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  1. goolies erped me so i have to deny this complaint
  2. pog do we have a new chad mapper to join us?
  3. atlas doesn't exist according to this
  4. we've known the ship is coming for like two years, didn't you kinda expect this and plan for it though? we all knew a SHIP was coming, and that a ship is markedly different to a static station workplace
  5. i'll be honest like this seems like a non issue, they either move to the NBT or they don't. It's not like the characters can't take vacations or something from shore leave? plus said characters can still do relay stuff right? honestly like this isn't too much of an issue if there's shore leave, i mean it could be implicit every X days it docks and people can have their lives off of it if they want? then you can just view it as extended shifts with large breaks inbetween fluff wise maybe i'm being dumb but also like, in your case isn't it the most cheesy romantic thing to have a character like yutani go with his missus across the galaxy to explore it all together?
  6. I'd say that they probably would need a longer time period to be functional after such a severe injury and trauma. The Dionae team agrees about 20ish years would be more acceptable. Does your gestalt interact with the Choir on Mendell in any form? Does your gestalt have any belief in the Eternal? If yes or no, why? What is the sort of living standard does your gestalt have? (living minimalist, or living more in a high quality area etc)
  7. Could the shuttle have a sleeper on it to put someone in stasis when going out? It can take quite some time to fly back using the bay overmap and that'll be long enough for someone to perma if something horrible happens. Alternatively just make a custom thing called a stasis bed that you can put someone in to halt their vitals Is the shuttle planned to use bay atmospheric engines? If so there's no piping for that - also there's no SMES unless it's intended to be eternally powered. There's also no vents on the shuttle, if it's hit by a meteor or has planetary atmospherics contaminating it that are say, chlorine based you'll be fucked without scrubbers unless you fly up into space and then open it to vaccum. I also suggest putting intercoms across it and some bounced radios so there's a way to communicate away from station telecomms I'd also like a holopad somewhere to holo back to the main ship somehow and keep in contact, as it stands there's no way to get a message back. Also a button on the windows to close a shutter to stop carp from venting everything would be optimal PS: is the cargo stowage area supposed to be another airlock? Or is it purely stowage? Being able to accidentally vent the ship because you hit the wrong one of the three buttons seems awful so it might be better to have an airlock or have no rear access at all. Maybe I'm overthinking
  8. Hi there and thanks for applying! A few questions to start off the app: How old is The Expanse? A Pac-Man generator would be hot and make power but not radiation, perhaps another power source? More a comment, feel free to ignore this. How has the effect of losing their first gestalt and being the last survivor and the trauma affected their life? You mention assisting the research department in upgrades and materials, would that mean mining or more delivering salvage? How long has it been since their first gestalt was killed?
  9. petition to remove xenobotany and just give botany the ability to fuck with plants if they want


    return to monke and basics 

  10. i like the idea of staring out into space on the shitter idk what yall are on about, what a view??? edit: malding over the supermatter having a breaker box, implying we'll have rcon again for engineers to say 'IT'S NOT NEEDED' 'IT'S NEEDED STOP BURNING HANDS OFF REEEE' NBT will not free us of the endless engineer fights over powernet now
  11. After going through Goolie's recent status update, I have decided to marry him on the spot and you're all invited

  12. roaper is my gf irl and he rped with a pAI gf for a long time (and it was me) and it was very funny in srsness big +1, competent roleplayer with a lukewarm iq
  13. there has been a ritalin shortage in the staff team ever since cael began his tyrannical rule and began extorting us all for more


    send help

    1. Caelphon


      Work, bitch.

    2. Scheveningen


      the wacky ritalin aurora staff drug ring incident

  14. races like humans I'd love if on inspection you had a little thing saying 'looks like age X', it could be as close to their real age as they wanted but inspecting someone and then having to go through a long ass bio or a desc that doesn't exist at all and judging if someone is old by the greyness of their hair. Of course species like skrell might only be able to tell age of other skrell because of y'know. Vaurca probably have no visible age at all, but still I think it'd be an interesting addition to be able to tell age OTHER than desc or record diving
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