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Forum side roleplay - out of work roleplay.


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Since my return to this humble community, I have had the idea in mind to create a forum side roleplay for those who wish to develop their characters outside of work. I've given Skull a rough layout to how it would be presented and have given a few mentions to a couple of staff members.

But I decided, seeing how they're pretty busy with all manner of things. I'd present the idea to you guys, see who'd appreciate it and who'd lack an interest in such a thing. Also I'm not that great at these formal posts so, discuss away.

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I love the idea of a forum method to further develop characters, I made two IC social networks to promote IC Forum to IC Game connections and Social Screeching has done quite well.

Please. Want. Will help if asked.

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It's one of those things where you could easily just go to skype/steam/byond pager/ whatever else you use. I am aware of multiple people, myself included, who use skype for out of work RP.


This. People would find it more simple to go over Skype or the Pager to RP, for out-of-work stuff.

Not saying it can't happen, but just saying that there are more practical ways to RP out-of-work things, without adding it to the forums.

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I want it but given that so much of roleplay is back-and-forth conversations or interactions I don't think the forum would necessarily be the best place for it. I'd rather have a chatroom whee we can create rooms for our various "locations" (I.e. #Menell_Library , #Finn's_Apartment , #Placid_Lake, etc.)

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Though similar they don't entirely serve the same purpose. What I have in mind is more structured and focused on who the characters currently are from the server without parody.

How I would describe it, is the characters living their lives outside the station with what happens holding a permanent point in that characters story. Be it something as simple as going for a coffee to something like, saying farewell to a passing friend.

If that makes sense at all.

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