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Game of thrones roleplay

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So with the new season starting to come out I wanted to do a game of thrones roleplay.

So how it'll work is you can be any members of any house you like, if you create your own house then make sure to go in detail about the family members if you can :)

Alright I'll set the scene now.

The year is 298 After the Conquest. The beloved Hand of the King Jon Arryn has died in his sleep and his wife and child mourn for him. The King, Robert Baratheon first of his name, has rode north to Winterfell with a contingent of courtiers and soldiers, including Ser Meryn Trant and Jaimie 'Kingslayer' Lannister of the Kingsguard. Rumours are circulating Westeros that the King plans to pin the badge of Hand of the King on Lord Paramount Eddard Stark, warden of The North.

In the East the Beggar Prince and his younger sister of age 13 are being fostered in Magister Illyrio Mopatis' manor and people are speculating that they plan to cross the narrow sea with an army of horselords at their back. The crown has sent the exiled Ser Jorah Mormount to uncover the truth.

'Character' sheet. (If you don't want to be a noble house, just give me a backstory and name for your character and that'll be fine :) )

House Name:

House Ranking:(Minor House, Major House, Great House, Knight House)

House Ruler:(Head of the house)

Liege of house:(the person your house owes their fealty to)

House Holdings:(what they own)

House Members(Feel free to just do the ones you'll be playing as, or the ones that'll appear.)

House sigil:(feel free to just describe this, a picture would be better if you can

House words:(family motto)

House History:(how they were formed or where they can trace their ancestry)

Some rules before everyone starts posting, I'm willing to change things, for example if you wanted your newly created house to be lords of Dorne then that's fine. If you wanted to add a fourth Lannister child that's fine. Just make sure to specify in your character sheets that you're changing something from the original lore. We're starting basically at the beginning of the show and we'll be reacting to the events from the show with our roleplay. :)

Some resources if you're confused about the timeline or lore

Timeline: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Aj_uNZmcJaTddG9BVU5tRnJJTE5KcE5JRkFha1ZfNUE#gid=8

Wiki: http://www.awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Main_Page

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House Name: House Ceval

House Ranking: Minor House

House Ruler: Varane Ceval

Liege of House: Stannis Baratheon

House Holdings:

The Karynn series of five small islands north of Dragonstone.

-Karynn Isle

-Brasyl Isle

-Harisal Isle

-Gralvir Isle

-Parnas Isle

Wavepeak Hall on Karynn

Waterridge village on Brasyl.

Risencrest village on Harisal.

Whitesand village on Gralvir.

Tornshore town on Parnas.

Aetherys, Valyrian steel hand’n’half Bastard sword.

House Members:

Lord Varane Ceval, 62, Lord of Wavepeak Hall, and the Karynn Isles; Fleetmaster of Stannis Baratheon.

Talya Ceval, 56, Lady of Wavepeak Hall, and the Karynn Isles, formerly Talya Targaryen, a far distant relative of the royal line.

Amelya Ceval, 26, only daughter of Lord Varane.

Danathia Ceval, 40, Sister to Lord Varane, merchant in Pentos.

Guinevere Ceval, 79, Mother of Lord Varane, met and married Lord Harkon in Essos.

Lord Harkon Ceval, Father of Lord Varane, Deceased.

Sir Savar Ceval, 47, Heir and brother to Lord Varane, master of the five fleets.

Kiera Ceval, 42, wife of Savar Ceval.

Sir Golthis Ceval, 20, son of Savar Ceval, captains the flagship Dawnseeker of the Second fleet.

Kaylà Ceval, 20, wife of Sir Golthis Ceval.

Paran Ceval, 3, son of Sir Golthis Ceval.

Caylais Jothun, 18, eldest daughter of Sir Savar Ceval, married to Sir Sarin Jothun.

Inyse Ceval, 17, youngest daughter of Sir Savar Ceval, betrothed to Gordon Tulgrad.

Sarin Jothun, 22, knighted son of Sir Farkun Jothun.

Karthia Jothun, 1, daughter of Sir Sarin Jothun.

House Sigil:


House Words: On waves we fly.

House History:

House Ceval was one of several houses sworn to the Targaryens since the conquest. Like House Targaryen and House Veleryon, they have High Valyrian ancestry, stretching back from before the doom; though, unlike House Targaryen, House Ceval did not escape unscathed, reduced to a bare handful of members and ships fleeing from the eruption.

