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  1. Schwan's third point is also the only real thing I'm concerned about. Travis is usually an okay officer from what I've seen, though It's hard to entirely buy that IC stays IC and that things are still a meme when I see you complaining about being targeted by a clique after triggering a departmental dispute, or deriding others for asking to use a taser first rather than rubbers. Species man bad and variations of sec man bad are what I commonly see in OOC, commonly after interacting with those players in a round too. Feels more like an indicator by the day. On the IC side of things, nothing better than a trial to see how things pan out. Most of what I see is when I'm ghost maining, don't have a full picture but I think the character could make for an alright HoS. Perhaps try working the transfer in a bit earlier and going for interim if you don't trial soon.
  2. Vii has a favorable opinion on the Hegemony, thinking they were probably the best bet at the time. This has also been shaped by jiving well with Hegemony Unathi in general, they enjoyed their time with them as things shaped up and the Mi'kuetz found their niche. That said, Hive still comes first and in the end if the K'lax regained their former glory they would not really have any regrets about crossing the Hegemony and striking it out. There's some resentment on the Zo'ra's position. The K'lax could be so much more in Tau Ceti, alone. That said, they still border more on the neutral and would not make much of a fuss in dealings with them. For the C'thur, there's great suspicion and almost outright hostility. They did kinda seemingly hijack one of the hiveships after all. They spell trouble, and their partnership with the Skrell, which is an entity with a bit more clout comparatively compared to others on the galactic scene, is concerning.
  3. For the former, they see it as a sort of needed evil to prove the worth of the K'lax to the galaxy at large, though there are those concerns they might learn and thus have the Hive not be needed anymore. For now, best to play the long game though. For the latter, they mostly see the Aut'akh as just another obstacle they had to dismantle during their life on Moghes, thus are neutral to an extent. There's a not insignificant feeling that the Aut'akh are overall inferiors, chasing a path the Vaurcae already mastered, what with the augmentations and overall doctrine. Aut'akh are trusted less by default and any that don't already dislike Vii by default will not find too warm a reception.
  4. BYOND Key: WickedCybs Character Names: Only including the ones I’ve actually played for more than a few rounds lately. Val Xiram, Irina Vetrova, Eris Heydar’Fayez. Almasa Za’ra, Vael Zuuxix, Lupin Artemo. Species you are applying to play: Vaurcae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Likely a light green Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: Vaurca are very interesting to me when it comes to their lore and how they interact with others in the setting. Diona are the most alien species I’ve played throughout my time on various SS13 servers, and that alien aspect is why I’m applying, really. It’s quite different than my usual. I enjoy what I’ve read about Vaurca so far, and my interactions with the players of this species has been on the good side, mostly. The game is at its best for me when I try new things. Additionally, a few here have been pressing me to give it a shot, thinking I'll enjoy it. No harm in indulging. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Augmented space bugs. You eat a balanced diet of fruits, grains, whatever? In thiz hive we eat k’oiz. K’oiz byproductzz. More k’oiz. Anything else won’t do. Vaurcae are separated into castes, with each one being markedly different, and defining who the Vaurca is and what the Vaurca will be doing. You also have the important distinction of Bound and Unbound. Bound exist to serve and provide a focused role.. They cannot do much else, they literally do not have the mind for it and are probably what some humans wish they could get out of IPCs when it comes to being a hard working, non-questioning workforce. The Unbound provide the versatile thinking force that is often needed to serve a role and also better direct bound. Could go into more, though I will shift focus to what it would be like to play the species in game. On the station you can expect to withstand pressure differences that would destroy others, thanks to your exoskeleton, which is also a good insulator. Also get to have a bit more traction, stopping slips. On the other side of the coin you can also expect to get fried very quick by anything capable of burning you, leak like a faucet from anything penetrating your shell thanks to your open circulatory system, need K’ois to heal up, need phoron to breathe, get blinded forever by that cadet who flashed you a few times. The avowal system is also good to note. Going above a civilian level job means getting signed, written permission from your command staff. If you don’t have it? You stay in the apprentice level roles or the service/supply jobs. Character Name: Za’Akaix’Vii K’lax Please provide a short backstory for this character: Vii was born an Unbound Warrior of the K’lax, and was Queenless. Early life was not notable, they knew only their mother Ta and their hive-cell. Vii eked out an existence, doing what they could, making the most of their lot in life and utilizing VR to its fullest. Eventually, a use would finally be found for the restless Queenless. Relations with the Unathi looked up. More and more K’lax would work on Moghes. Eventually, it was time for Vii’s hive-cell to join their number and make the most of of the hive’s vassalage. New place, new things to do. Vii was put to work quick, doing what was natural. Acting the guard to their charges and directing Bound Warriors as needed. Certainly more stimulating work. Eventually, they would be doing much more. Someone got the bright idea of actively going into the wasteland, and this would open up a whole new avenue of work. Vii was among those who set out, and so began their life as one of the Mi’kuetz. Salvaging for materials and relics where Sinta could not tread. Competing where Sinta could tread. Nomadic yet fulfilling work, and it made for a confident and hardy Za prepared to do what needed to be done for the K’lax, the Hegemony and their comrades. Eventually