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  1. absolutely my point, trying to encourage people to play a faction because they are mechanically superior is fucking insane and a total hack fix of not having enough aesthetic sprites or interesting lore to back them up
  2. it's super weird that zeng hu get some rp fluff things that NT can't use since we're all under the same umbrella of the SCC and it would logically be pretty easy to just rip an augment out of a zeng hu employee who defected and backwards design the implant. plus it was a really weird and hamfisted way to force people to play zeng hu contractors - while giving nothing unique to Hephaestus or NanoTrasen or even Idris. it sets a weird precedent that people from different companies get a literal mechanical advantage (telescopic eyes for paramedic for example), and makes balancing super wack. companies should have a draw for their themes and aesthetic, not for their gameplay advantage but things that should remain company specific are things that actually represent the company, the zeng hu face plate is a rad example of something that represents the company and is a really interesting concept, IRU coats, etc etc.
  3. I think that surgeon and phys should be merged then we can have some sort of nurse role and a generalized doctor role, that's my hot take - until then we do not need a need a nurse role
  4. we should remove extended to permanently buff the playerbase

  5. I agree with Cybs, it's fine as is atm because anything more severe than a really basic wound will not heal - and bleeding won't just 'magically heal' this thread is out of touch lmao
  6. You had an extremely spicy comment by a team member of human lore in your last applications. Since human and synthetic lore work so closely, do you forsee any difficulties? Your passion is extremely obvious and I wish you luck regardless of your answer to the above, I have no idea how different your platform is on simpthetics from Lancer, but you'd be fine with that and he's gold with different opinions anyway. Given I already asked a lot in your last app I won't drill you with those or too many more, tho you could ping me on discord if you want more to flesh out any areas. I should note I hold no resentment from back then with tensions on the Dionae team and don't think it's a fair thing to hold against you from Schwann's rather scathing post last time. Shit happens
  7. Thanks so much for your thoughtful replies, good luck buddy and I hope you get it.
  8. Hi Desven! You're undoubtedly one of the most active bug players and a pretty chill person (I fucking hate you) So a few things. On the platform of fixing up the wiki: this is based and it's what I wanted to do when I applied for bug, please do this if you get accepted. What do you think on avowals? Do you believe any nature of them should be changed? What do you think about VR as it stands, and the life cycle (resleeving included) that Vaurcae endure? Would you like more Ta influence on station from other hives? Sometimes there are some really meme worthy shitty Viax that appear, but are within the lore. Is there anything you think needs to change there in how it is written to make this less common? Could you write a short story about a Vaurca's first memories of being shoved into a body after VR? Just a little writing sample. What is currently the biggest flaw in Vaurca lore atm? Finally: What is your biggest weakness as a writer? What is your biggest strength as a writer?
  9. I think this is a good idea, namely because it means that Robotics don't get infinitely cucked just because they'd get banned for touching the destructive analyzer. What does this mean for esoteric tho? Currently the only way to get it is a lucky drop from mining to grind, or from cargo, or an antag. Is it just becoming baseline but the related products getting tuned up?
  10. I adore holopads, one should be in the expedition shuttle to call home though (unrelated) on topic I love the idea of a fucky red hologram popping up in security to threaten someone
  12. good thread thanks arrow
  13. Today is my two year anniversary as goolies wife! Thank you everyone for our great wedding❤️

  14. I remember suggesting this on discord and being called an idiot a year ago, maybe this year we'll get lucky
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