House Ceval settled on the Karynn chain of islands as Aegon began his conquest. The Lord of the House swore allegiance to House Targaryen without hesitation, knowing that to refuse would invite extinction to his line.

House Ceval prospered over the following centuries, several villages cropping up across the isles, and a strong fleet forming to defend them. House Ceval adapted well to it’s change in environs, taking great pride in their seamanship, becoming known for their powerful and effective naval actions across the lands. This naval force was utilised to great effect by King Jaehaerys II in the war of the Ninepenny kings, the fast and dangerous force doing much to weaken the supply lines of the Blackfyre rebellion.

In Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, House Ceval declared for the Targaryens, engaging in a long and drawn-out naval battle with the Starks of the north. Lord Harkon was granted full command of the Targaryen fleet during the later months of the war, and continued to command them until his death at the hands of the Lannisters after he was trapped within the siege of King’s Landing.

With the death of the mad king and Lord Harkon, his son, Lord Varane surrendered to the Baratheon king shortly afterwards, unwilling to fight an unwinnable war. That did not prevent Lord Varane assisting in the escape of the last Targaryen heirs, Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys.

Robert Baratheon was merciful to House Ceval, stating that the loss of their Lord was enough recompense for their part in the confict; provided they swore fealty to Lord Stannis, while Robert took the throne; Lord Varane did, and has stood steady with Lord Stannis since; despite coming to odds with his Lord on occasion.

When the Iron Islands erupted into rebellion, Lord Stannis ordered the Baratheon fleets to sea, opposing the raiders from the south. Lord Varane was placed in command of the combined fleets, while Stannis looked after the overarching naval affairs of the Master of Ships. Varane lived up to his father’s legacy, his combined fleet hunting down and shattering the cumbersome Iron Fleet off of Fair Isle, allowing King Robert’s forces to secured victory on the land; their passage across the waves secured by swift Ceval wavecutters and the blood of Ironborn.

This exemplary skill was swiftly rewarded by Lord Stannis, granting Lord Varane the title of Fleetmaster of the Dragonstone Isles, and responsible for the safety of Blackwater Bay. Lord Varane also regained the respect of his peers, respect he had lost after his surrender in Robert’s Rebellion; many viewing him as a formidable political and physical opponent; especially at sea.


Unlike the vast majority of the nobility, the knights bound to House Ceval only rarely use the weapons that have become iconic for the title; they are generally outfitted with light-weight leather-backed chain armour, shortswords, bucklers and crossbows, for their preferred battlefield is not amidst the bloody mires of the riverlands, or the sweeping plains of Highgarden, but upon the pitching deck of a ship at war, where a long blade is only a hindrance, and a conventional bow too slow and inaccurate for safe use. While they are trained in the use of the longsword and platemail, their skill with them is generally adequate at best, leading to very poor performances at tourneys, as few accept their challenge to move the duel onto a shifting deck, lest the skilled warriors dump them amidst the waves.

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House Ranking: Major House

House Ruler: Lord Michael Tulgrad

Liege of House: Tywin Lannister(Casterly Rock)

House Holdings: The Hammer Hills(High lordship) High Hammer Hall(Castle), Highever(Castle), Lion’s grave(City), Stonetrunk(Village), Eagle’s respite(Village) Grey-Bane(a Warhammer with a Valryian steel head, supposedly created from the sword of House Reyne, Red Rain.)

House Members:

Lord Michael Tulgrad, Age 60. Head of the family and Lord of High Hammer Hall and Highever.

Victoria Tulgrad(Castillion) Age 50. Lady of High Hammer Hall and wife of Michael, cousin of the now extinct House Reyne. She was born in Dorne of a Reyne cadet house.

Duncan Tulgrad, Age 30. First son of Lord Michael Tulgrad. Knight of the Kingsguard knighted at the age of 21 during the Greyjoy rebellion and offered a place on the Kingsguard shortly after. He earned the nickname the 'Hammer of the West' when he first wielded his father's old hammer in the Greyjoy rebellion, though he was captured in the fighting many believe he killed all of Balon Greyjoy's personal guard in his last stand. When his father melted Red Rain into the old war hammer, Duncan named it Grey-Bane so that the Greyjoys wouldn't forget.