there was a chance for some of the group’s members to pursue work outside of Moghes. Mi’kuetz make the most of their nomadic lifestyle, but resources are always in demand. Some workers and warriors were ordered to leave and set out, in an arrangement with NanoTrasen that would have credits and other resources flowing back to the nomadic bands traveling the wastes. Vii was chosen to be among those sent out. They would head to Tau Ceti and be employed among NT’s supply department aboard the Aurora. Working a hazardous environment was what they did, and while mining the asteroid was not going to be the same, it still had its dangers. What do you like about this character? I am hoping they’ll fill my need for a dedicated cargo character I’m happy with. I came close with Almasa, though I felt little motivation to continue with them much in the department. Other than that, I like the idea of a job-focused Warrior that is not so dour. It is good to have connections to those you work with, and being Mi’kuetz furthers that with their general good nature. The dynamic they can have with Unathi is also something I like, and they’d certainly have interesting things to say, especially when dealing with Aut’akh as well. How would you rate your role-playing ability: Just okay, could be better. Notes: I do realize the background is a bit sparse on the character itself, though I am sort of envisoning them as a job focused type who would develop more of a personality outside of Moghes. Their work while with the Mi’kuetz on Moghes would have been things along the line of guard duty, assisting in salvaging, being the muscle when it was needed. Expanding on a few things I did not really fit into the character background. Vii is a follower of the Preimminence. Mainly brought upon by their experiences, everyone having a job in the Mi’kuetz, aligning themselves to their proper roles. Other than that, they are neutral on the Zo’ra and suspicious of the C’thur due to the circumstances of their arrival in the Orion Spur. Geeves has me hostage pl-
  5. I like it. I've always preferred welding masks myself personally, over the goggles. Did not realize certain xenos would have their sprites poke out of the mask until recently when I began applying for whitelists other than Skrell. This would be very fitting, and I like how it shows a bit of Riu's style. General xeno masks would also be very cool. +1
  6. From my experiences, on an OOC level their conduct is stellar and It's hard to imagine they would ever treat anyone negatively out of turn on the server. They're cordial and pleasant to interact with. On an IC level. They play a wide range of characters that are very distinctive and showcase a good understanding of the game and lore. I've interacted with a lot of them at this point I think, and I'd sometimes find that certain characters I enjoyed talking to turned out to be Zer0 all along every now and then. They're fun. Doubt they would cause issues on this front. +1.
  7. Being able to send an SOS would be a nice mechanic I think. Would encourage responses that would not just leave things at the whim of an RD. One negative I can think of is that I could see it being repetitive, though that also depends on how well things go I suppose.
  8. I very much would like option three. Reducing point costs for clothing is also a fine idea to increase expression.
  9. I'm a big fan of them and their characters. Mainly only really interacted with Summer in game, though I've kept an eye on their Skrell when I ghost or wander. They play their roles well, they always try to roleplay and they're a pleasant person to speak with whenever the chance to comes up. I'm rooting for you. +1
  10. I like the idea, though something to consider for the case of the Odin being destroyed is that in the end the crew is going to be transferring/evacuating there barring escape pod use or Arrivals getting totalled, and sometimes even then. Something like the arrivals shuttle just not arriving on Red is a good starter at least.
  11. Reasonable enough to me, I'm fine with the complaint being resolved.
  12. I get that, but I strongly feel a warning would have sufficed and been fair seeing as I am not one with a history of abusing bugs. it did not feel egregious enough to mandate the strike either to me, considering I was not really using this to gain an advantage or ruin the experiences of other players. Maybe that just doesn't matter, but I'd think it would count for something, especially when the outcome becomes more than just a ban for a small amount of time. It could be handled better. So I made the complaint. I thought so.
  13. BYOND Key: WickedCybs Staff BYOND Key: pratepresidenten Game ID: believe it was b6t-bKqb Reason for complaint: So, I did that thing where you can grab a mob out of the holodeck and have it remain in existence for a bit, during an extended round. The round had another continue, people were sort of messing around at that point and I just thought to do it since up until now, it just seemed like a harmless cool trick I’ve seen others do with staff watching and not really caring. Obviously, that’s no excuse to break the rules even if its something often overlooked but the conclusion to all this didn’t leave me with a good feeling. Prate asked in LOOC who took the penguin out, I said it was me, then I was informed in LOOC that I was getting banned for it. Afterwards, Prate posted a warning not to abuse the bug on the discord shortly after I was banned. There was no real warning for me, didn’t receive a ticket. It was just a straight ban. Would’ve been happy to go the 24 hours, though I’ve been told a ban of any kind is an automatic head whitelist strip. So seeing as there was no warning, it felt kind of far and I would like to keep my whitelist, I was suggested to make a complaint. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: At the very least I would have appreciated a PM because I almost missed the ban notification.
  14. It seems like rapid code switching is going to be more popular now to hamper cordination for security. At least, during a recent round I played, for a time we were spammed by having the code raised and lowered by antags so they'd lose access to the sec comms, and there's little counterplay to that. Edit: Apparently the code switching didn't matter at all, my bad. Perhaps others thought it did at first too.
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