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[Expired] LCASS123 ban appeal

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Byond Key: Lcass123

Total Ban Length: Perma

Staff Key: ffrances

Reason of Ban: Attempted to create a bomb out of a fueltank in primary storage as a bald assistant, as his first act on the server. Let off on a last chance, then proceeded to suiciding, and ganking as an antag in the following two days, before going on an explosive rant in adminhelps over another character's IC actions.

Reason for Appeal:

firstly , I dont see how trying to explain why this guy was being a dick is applicable to a ban appeal . I do not agree that just because you roleplay a dickhead doesnt mean you can fucking waste another players round, especially as warden.

I attempted to create a bomb when I first joined the server yes , I was going to use it as a security threat I then got warned that something like this again would be a perma ban , Fine making a welder tank bomb or killing people for no reason not difficult to follow . Then one day I suicided after forgetting the rule about it because I had to go on a bikeride and wanted to create a small ic rp thing even though I was inactive , this is on no way comparable to building a welder tank bomb. Ganking , I can understand this now however for a new playing joining a heavy rp server things are difficult to pickup , you cant just say play the game as an assistant for a week then you will be perfectly fine being a syndicate , you have to experience all the roles which is what I did , I killed two people with relatively little roleplay , I understood the issue and roleplayed for the rest of the round . Then today a warden decided to not give any information and just roleplay a dick , he pushed me I arrested him he then was uncuffed we both were arrested we got released he assaults me again I deatin him I flash him he then gets up immediately attacks me like someone on liberty station would , strips me , all of this with no IC reasoning apart from the fact he was roleplay a pesimistic dick.

Fine , had I gone and murdered someone with total intent to grief or just to piss people off fine then thats a on par with it , if that was the reason it would be fine. As I did something by mistake and then the second time was just trying to explain something.

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As I was the banning staff member, I'll refrain from saying anything else (other than that I think your actions speak for themselves in why you are banned - attempted bald assistant fueltankbomb, suiciding, ganking, abrasive attitude, all of that on a last chance and in three days - if we unbanned you on another chance we'd just get more of that), but I'd like to provide a few logs taken during the round that show your attitude towards the staff and why it was problematic:


PM: Lcass123->Covert0ddity: this is pissing me off now , I try to play security seriously for once , this cunt FUCKS IT UP . I broke no rules nothing , he neglected his duty


Grendel Elliott (follow) says, "Im sick of trying to roelpay a sec officer and a stupid cunt fucks up my entire round"

Player PM from-Lcass123/(Grendel Elliott)(?): yer im pissed off , my entrie round has bene this shitstaind failing to roleplay as I have explained multiple times and hoepfully you understand HE DID BREAK THE FUCKING LAW. YOU CANNOT ATTACK SOMEONE BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE THEM

Player PM from-Lcass123/(Grendel Elliott)(?): I will want something to happen , he cant attack people for no reason lie as a security officer because of stupid roleplay that ruins the entire role , he cannot then assault someone again continue lying then stun them like a noob on liberty station

Player PM from-Lcass123/(Grendel Elliott)(?): he had ic justification what was that ic justification because being a pissed off fucking russian cunt doesnt mean you can be a stupid dick roleplayer

Player PM from-Lcass123/(Grendel Elliott)(?): I like this server , im new to it and im learning , I dont like dipshits who think they can be dicks just because they want to be.

It is also worth nothing that the player Lcass123 was complaining about had provided adequate IC justification for his actions, and Lcass was told to drop the issue several times.

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I've heard your name come up on multiple counts, LCass, and not in a positive light. Further more, I am 90%, and by this I mean that I am certain that your name came up before the whole welderbomb attempt (and note, contrary to what you told us, that device was not inert), meaning, you had to have spent some time here prior to pulling that stunt.

Secondly, just about the only way I would see your ban reduced is with a supplimentary antag and sec ban in place.

Alright, let's look at it this way. Our issue: your conduct. Consistently aggressive, treading on our rules, and so forth.

Your issue: being banned from our server due to what I noted on the line above this one.

How do we solve this? And no, a simple "I promise to act better" won't punch through, as I've had too many people make me a promise like that and then proceed to take horrible liberties with it. And as much as I enjoy dealing with them, it's a case where pre-emption is better.

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Fine I think if those jobbans went in place I would come on again , I like the server and I like most of the people. I understand the previous issues with ganking etc. Anybody would be frustrated and angry if they had an hour wasted because of an incompetant bafoon deciding to rp a dick as security . If nanotrasen hired a warden they expect them to do their job , stay in the brig and not attack people because they want to.

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Alrighty, the proposition set by FFrances is this: we unban you, but if you foul up again, we won't be inclined at all to accept any further unban appeals. You will be banned from security roles, valid for unban as you feel it necessary.

The things that will get you removed again:

  • Attitude towards players
  • Attitude towards staff
  • Repeating the charges that got you slated with this ban in the first place.


So, how does that sound?

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