Silar Tulgrad, Age 25. Second son of Lord Michael Tulgrad. Silar is the Lord of Highever but his brother’s joining of the kingsguard made him Heir to the entirity of the Hammer Hills.

Bryant Tulgrad, Age 22. Third son of Lord Michael Tulgrad. Byrant was beginning preparations to leave the Hammer Hills for the knight’s watch when his father last saw him, but Bryant hasn’t been seen since he left, nor was he reported to have arrived.

Gordon Tulgrad, Age 19. Fourth and last born son of Lord Michael Tulgrad. Gordon was never as strong as his brothers but was deadly with two daggers, he originally planned to leave for Essos but his father insisted he stay to marry Inyse of House Ceval to solidify an alliance. Gordon studied the most with the family’s maestar and is considered to be the smartest of the lot.

Monroe Tulgrad, Age 56. Younger brother of Michael Tulgrad, a gifted blacksmith, Monroe never wanted land or titles, just a space to hone his craft. Monroe was recruited to Casterly Rock shortly after Robert’s rebellion and personally reworked Valryian Steel into the hammer of his elder brother.

Elizabeth Tulgrad, Age 16. Only child of Monroe Tulgrad, Elizabeth is wild and uncontrollable, often looking for adventure though she is a woman, Monroe managed to convince his nephew, Duncan the High Hammer of the Kingsguard to take her on as a squire, despite her never being able to recieve a true knighthood.

House Sigil: Walls as strong as our hammers

House History:

Michael was born in 238AC to a prostitute. This prostitute couldn’t look after the boy so he was shipped off to Dorne to be fostered by a Young James Dilgan. The prostitute was rumoured to have been a Valewoman descended from the Mountain men of the Vale. Michael was raised with the family until his twentieth birthday in which he left the Lord’s care and went to seek out a good fight. For two years the young boy wandered the country looking for a good fight, often competing in Melee’s as a mystery knight, more often than not he was bested. After many failed Melee’s michael was close to giving up hope, until he realised he was using the wrong weapon. Michael was no good with a sword, but with a warhammer he beat the young Squire Barristan Selmy in a tourney in 259AC.

After this the Squire and Michael became quite close, until Michael left for the westerlands to pledge his service to Tytos Lannister, the Gentle Lion. In 260AC the war of the ninepenny kings began and Michael had been assigned as a squire to Jason Lannister, who led the Lannister forces to the stepstones. Michael watched as his friend Barristan slew Maelys the Monstrous. Michael killed his fair share of soldiers and although Jason Lannister perished in the battle, his nephew didn’t. Tywin Lannister was knighted by his father Tytos, who in turn Knighted Michael as well, granting him a small keep sworn to house Reyne which Michael named High Hammer Hall, because of it being on the highest hill in the region. Only one year after the end of the war, House Reyne began to plot against House Lannister. Michael knew where his loyalties lay and he rode for Casterly Rock as soon as he found out. Tywin already knew, and despite Lord Tytos’ objections, Both house Tarbeck and Reyne raised up in rebellion. Michael went with Tywin to Castamere where the Reyne’s and Tarbecks were crushed. Both of the families were wiped out and Michael was gifted all of their lands due to his loyalty.

Lord Michael was only 23 at the time, but he didn’t dare set foot inside Castamere again, preferring to hire men to crumble it as much as possible. Over the years Michael built several new settlements using the wealth of House Reyne to do so. He built two massive castles, High Hammer Hall and Highever. He also constructed a city on the ashes of Castamere, calling it Lion’s grave.

During this time Michael married one of the last remaining members of Reyne blood. Victoria Castillion in a marriage of love. By AC280 Michael had solidified his hold on his lands and was ready for a lasting peace, his wife and children around him. Sadly this was also the year Rhaegar Tagaryen kidnapped Lyanna Stark and sparked a civil war. Tywin Lannister stayed silent through the war for a many months but Michael was loyal, he raised his armies and marched to kings landing, where he met the young Rhaegar for the first time. Michael followed Rhaegar to the trident, but when he saw the young prince killed by the Usurper, Michael dropped his hammer and waited to die. Robert spared Michael for his bravery and had him taken to Tywin. Tywin was waiting outside Kings landing and Michael was glad he’d been taken back to his king. Only to Michael’s dismay, when the gates were opened the Lannister men were ordered to sack the city. Only a few days later the king was dead, murdered at the hands of Jaimie Lannister. Michael had made a few friends in the war, including Varan Ceval and Robert Baratheon. He went back to his keep intent on living out the rest of his days without another war. Only a few years later house Greyjoy rebelled against King Robert and Michael was forced to go to war yet again, instead of heading to Pyke as many of the lords did, Michael took his men to the seat of House Drumm, where he killed the ruler but lost his right arm in the fighting and slew the last surviving member of the house, taking back the Valryian steel sword, Red Rain. With Michael's arm gone he decided have his brother melt down Red Rain and forge it into his son's warhammer, which Duncan aptly named Grey-Bane. Michael now resides in his lands, praying for not another war.

