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  1. Been thinking and kicking the idea around for a while really. It was honestly just recently mercs got a better stocked medical bay with essential chemicals and such, they used to only really get get medical kits and nothing else. What antags really need is a way to treat their ailments without having to go to the station's medical. A trek back to their ships doesn't tend to end well if they are off-station, tends to need a unified force to survive such a journey. Easy to think of what could be there too. Arterial fixers, bone fixers. Stuff like that. Maybe some disposable portable auto-do
  2. Can count on my hands the amount of times a lack of comms proved engaging, so I do agree with this. Telecomms sabotage just ends up being annoying and accomplishes little other than the station and its antags becoming far more willing to just straight up bulldoze through each other to get it over with faster. The things with protection? Tend to have less of an effect on the round. In the vast majority of cases if a supermatter crystal explodes in the engine room, engineering is a million miles away from anything important and the biggest consequence on everyone else is hallucinations for
  3. It's a good suggestion. Always thought medical should always have its own oxygen supply easily available for patients
  4. Storytellers and such are a concept I've always loved, one of the main things I've enjoyed on a server like Eris. Will be interested in seeing how this works out.
  5. Not really, there was banter at the freelancer base on whether or not to consider offers from the mercenaries at all, and the lead figured he would "recognize" them to add in a rub, like a rivalry. None of us set out at the start to join either side right away, logs would be able to see the conversations. Don't need to pretend they were known corporate mercenaries like EPMCs, freelancers work for themselves. Slipping away into the Coalition, Wildlands or wherever else would have been very possible. To say it isn't is in the same league as when crew yell at any antag that survives witho
  6. I was part of the ERT, but not the lead. I'd say you should have really spoken up if you saw that as an issue, whether ICly or in the AOOC (we can see that, but can't comment). I myself was pushing the team to consider station offers more. None of you except Voidwalker really talked to us though. For those points, less money wasn't really a factor, your lead said themselves it was 50k on top of what was in command which would have been a far higher payout than what the station could give either way. There's no reason to comment on the fact that five briefcases of credits came into thin air, mo
  7. So, we've all done it, probably. Got a patient who tangoed with slimes, significant genetic damage. Into the cell they go! Now you wait for a few minutes, take them out, scan, put them back in because of course they still have genetic damage left. It'd be easier if the cell itself just told you what the genetic damage level was at right? It'd be a nice QOL change to stop the back and forth and also help the patient on the other end not get their hopes dashed when they need to be put in the tube again. Maybe if we wanted to go the extra mile it could give a more detailed health readout, th
  8. Mainly curious on what peoples thoughts on this would be. I might have screwed something up but it seems like you can't cut nitrile/latex to fit xeno hands anymore and so now there is a bit of an issue when playing something like CSI as an Unathi or Tajara as unless you beg medical for spares (if those aren't gone) you're out of luck, the box in the autopsy lab is useless to you. I know you can wash your hands every step and such, but really. I think PPE like the gloves should either be universal for general ease or perhaps, xeno variants could be added to more locations, like the CSI loc
  9. Used to do a lot of Medic + Doctor on CM and it was really useful there, little to say other than it should help organization here nicely if people got in the habit of using it. Time is always important so even reducing that time when a surgeon has to pick out which Zavod goon is the most critical out of them all would reduce annoyances quite a bit.
  10. I would say that with the nerfs, the fire rate is probably fine with being increased since it is no longer essentially a better carbine that can be holstered. The main point of contention is probably going to be the lack of firing through windows. Unsure what my thoughts on this are at the moment but I'm leaning with it likely being a good mechanic to return considering the disruptors do less damage now.
  11. Would be a very good addition for the sake of stopping the comas blood loss tends to inflict on antags.
  12. No need to apologize really, I don't expect people to be active always. Appreciated.
  13. CMO as a role makes it really hard to notice good aspects of command play, they tend to be more occupied with their department than the station at large, however Faye seems to run their department rather well in normal operations. Haven't really been watching them during rounds with a major crisis much (but rounds these days are rarely actiony tbh) beyond an incident where there was only them and a pharmacist during a situation with a lot of wounded people. They seemed to properly delegate, even recruited and led willing crew that wished to help medical due to their lack of numbers. The round
  14. They are capable enough at being in command I would say. Since a bit past the Sol Invasion arc, one of my CE characters has been giving them some IC pointers on being a member of Command, and I have spoken a bit with the player OOCly about things the Command whitelist entails. There is an obvious interest in the role, they're willing to learn and they do their due diligence, getting a trial will be nice so they don't have go through the constant processes of interim elevation. So, on an OOC front, would say they are polite enough. Haven't had issues with them, mainly talk regarding engine
  15. Regarding the above, now that glass containers (what was usually sent through those) shatter rather easy there's kind of no point for those chutes except in niche circumstances. Other than that, one of the chutes leads to the old quarantine in the sublevel, which is never used of course. So at the very least, that chute could be removed without issue.
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