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  1. I think a cap isn't really needed, personally. That said, I think seven or so would be a sweet spot if it's mandated. My thought is that most roles have a storage accessory they would like to take (so, webbings, holsters) and then if you just took a pants type item you'll also be taking a shirt type accessory, two gone right there, leaving three for general customization. On those who make full use of the loadout, I generally see the amount at five or over.
  2. Only thing that sounds a bit questionable to me is capping accessories per slot. A lot of stuff, like badges for example count as ties apparently due to how it works mechanically. Other than that, glad a change is finally in the works.
  3. Command whitelistees don't really get the opportunity to go traitor for good reason on the majority of their roles, consular and liaison being the exception. It's not really a similar situation. Back when roles like RD did have the chance, well. We've seen what happened and why that was removed. It was very bad for a round and that was nobody's fault in particular. It's just a consequence of giving a very advantaged role further power and the authorization to use it. I don't believe anyone is particularly worried about AI players abusing traitor status anyway. Being a traitor is hard and
  4. From my observations, there's been essentially zero changes to roleplay quality at the moment other than better consistency, though the lawset remains awkward and reads more like a verbose variant of the standard ASIMOV laws. Throwing antags a bone is good, though it's just frankly a bit silly that the SCC is going to handicap their tools like that, focusing on the third law specifically in particular. I feel it's ultimately detrimental and that AI players should just be told to give antags a chance on an OOC level. The main things the whitelist has brought about from my perspective is t
  5. Forgot about this. Not going to really talk about MccRibs character, because there's been enough stated about it. My thoughts are positive on that front is all. Something I've really disliked about Skrell is that they have no real "presence" in the Spur, they just exist for the most part. I'm really glad you've been thinking of how to change that and make them more present and interconnected as its one of the bigger if not biggest issue with the species at the moment. They've known humanity for far longer than the rest and are a power on the level of the Solarian Alliance as well as an al
  6. I like the remap, gives a bit more flavour and use for an otherwise empty sublevel. As for the changes to the roles, no real strong opinion. I don't really do investigations much.
  7. It would make an added step basically. Since it's a big escalation to start ordering things like bullpups, LWAPs. Having it be easily printable from a lathe is what encourages the beeline for slugs. Less a full removal, more a change and more options being added is what would be nice to me.
  8. Maybe slugs could be exclusively orderable from the cargo console instead too? It's a really powerful ammunition type on level with weapons like the LWAP.
  9. Believe the HoS voidsuit just has identical resistances to the standard security voidsuit, which isn't very protective except against melee damage.
  10. The hardhat aesthetic on the CE rig is very cool and I'd be pretty sad if it was removed. Rest of the sprites look well enough to me and I'll hope to see the changes in game soon.
  11. I like that the design for that .45 Kyres showed a while ago has pretty much modified and used for the carbine. Makes it seem more like the one handed weapon it is in-game anyway.
  12. It does not really matter if it didn't, it potentially implies unfortunate things and that's my issue. It's been cleared up elsewhere but to expand on this, what am I supposed to think when I see "There are no personal grudges here" and then that? Presentation matters and It's not something I'm ignoring if we're maintaining this "friendly communication." I won't claim to be perfect myself though and not everyone is going to like each other. That's how it goes. As I said, I think integration is a good change.
  13. Would be nice if the relay was "officially" managed by the Aurora staff team rather than by community members I agree. There is only so much we can do in the end and we can only stand to gain from closer integration at this point assuming staff care to maintain it. Additionally, given the image Incog posted and other factors, I do hope this thread was not borne out of a grudge like the OP says because it gives a really unfortunate feeling to the thread. I don't like involving myself with these potentially bad faith arguments.
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