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KeijiMaeda12's Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: KeijiMaeda12

Total Ban Length: Permanent.

Banning staff member's Key: No clue.

Reason of Ban: I actually don't know, I haven't been on SS13 for a loooong time now. It had to have been a year ago now.

Reason for Appeal: I have a friend that plays on this server, and I wanna get back into playing this game alongside him.

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Oh, yes, I was honestly expecting you to reply about your original ban reason.

Well, an acknowledgement of the following will do. Since the attitude demonstrated at the time of ban was, "I/my friend doesn't like this place, so let's go have fun there!" I expect you to understand that any repeat showing of such an attitude will end in a permaban that will not be lifted.

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