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Game of thrones RP

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Well, it can be done in a number of ways. We don't even need to play in Westeros, we could go to the free cities or, it can be a small confined adventure. Maybe we could be rangers of the night watch! With missions assigned by our lord commander and we go and do stuff that the Nights Watch does. Or, maybe we could be builders/commanders on the wall, responsible for managing the place. There are many possibilities but, I believe handling the great houses would be more difficult.

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And more fun. Anyway. Here's my current idea. Robert Baratheon has just named Eddard Stark as his hand with the recent death of Jon Arryn and is having a tourney in the capital.

Who you want to be and where is up to you? Want to be Jaimie lannister? Go ahead. Want to be a hedge knight. Go ahead. Want to be a new house that you've created. Go ahead. :) and we'll continue, and we'll be forced to act upon events that happened in the books and TV series as they happen our game :)

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Ive never personally watched GoT because I can't, but Ive heard things, is "kill, kill, marry, sex, dragons, incest, marry, kill at the marriage, and kill some more" a good formula for GoT stuff?


Well that's just the icing on the cake. Honestly just watch it and you'll find out how good it is.

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