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Discord unban

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BYOND Key: Outboarduniform
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: ReadThisNamePlz
Reason of Ban: Unfunny/poor joke that parodied a white supremacist line.
Reason for Appeal: 

Honestly, I thought it was funny. I guess other people did not think it was funny. 

I said a joke that substituted the 14 points with Gadpathur since I thought it was a funny way to dog on Gadpathurian ideology a little bit. 

Won't do it again, now that I see that it caused a negative reaction that ended in a ban.


I also apologize on the brevity but I was informed of this mid round.




Here is the reference image. There was some context after that but I guess it doesn't really matter. The whole gist of it was some ingame banter between one character and a Gaddie and I was going at the angle of the one character changing their views to become more like a Gadpathurian.




Lastly, though it most likely doesn't mean much, I think that getting a permanent ban for this is very heavy handed. I by no means endorse white supremacism or fascism, and I did not mean to convey any sort of alignment or support of that nonsense by making this joke. The last time I ever received any disciplinary action was in 2019 when I was in high school, and the BOREALIS bot only registers one warning from Skull years ago. Though I am fine with just playing on the server and applying later if it comes to that, I enjoy the interactions on the discord and feel like getting banned on the discord freezes you out of a lot. 


Thank you all for your consideration.

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