick and don't say it at all.

No, this won't work. This is called criticism, and we're not a hugbox.

Basically, content you bring on the server isn't just content you make for yourself, it's also content you impose onto others. So if they don't like it, they have a right to, because you force them to see it, and interact with it. Bad or outright unfounded criticism can be dismissed, but there is a modicum of quality we try to enforce on player-made contributions, and this is imposed through criticism.

There's a difference between saying "item X is bad because of this and this", and "item X is shit". The former is acceptable. The latter is not.

Close parenthesis, and back on the topic of this application.

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Right, on this: Glamour's comment is a poor one, it isn't constructive at all; however, that doesn't allow you to start throwing around insults, you call a forum moderator to remove the post. Period. Or this is going to end up like your previous threads, which showed you off in a bad light.

Onto the application, I like the idea of a mask, but skull-shaped and used to scare people on an important ((and expensive)) research station, who may be working on dangerous equipment is a no.

If you think about it from a hiring perspective, a hiring manager is more likely to call the police when a guy shows up in a skull mask then hire him.

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You need to get a discourse going, all ideas need development, one of my characters has a necklace that originally was going to work as a battery and have a high research level, now it is just an aesthetic item. Ideas are not going to turn out as planned, it is an eventuality. I personally think a black medical mask would be fine, a little unsettling to the crew, and his superiors and security should be able to order him to take it off to confirm his identity.

The most important thing to remember here is that no one is trying to insult or upset you, and throwing insults back when none are aimed at you is generating quite a bit of badwill.

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First off thank you for leveling with me and understanding. Second of off I've been wearing a gas mask and they do question it but once I tell them they don't ask me to take it off. Third If there not trying to insult or upset me then why do I feel like there trying to insult or upset me...

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I will now be locking your item app.

This is the third item application you've made, and like on the two previous ones, you've proven to be completely hostile to criticism offered, criticism which you should be taking into account when creating an application.

Nobody is insulting you, or trying to make you angry. People are pointing out (accurate) issues with your applications. The fact you choose to take those as personal attacks is, honestly, something we have no control over, given that no offensive language or terms of any sort have been used against you.

Furthermore, you still continue to insult and berate other users for trying to help, thus being the sole contributor to the very mood of hostility you complain of. Things like calling people "hypocrites" and posting gifs of anime characters flipping the bird will not help you further your cause. Keep that up, or engage in shitposting again (those Jon Stewart gifs), and it'll be a forum ban.

Also, for the time being, I suggest you refrain from making any further item applications until you're willing to accept criticism.

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