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  1. Was excited for this PR to be merged and now that it is, properly. Wanted to give a bit of feedback, mainly just from a few things I have noted. So, caps looks nice overall. I'm noticing though that now they all cover the eyes of a character when facing downwards. Thought maybe its intentional, but personally I preferred when they were slightly raised so you could see the eyes. Another thing is that these two caps these two generic officers here are wearing are the EPMC gray cap and the corporate security cap. The corporate security cap got changed to be gray now, which no longer really goes with the corporate security uniform. These are both the corp sec cap here. Old and new. I wish I had more pictures of the older one to do a better side by side comparison but I don't, sadly. Just wanted to show how this actually revealed the eyes, the colour difference and how it had a bit of a wider profile compared to the newer variant. Really, I think in the end the biggest improvement would be just raising the cap up slightly. Could be a good stylistic choice on some but it also looks odd on certain xenos having it so far down.
  2. I think the agony was a good addition with toxins being removed, nice PR.
  3. With brainmed, energy crossbows are extremely lethal, with only a few shots capable of inducing organ failure onto any target due to how it deals straight up toxin damage. This cascades very easily. To compound this, the weapon recharges naturally and has a miniature variant that is much the same. It's probably fine that the weapon can induce lethal organ failure after a point, its purpose in the description is to be a stealthy weapon capable of stunning a target while also poisoning them. Thinking the current lethality isn't tuned with Brainmed in mind though, as it would not be so deadly in pointmed. Using it feels like an exploit. I haven't actually seen the weapons abused heavily due to their rarity and traitors generally not opting for them, though. When it is used though the traitor and the victim tend to both be surprised at how quickly it can dispatch someone with little effort. I can't say I'd know what a good tweak might be, but lowering how much toxins it inflicts is probably good enough. Think the full size crossbow deals twenty with a single shot, and this goes straight to the organs.
  4. Osteen was more busy chatting up the golem and following it while safe in a radsuit as it irradiated everyone else from what I saw. Tried to call him for the ling's morph but he remained inattentive the entire time until we got it into a locker, then he became involved with the thing. Engineering and medical were begging for us to deal with the golem itself, manifest was small enough that it really was not just a few. It made a lot of holes and was causing further damage with a hand teleporter. The key thing here is that a uranium golem kills you by existing nearby. All we got from Osteen for the longest time was 'It's interesting" and then the weapons grade uranium comments. Eventually once the blob became an issue, he did open up the armoury and we used the laser rifles to destroy the golem as it tried to enter the evacuation shuttle. That's the extent of my experience as an officer.
  5. Usually go with a blue tie and armband on the corporate uniform, though recently I've been using a navy dress shirt as well.
  6. As a note. Cycling a suit does not give it the resistances of the variant you are refitting it to, which is part of the reason It's not so freely given.
  7. I can vouch for Haydizzle's roleplaying ability, I have interacted with a few of their Unathi characters and they're overall well thought out, gives interesting looks into the lore. Part of why I applied for the Unathi WL. I am not very good at asking questions, so that is all I have to say for now.
  8. Sounds like quite the fine change to me. Will post again should anything else come to mind. Have been taking a break from medical but I will try a few rounds whenever this is merged to provide better feedback.
  9. Reducing the transfer rate is probably a fine idea, at least for the combat/advanced suit injectors as those carry the more specialist chemicals. My other thought earlier was that if you were to transfer the reagents in a bottle to a hypospray it would typically be done in an increment of 10 unless manually set to five. If people begin overdosing a ton when this is tested/merged I would wonder if bottles specifically from the chemistry machines could have their default transfer rates reduced
  10. I like the idea here. Will note a concern though. Synaptizine overdosing at five units gives me a thought that we're going to see a lot of unintentional seizures. The default transfer rate for everything is always ten to my knowledge? It is something easily learned with time though I can see it tripping up new players as they come and go. Little else to add for now on my part but I may post again eventually. Got a headache.
  11. There were complaints about brainmed making people too survivable before, right? Changed to this. I don't disagree that this "meta" is annoying, though to an extent I don't really think antags or sec in general are really angling to try and specifically kill people through it. At the moment, a lethal laser volley is always going to put you under or near the brain damage threshold (Lower than 85% blood oxy) by evaporating the blood inside you. Or if ballistics/sharp things are used, arterial bleeding is common, punishing and an almost near instant round ender without any open wounds if you don't have a medical team at your back. Your brain ticks down, at 49% you tend to become unconscious and then its over from there. It's unavoidable and weapons are just that powerful. I am not sure how a change could be made to reduce its impact. Perhaps lowering the brain damage threshold slightly when it comes to blood oxygenation. Maybe arterial bleeding could be made a bit weaker (though apparently it was inconsequential before and buffed). Don't personally think survivable people makes for bad gameplay but many do get annoyed at how often a person could survive under brainmed under very dangerous conditions. Do want to say that overall brainmed is a fun addition to me and I am not a fan of pointmed.
