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Ashkii's Squall Voidsuit Modkit

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BYOND Key: Hawkington

Discord Username: Opossum #8999

Character Name: Ashkii Yeongseon

Item Name: (if you are applying for multiple items, it should be made into a list with the description, name and appearance together): 

Squall Voidsuit Modkit:

Item Function(s): A modkit that can turn engineering voidsuits into the squall voidsuit. And vice-versa. 

Item Description: A spraypainted box in Su-Yeongseon colours with a number of wires, circuit boards, metal plating and a whole cracked-open wristbound computer barely fitting inside. Written along the front in yellow is "Replace Anything you Take." 

Refurbished SLS Cloak:

Item Function(s): A Cloak with the same functions as the poncho (The ability to go over armour, etc) But, also similarly to the surgical masks, the ability to put the hood up as an alternate sprite that can be toggled. As opposed to the way that hoodies/winter coats usually work wherein the hood takes up the headspace slot.

Item Description: A black cloak with a notable grey and orange plastic trim. The bulk of it is made out of a number of nanoceramic fibres giving it a distinctly synthetic sheen particularly in bright light. Some tiny and worn white writing on the side and the hood mark it as the property of "Spur Logistical Solutions" a small cargo company that went bankrupt years ago.

(Descriptions for the Voidsuit)

Squall Voidsuit Helmet: A voidsuit helmet seemingly made out of various other scavenged and now discontinued elements. A respirator lines the bottom which gives somewhat less airflow that one would expect. It has an enhanced communications receiver on one side and a gyroscope system on the other; loose wires trailing out of both systems. The four yellow eyes give it a uniquely aggressive look similar to that of the hakhma beetle. "Property of Engineering Department" is handwritten on the side in small orange text.

Squall Voidsuit: A voidsuit that has been bedecked in the Yeongseon colours, namely navy. The entire thing is custom built out of spraypainted plating and a much softer synthleather underlayer; networks of tiny tubes carrying coolant liquids are laminated between the fabric layers. These active cooling systems help regulate the temperature inside the suit. There is particular padding around the joints and spine. Notably a series of dark-brown cables pulled taut around the legs brace them somewhat. While metal reinforcements that resemble a ribcage surround the chestpiece and form into a "Spine" on the back. A wristbound has been integrated into the forearm of the suit, it's capable of controlling the levels of cooling and the rigidity of the spinal support system. It looks comfortable for a voidsuit.





Why is your character bringing this item to work?:

Modkit/Squall Voidsuit: Ashkii finds the ship's gravity is still a little too strong for his tastes, he often seeks out padded surfaces and near always turns the gravity off in the holodeck, just to take the weight off his shoulders and occasionally complains of finding the standard issue voidsuits too warm and uncomfortable which compound the aforementioned issues. Ashkii being an engineer with an immense sense of pride would of course, think he could create a better voidsuit than a standard issue NT/SCC model with plenty of padding inside. 

SLS Cloak: Despite his pride in his engineering capabilities, I doubt Ashkii has full faith in the voidsuit, especially for the first few shifts, and the materials of the cloak are specifically designed to be waterproof, nonconductive and highly resistant. Considering he's fallen into an antimatter engine, been blasted with the scrubbers hundreds of times and has come across many many stains and glowing sludges of unknown origins around maint, it makes sense to me that he'd bring an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, he doesn't really trust the crew yet, and commonly feels a sense of distance and a lack of community that he felt towards the people on the Su-Yeongseon, so it helps him "Cover Himself Up" as he feels like an outlier with the lack of other offworlders on the crew.

How did your character obtain this item?:

Modkit/Squall Voidsuit: Over the past month Ashkii has been building this voidsuit out of literally any parts he could get his hands on. I personally imagine it to be a mixture of components he bought himself, either through cargo and flea markets on any inhabited planets such as Crevus and mothballed plates of old hardsuits that have fallen out of usage (The older Advanced Hardsuit in particular) alongside spare parts he brought himself from the Su-Yeongseon, the cooling system is very similar to the venter assembly in the offworlder's loadout options. Occasionally in the relay and in conversation on ship I'd have him mention the project, ask for some help with it or just complain about how stubborn the components were being.

SLS Cloak: It's mentioned on the wiki that offworlders essentially cannibalise any derelict ships they come across for their own use. The cloak, didn't even originally start off as a cloak, instead it was more than likely a form of tarp for keeping sensitive cargo covered that Ashkii took alongside a number of spare parts from an old cargo hauler. One of the first times he disembarked from the ship and realised the world around him was actually much larger than what he'd grown up in, he'd never admit it, but it does have significant sentimental value to him, and holds a similar personal function to the scarves scarabs are gifted with.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?:

Both pieces, highlight the scarab's need for self-reliance and their ability to scavenge, alongside making Ashkii very visually distinct in quite a unique way. Their ramshackle, slightly jarring appearance made out of the "Natural" repurposed debris materials one would find in space feels like quite a nice contrast to the ultra sleek appearance of the ESS RIGSuit and the Horizon in general. Both of them highlight elements of Ashkii's personality, namely the eccentric collector and inventor traits I've tried to highlight at times. To Ashkii, these pieces would be a way of proving his engineering skills to the department on the Horizon, most of the workers there have been on the ship for longer than he has, and know all the mechanics and the layout inside out. No longer having the "Home Field Advantage" would slightly bruise his ego, resulting in not only the modkit being brought back, but also the reappearance of the cloak. Ashkii didn't know his parents, and as such the Pioneer Scarf he was gifted has very little emotive connections to him, while he brushes off thinking about it mostly, the cloak is something that has much stronger ties to his heritage, which he does have an awful lot of pride over. To him, it's little different than a Dominian noble wearing a cape, or a security officer placing a flag behind their locker. And hopefully, they garner interest for an offworlder character just by appearance alone, the same way for Vaurca/Skrell or Unathi characters.


Additional Comments:
Currently taking all the shots I poured out for saying "Why doesn't that look right" while I was spriting this thing. 


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I've known Opossum for a bit of time at this stage and I had the pleasure of watching the Squall suit grow from its one tone shape to the beautiful final sprite it is now and I must say that with Opossum's character, the suit's a near perfect fit for them! 

+1 From me, good luck!

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