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  1. If the Aurora was decommissioned I could buy that, otherwise I think It'd make more sense to stay if the station will be active still in lore
  2. The bigger question to me is why a memorial for people who worked at the station would be moved to a place they've never been to or worked at.
  3. Few odd things to me to me, chief of which is the existence of "Top Of The World". It just seems very weird to have this Elyiusm-like thing and I view it as the weakest part of the update by far. It honestly just took me out of reading that page because of how out of place it seemed compared to everything else. The recent changes made it a bit better but yeah, it is still rather strange to me. Other than that, the way the Economic Freedom Nationals leader is written concerns me too because the page says "Elena de Villiers often stirs up crowds at protests against the megacorporations in a gold mining hard suit. Her allegedly anti-corporate anarchist activities are a matter of rumour." The message I'm getting here is that they are a stereotypical "lower class" charismatic miner that is against the corps and gets involved in anti corporate activity personally. I get it just says allegedly but given the disparity compared to Dorn and Geza-Yaquut in how serious they seem to be, seems that really might be the case? I hope not. I don't have any real strong thoughts on the rest of the update.
  4. I might take a crack at changing the sprite with either this or something else, soon.
  5. ICly you're solid of course. Not much to say on that front so I'll be sticking to what I think matters on the OOC front, but there is some interconnectedness with it. Being a moderator means having a lot more areas you might be paying attention to. More areas that can cause a temper to flare, which like you said, you have a bit of. On top of IC interactions you could potentially be dealing with dead chat and its peanut gallery, LOOC and its peanut gallery, tickets, AOOC, discord, the forum and more. It stacks up. If that festers, nobody is in for a good time. This area is my main concern for this application because I believe things can really get to you personally in a way that shows on places like the relay OOC. So, it is hard for me to think it’d be right for you. We are totally allowed to be frustrated and stuff as staff. Happens to me and I like to be public about stuff. Nonetheless, that’s the main sticking point I can think of here.
  6. Not like we ever talked much, but you seemed cool to me. Hope stuff continues going well for you.
  7. Yes. That said, if you think it is going to take more than twenty or so minutes and you're in a role with limited job slots you should try to cryo yourself unless whatever needs your attention requires you to leave on the spot.
  8. Four months is not that long. I factored in more than just the bans and this seems to be a pretty consistent issue. I also gave you quite a while to come back and cryo if needed before deciding on whether to take action. I do also get that stuff happens and sometimes you just can't come back. In these cases the least you can do is at least send in a ticket or DM somebody after the fact so we know and possibly cryo you if that's not possible for you to do yourself. Little to go off of otherwise, other than your prior history. So. If you'd like this ban lifted early I need an assurance you're going to be better about communicating your absences to us.
  9. Good riddance. Now I assume direct control.
  10. Was kind of a shock at first but honestly, Zavod engineering makes a lot more sense than its security and now vestigal medical sector. They already have a strong background for it, just needs more of a spotlight on it now which I trust lore will give us Heph exclusive cargo though. I'm not a fan of Heph's aesthetic and background in general. It'll be a wait and see probably but hard to think of the IC reasons for certain char concepts to even join up with them. One other Megacorp so they're not the only option would be nice to me. Maybe Idris which I think could be flavoured to have that unseen side of warehouse workers moving products and such. They'd have a different corporate culture from Heph as well.
  11. It'd be nice, think my only concern is if it became spammy and started covering other stuff due to that. They can happen vey rapidly after all.
  12. All of these notes are irrelevant and the context has already been provided. The whole start of the engagement was already handled in a different ticket that was resolved. I stated that in the main post itself, so I'm not sure why you typed out this response if you did read the posts on this thread or watched the video. With all that said, I don't appreciate any of your assumptions either. To further clarify what has already been said. I made this complaint due to the targeted execution which occurred. It happened after the end of the video was posted, if that confused you.
  13. I don't really blame you guys for ending up trying to get the drop on us due to command, but yes it was surprising. I thought the gimmick was great, and I expected things would continue going down the roleplay route. It was lame to not have any dialogue exchanged. The main issue here to me is the execution. I really find it hard to believe that in the end. You "backing off" was backtracking while still shooting the rifle. I'm calling you a liar, because you outright said I fell down, stood back up and opened fire on you. Then you specifically ran up, dragged me back and ensured I'd die after that was done and over. The video shows I never collapsed when you said I did. I never "continued to get up and start shooting anyway". This is why I'm particularly irritated you would try to paint it as something like that. Even if someone is certain to be dead, that doesn't really justify an execution. I kind of expected more, there. Trying to guarantee something like that is very poor, and this isn't even the fist time I've seen it happen. The aim intent thing just surprised me like I said before, because I didn't really notice it. I was focused on the mercs piling in and took a step back. And we can see you continued shooting. The logs already show you focusing on me for those moments instead of the rest of security. So the first part of this statement didn't happen, you just finished me off. I do find it hard to believe you'd think anyone is really getting back up from getting unloaded on from a full merc team like that. Security finishing off disabled people on the ground has never really been an okay thing unless the circumstances are extraordinary. I am fine with this. People treated the death pretty cool. Not happy with the execution though. You can still see me getting shot in that so I'm not really sure what to say here. In fact, we can see you moving down and popping more shots off with your rifle purposefully. A lot of the fire was diverted, but I was still getting hit. Late edit due to this quote being changed after my response was posted?: At least two confirmed hits could be seen by the blood effect on my character after the drop, not even checking the log. Shot from you, one from another. Calling it a poor angle is rather generous there, as it seems pretty clearcut it was just an intentional attack. I'm aware of how the angles work. From that position it would have struck a window or the vending machine if he was aiming at the other officer. I acknowledged I did drop my gun after posting that video, which is seen in the main body of my post. I was in fact shot until I went down, then almost immediately executed, which we can see is about to happen by the end of the video. To me, it seems you just doubled down instead of acknowledging your mistakes. I would have been happy with an apology or something instead of needing to push it to a complaint.
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