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  1. it'd become extremely same-y if you couldn't make at least fifty or more and just feels weird and forced
  2. Her older brother Saddam Rashed was interested in medicine and was almost done with his studies to become a doctor in his early twenties at the start of the war, he had questions about Hadiism but was always told down by his parents, leading to sympathizing. He died during the fifth year of the war when he administered medical aid to the enemy and was executed for treason, although it was only reported to the family he died a loyal PRA member. Her younger sister Soha Rashed was in her early teens at the start of the war and was assisting in more practical matters before the war, learn
  3. i can officially say we're planning on adding phoronmen! as well as their cousins cancermen

    1. Doxxmedearly


      We already have sec mains

  4. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm pretty sure it's goon that has like shields that can project a barrier, a two handed shield to like help hold down a hallway or something could be a rad option
  5. I prefer it to be a dialog even if there are easy questions versus me giving a literal wall of text, it's a matter of preference and readability as well as respect of time. edit: if you have anything actually about the content of the app rather than the way I have presented it, I feel like that's much more relevant anyway
  6. Interesting stuff! I quite like the depth you have here, it feels like a really interesting concept. I have a final set of questions before I fuck off and let the other team members step in: Has Eager ever lost any nymphs? What does Eager think of taking blood from non dominians? What led to them going to the Aurora?
  7. Fantastic I have one final question before I leave this off for the other diona team members. Has your gestalt lost any nymphs? Have you read and understood the conditional pacifism that all Dionae must adhere to?
  8. Great to see another application, welcome to the chirp uprising. What mind type would you say Dreams Of The Song Of Life is most similar to? Or is it a unique mind type? What is Song's view on the Eternal?
  9. tbh the oxygen outputs with masks built in on the walls should be in every surgical room so I can put them to a high KPA output to keep popped lungs open a bit longer, probably also in triage as well good idea tho!
  10. the most important part of being in the lore team is shitposting

  11. Alright here we go! Lets give ya an opening question! How has your collective responded with meeting other non indoctrinated gestalts? Does it interact with the Eternal Church in district 11?
  12. I think you inherently misunderstood why I left it out, when making an application it's to give some easy questions I already had plans to in response when they were asked. It's similar to how a graphic designer will make their design for a company with some intentional flaws in it so they can be pointed out and fixed, then it looks great. The loss of faith from the horrors of wartime is well enough of a reason here, and if athiest taj aren't acceptable then they shouldn't exist on the wiki???? when I said I hate the species I mean aesthetically, the world building and charact
  13. i miss zundy

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    2. Skull132


      Life is so unfair at times...

    3. KingOfThePing


      I miss Zundy too 

    4. Zelmana


      me too... hate that he was kicked.

  14. alt title intern is bad, it's a learning role and we shouldn't encourage people to take slots for anything but learning in said roles
  15. Not quite, she sees her siblings, limbs and home not the fault of the PRA. After all the Republic didn't want this war, it was through radicals and the Zhans that wanted to destroy all that they had built by killing a great man. Hadii's violent response was justified in her eyes, and the fact that she was hurt because of radicals who couldn't see the good that the Republic was producing for everyone involved and making an equal society. You forget that hatred is one of the most powerful motivators for people to become radicalized, and violence continues the cycle of hatred. When the first p
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