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[Accepted] Commendation Report 20/11/2464

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[b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] Aayun Kaiser
[b]Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] Chief Engineer
[b]Game ID:[/b] cqR-a3Hw
[b]Commended Personnel:[/b] (Name, Job Title)
- Reem Faladay, Atmospheric Technician

[b]Witnesses:[/b] (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed)
- Alessia Marino, Captain
Reem Faladay has participated above and beyond her line of work to participate in an engineering experiment that could possibly just save our ship one day. She, and Chief Engineer Kaiser, helped to construct a long section of pneumatic piping that allows for the near-instantaneous delivery of a warhead from ammunition storage straight to the Longbow cannon. Her work drive is excellent, and I am glad that she is part of our engineering team, as it is people like her that drive innovation forward.

[b]Time of Commendable Act:[/b] 
[b]Real Time:[/b] AEST 2am 20/11/2023
[b]Location of Act:[/b] SCCV Horizon

[b]Overview:[/b] Over the course of an eight hour shift myself and Faladay worked together testing the possibility of moving munitions via ducting. This took hours of testing in microgravity and in gravity, in pressured environments and so on. 

Finally we had confirmed that shells CAN be moved through disposals lines if surrounded with roughly 3 inches of packing paper. After a ship modification paper was signed off with Alessia, we began another hour+ of work to set up an over 200 meter long pipe section across the ship. 

It was a complete success, shells with 0% chance of exploding being delivered in 5 or so seconds. Fantastic, wonderful and something that could save the Horizon in a combat scenario for certain. 

As it stands I have named this design the Faladay Munitions Delivery System, or F.M.D.S for short. This device spans the entire length of the vessel and two decks, using pneumatic force to propel ammo to the longbow. As you well know anything that involves multi-deck pipe or disposals editing becomes far far more complicated, and I myself burned through 8 Hahkma Milk cans with all the distance I had to cover. 

Reem Faladay has strived above and beyond, and even saved my life this shift when I fell into the very same F.M.D.S chute, patching my significant bleeding. 

No amount of words could sum up my praise, and I humbly submit this request for consideration. 

[b]Additional Notes:[/b]

Edited by William Murdoch
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TO: Aayun Kaiser, Chief Engineer, SCCV Horizon 

FROM: Human Resources, AMS, NTCC Odin 

SUBJECT: RE: Commendation Report



This commendation report has been accepted with the following actions:
Reem Faladay - Mentioned in Dispatches for exploratory research beyond expected duties in service to the workplace.

All actions will be added to relevant employee's records.

The concerned experimental system and report has been forwarded to relevant R&D departments for further development and testing. Proper credit will be given for all future iterations, however the naming of the project may not retain the one provided in this report. Further short-term bonuses may be provided by on-shift command as necessary for future developments.


DTG: 20-11:27-TAU CETI STANDARD-11-2465




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