  12. I have kept forgetting to post on this, so sorry about that. Haydizzle plays cool, interesting characters that I have just been able to good RP with right off the bat without really realizing it was them or having much in the way of connection. Would speak more on that front, but I will say more about their command play and character. Their HoP is Dominian but does not really make any of the common mistakes or issues some Dominians tend to do. They are professional and approachable, easy enough to talk to whether there is some matter to discuss, an issue to resolve or some small chat to do. A HoP is really one of the more crew facing members of command, given that they are in charge of service and cargo, along with being the paper pusher everyone goes to in the end. That said, it can be boring but Haydizzle seems to be doing just fine making scenarios and roleplaying with people. Easily one of my favourites. I still do not really interact with them much but their contributions to a round are still felt the same.
  13. Reporting Personnel: Eris Heydar’Fayez (Vahziran) Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Paramedic Game ID: b8t-aBJz Personnel Involved: - Eris Heydar’Fayez, Paramedic (Witness/Victim) - Neith Mekesatis, Chemist (Witness) - Jaquelyn Roberts, Surgeon (Witness) - Iskander Fields, Surgeon (Offender) Secondary Witnesses: - Jack Walker, Chief Medical Officer: Was on a prior shift and reprimanded Doctor Fields for harassing Eris over having equipment easily accessible. - Stahlrahzag Alkruathcuiakran, Physician: Was on this shift. They were not too involved with Fields but they can corroborate about the Doctor disparaging others and the open xenophobia they displayed. Time of Incident: Believe around 1:20 for shift time. Real Time: Was around 11:30 MST, I believe. Location of Incident: The Medical Department Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [X] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: There was an incident with a loose Sham’tyr, likely missed when security cleaned out the stray ones in maintenance days ago after a drop pod impacted medical. Eris, Chemist Mekesatis and Doctor Alkruathcuiakran were investigating an odd occurrence in maintenance due to an incident that occurred in which the CMO office was broken into and Bones was killed. A morgue tray in the maintenance area adjacent to our custodial closet opened up, and a Sham'tyr popped out of it. It immediately attacked us. She tried putting herself between the chemist and the creature. It broke her hand, then it chased Mekesatis, attacking him all the way. She called for security and they moved in to subdue the creature. During that, she went to ensure Mekesatis was alright and received treatment for her wounds. Afterwards, Doctor Roberts took her in for an operation. At the end of it, she went outside the OR’s, exhausted. Doctor Fields noticed her then and began berating and insulting her about her culture, about not "keeping things clean”, blaming her for the attack, for the rounds security spent on the creature, for bleeding on the floor and for prioritizing her own wellbeing over cleaning. Her fracture was a “minor injury” to them, not worthy of complaining about. Eris could not even use her left hand. None of this vitrol was directed to Mekesatis, they simply made their xenophobic tendencies known, in person and on the radio communications to her and apparently other Tajaran staff as well. She has been taking this ill treatment since their first shift together, there was not a CMO to reprimand them this time sadly. Any of her colleagues could confirm she keeps the medical environment sterile when possible, It's why she carries cleaner after all. As for Doctor Fields, they were even moving to "clean" an active scene security was inspecting. Submitted Evidence: The medical radio log can provide some context. Her records will also have the operation to fix her hand noted, which Doctor Roberts can confirm. There is little other than that. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: Yep, she did. Dalask Caladius, Head of Personnel. They advised her to file a complaint, so she did. Actions taken: There was little to do as the HoP could only really mediate. She did not want to file the IR, but she feels the need to defend herself here. Additional Notes: There was no antag action on the round this IR focuses on. Walker’s testimony would be from a round with multiple incidents that were antag related, but the Surgeon joined after everything wrapped up and it was mainly focused on some equipment set out at the reception. The character recently had a legal change of name processed and goes by Eris Vahziran rather than Heydar'Fayez now.
  14. I am quite bad at collecting my thoughts into many paragraphs so I will instead latch onto what Haydizzle said. I like the idea behind the change and I would definitely be interested in seeing the change in-game, retooling a character is not really the biggest issue to me. It has been a bit annoying to experience how closely IRL expectations are placed on medical so divorcing that is very welcome. I do understand the need to keep things recognizable, though it starts to becoming limiting and obstructive when leaned on heavily. Will likely not add much else beyond this but I figured it would be well to show some support.
  15. Will miss being allowed to cut upon hardsuits as a paramedic (did ahelp for that too) but its otherwise pretty 👌.
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