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  1. Fantastic, onto my final questions. Where do you think Dionae lore is strongest right now? Where do you think Dionae lore is weakest and could be improved upon? How do you interpret the Dionae conditional pacifism they abide by?
  2. G'day Roth. Has Floating Among Stars ever drank blood (obviously yes given your backstory)? If so, what was the formative experiences that they took from it? What is their current stance on drinking blood? Are they specific species they prefer drinking blood from if it is still something they do actively? Of the cultures that Floating Among Stars has interacted with, have they adopted any habits or things they appreciate from them? What does Floating think of beings that cannot give them blood? Has Floating split from any of their original nymphs that constituted their cyclops fo
  3. Where do you think the lore is currently weakest and what do you think you would do to improve it? What would be the first thing you would do upon getting the role of deputy lore master? You are applying from outside of the lore team currently, how do you feel about being thrust into a position of power from not being part of it at all? Do you foresee any complications arising from this?
  4. You self admit to being not the best candidate for the position, so I ask mostly why you applied if you don't think you're as suitable as your competitors. All in all I think you'd do fine, we've had our differences but despite that work quite well together so that's a pretty positive thing to put for ya. "only reason I've been able to put out the lore I have is through working with other people, and I think, besides my experience, that is what sets me apart from other applicants." - as a note this reads as the other applicants are unable to work with others to make lore, is that the case
  5. Cael's a pretty based writer, only issue is he has a crippling ritalin addiction that makes him a complete idiot whenever he talks to me, talking about fake things like 'bogans'. What a weirdo. In seriousness the time he served in Dionae the majority he got done there was good, and I have no complaints of how he has run Skrell. Tries to work with other teams and wants cross species stuff, all in all a real positive fella. Please let my family go Cael. I did what you asked. +1
  6. goldman is exceptionally based, these are all pretty rad. I think the only thing that could present an issue is the platinum chip for the people who review this since it's actually larger than the station account I think? +1 tho
  7. bad plan, any time that sec can't be antags leads to much larger issues than just one kinda shitty round. if a warden just grabs every gun and starts mass shooting I feel that's like, a staff issue not just remove it all right?
  8. G'day Cinny, only have a few questions Where is dionae lore weakest in your opinion? Where would you like it to be expanded? Finally has Fate drank blood, if so what kind of blood have they consumed? What formative experiences did they obtain from said blood? If they have not drank blood, why not?
  9. Thank you so much Desvan for the detailed replies. On 4. Currently mechanically you can learn from them ingame, and fluffwise I believe you MAYBE CAN?? will bring it up with the team to make sure - it's just that the language is impossible to pick up and their experiences are so alien that drinking from vaurca didn't really benefit those stuck on the hive ship iirc, and you'd only learn experiences from the current body nothing from like past resleeving. I only have one final question: What would you like to see added to the lore of Dionae currently? Where is it weakest? Other
  10. You're immensely passionate and more to the point someone who has clearly read the lore! Immediately off to a good start. So! Firstly: Why did they develop into a Seasoned Song mind type? What does Oath think of all these species nowadays, given that it grew up around only Dionae and unresponsive murderous bugs who wanted them to GTFO? What is their standing opinion of Vaurca currently? Has Oath drank blood, if so what kind of blood? What was formative and most interesting about the blood if they did drink it to achieve that form of sentience? Finally: How has the struggle
  11. favourite stupid ic drama that has happened on station?

  12. if dominians were real would they get profiled like people in hoodies?

    1. Carver


      They already get regularly profiled on the Aurora, so possibly.

  13. 1. Their Qrri'Myaq would have been someone to have been living prior to Glorsh's uprising and some years afterwards. Based on the rough mental maths in my head, Atuq would have been like on the tail end of Glorsh. The last 50 years or so? Generally speaking the mentor relationship would have been a really strained thing during these times, with Atuq being very much brainwashed at the time by Glorsh until being broken out of that when noticing just how horrible the actions it took were. It led them to value connections as a way to ground themselves from their reciever status, as well as a way
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