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EMP shield equipable item


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as of now, more times than not augmentations are a liability to characters than a benefit especially if you are in the engineering field and can get hit with the stray emp if you walk too close to the singularity engine (somewhat better now that the emp path has been edited). These are (theoretically) expensive pieces of equipment and are hardwired into the body, made to last. Furthermore, game is set in 24XX while today in 2015 we have the technology to shield electronics from emp effects. Surely the issue would have been solved with simple scientific advancement.

HOWEVER I'm not asking for this to just be a free buff, I'm asking for a backpack slot item to act as a rechargeable (dischargeable?) capacitor that will soak one emp blast, be it from singularity or emp grenade or ion rifle.

Why backpack slot? 1) it forces the decision to actually use it. Anything else its a simple rearrangement of priorities, with backpack slot you lose 7 inventory slots (more with boxes) for the shielding.

Why one charge? on SS13, EMP is a total electronic shutdown. I envision the 'lore' of this item to form a thin energy field around the user while not actually touching, providing an 'insulation' so to speak like how a wetsuit uses a layer of liquid to insulate and protect divers from cold waters.

Potential issues - 1) discharge mechanics. My idea is to have it run on batteries with a baseline drain to require recharge or swap out. When hit by emp the battery should fully drain and turn the system off. 2) im not sure if the actual shielding mechanics are possible with the ss13 engine, though i've seen some things I didn't think possible on different servers.

Lastly I'll address why I think this fits thematically. The majority of the items in ss13 are cribbed straight from deus ex, and in HR you have an upgrade to entirely eliminate emp damage. I think it fits, and I believe placing it into the back slot is a big enough drawback to not be an overpowered addition.

I hope I formatted this correctly, I looked at a few other suggestions and think I put all pertinent information in.

-edited to correct subject spelling

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Cool idea and all, but yea:


This is the risk you take when you decide to take prosthetics.


This, you are not forced to use prosthetic limbs in game as an engineer, or any job, with the exception of injuries acquired mid round, but even then you have a choice normally.

So yea, all in all, it would be pretty cool to see but you still choose to use prosthetic limbs so you should accept the risks.

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