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Pleig's Lyukal Medical Rig

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BYOND Key: SimpleMaroon

Discord Username: simplemaroon

Character Name: Za'Akaix'Pleig C'thur

Item Name: Lyukal medical rig

Item Function(s): Serves the same function as the regular medic chest rig overwear, including being able to hold medical paraphernalia such as blood bags.

Item Description: This blue chestpiece, stylized after a traditional paramedic's chest rig, contains the iconography of the Federation Resistance, also known as the Lyukal, with the flag of the Free Traverse on the back. It is most suited to the form of a worker or warrior Vaurca.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Load-bearing equipment is an essential for any worker in emergency services, and Pleig is no exception. Additionally, they prefer a rig that is fitted better to their Vaurcese anatomy.

How did your character obtain this item?: Having studied community healthcare in the Traverse, Pleig kept the repainted and refitted rig that they would receive when travelling from ship to ship in an ambulance shuttle.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Pleig, as a Xi'larx, strongly believes in the ideal of the Free Traverse movement, expressing disappointment with the recent Kala crackdown in their original home, the Q'elpi, as well as the collaboration of "Traverse moderates" with the Federation. Nonetheless, their identity is still rooted in Raqa'Nuul and the Resistance as a whole.

Sprites: pleig rig.dmi

Additional Comments: I believe that it is possible to restrict a custom item by job when it is added in, so I hope the benefits that the medic rig receives are acceptable if Pleig only receives it as a First Responder! The sprites could also be subject to change based on feedback, as I'm not entirely confident in my work.

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