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I'm not sure exactly how the question is to be taken, so I'll shoot, and correct me if I'm wrong, I guess v.v

Physical descriptions only. Flavor text, even "me" actions, are supposed to reflect on the character's outer appearance, imo. The meaning behind my characters' actions is something to be guessed, discovered, even judged by others, not something I'm there to impose. If there's anything behavior-specific that wouldn't be noticeable at a glance, but still something you could garner from simply seeing the character around (body language, tone of voice, etc.), it's something I'll put in the flavor text. Though it's not always something I remember to do, and if you were to describe every single characteristic that defines another being, your flavor text would get very, very long.

As for context-dependent things (i.e. "my character looks very tired today for some reason", it's something I'll convey through RP, or if necessary/suited to the situation, will actively point out to RP partners in LOOC, letting them choose how their characters should deal with it, if they'd even remark it.

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