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[Declined] Unban Request - Kevin McScrooge

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BYOND Key: kevinmcscrooge
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: Melariara
Reason of Ban: Possible Hacker. Didn't respond to admin pings about why he stripped someone random and hypnotized them. Feel free to appeal this on the forums.
Reason for Appeal: Yeah, I remember that I had my Byond account hacked and found out when Melariara DM'd me on Discord about it.
Though I've been wanting to get back into non-ERP HRP and SS13 as a whole and I feel Aurora Station would be the perfect environment for it.
Especially with the overarching Story-arcs.


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I am having some issues with this explanation, because I checked the ip and computer id from the time you told me and the day you got banned and they match. So, what is happening here? When did the account got hacked?

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10 minutes ago, Kevin_McScrooge said:

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by the computer id and ip, but I have a new computer if that helps.

You are telling me you did not play in the day you got banned, right?

So I checked the connection logs, and it tells that someone used the same ip and computer in that day that was used in the time span you gave me.

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9 hours ago, Kevin_McScrooge said:

I didn't, haven't played in a long time.

What I am saying is that there is evidence that you were likely playing in the day you were banned, since the ip (internet address) and your computer id (the computer used to connect to the server) were used in the day you got banned were the same that were used to play when you were playing here without being hacked.

To make it more clear: there is evidence that you were playing on the day you were supposedly hacked.

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