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House Name: Hightower

House Ranking: Major House

House Ruler: Lord Leyton Hightower

Liege of house: Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell (The Reach)

House Holdings: Hightower, obviously, and Oldtown

House Members: Aeron Hightower - second son of Leyton Hightower (changing the canon a bit to stick him in front of Garth). Sent as a squire under Duncan Tulgrad, and looks up to his great-uncle Gerold, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard under King Aerys II.

House sigil:


House words:We Light The Way

House History: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Hightower

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House Name: House Clegane

House Ranking: Knight House

House Ruler: Gregor Clegane

Liege of house: Tywin Lannister

House Holdings: Clegane's keep

House Members Sandor Clegane, Gregor Clegane

House sigil:


House words: CLEGANE BOWL 2014

House History: The first knight of House Clegane was kennelmaster at Casterly Rock until one autumn year when he saved Lord Tytos Lannister from a lioness and lost a leg and three dogs in the effort. As a reward, Tytos gave him lands and a towerhouse and took his son as his squire. The three dogs on the Clegane sigil represent those that died saving Tytos.

The kennelmaster's son, the father of Gregor and Sandor, died in a hunting incident shortly after King Robert Baratheon was crowned. Their sister died young under queer circumstances. Gregor is known for his unspeakable cruelty; this is mirrored in his men, who casually commit atrocities during their campaigns. Sandor was driven away by this behavior, taking service with House Lannister and refusing to take a knight's vows to avoid association with his elder.

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House Name: House Valkrae

House Ranking: Major House

House Ruler: Kailar Valkrae

Liege of house: House Stark

House Holdings:



House Members:

Kailar Valkrae - House Head

Zareh Valkrae - Son of Kailar

Arikath Valkrae - Younger brother to Kailar

Various others, including wives, sons, cousins, etc.

House Sigil:



House Words: "The teeth of the North."

House History: Pushed to the seat of White Harbor during Roberts Rebellion, before they were simply the owners of New Castle, but due to the betrayal of the previous House, Robert put the Valkrae line in charge of the region, under the lordship of House Stark.


House Manderly no longer exists, as they decided to stay loyal to the Targaryens and were destroyed by Robert, and House Valkrae was pushed to the seat.

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House Name: House Tarth

House Ranking: Major House

House Ruler: Selwyn Tarth

Liege of house: Renly Baratheon

House Holdings: Tarth (The Sapphire isle) (Mace of Tarth, Flanged longmace with Valarian steel flangs)

House Members:

Lord Selwyn Tarth 53, Lord of Evenfall Hall, The Evenstar

Lady Brienne of Tarth, 18, Heir

Ser Nathanial of Tarth, 16, Nathanial the Stalwart, (7'3" wields the Mace of Tarth)

House sigil:


House words: "The Evenstar Rises"

House History:

Ancestors of House Tarth were once kings, and the head of the family is known as "the Evenstar", which they claim dates back to the dawn of days. The island of Tarth came under the dominion of the House Durrandon when the Storm King Durran the Fair married the daughter of Tarth's king, Edwyn Evenstar.

Tarth was the first region of the stormlands conquered during the Andal invasion, but peace between the Andals and First Men was eventually achieved when the Storm Kings and their bannermen intermarried with the Andals. The Tarths have Andal ancestry and have ties with Houses Durrandon, Baratheon, and Targaryen.

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Your maester enters your room handing you a ravenscroll with the seal of Roberth Baratheon on it, if you open it inside is;

To the noble Lords and Ladies of the Seven Kingdoms.

His Grace, Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, cordially invites you and your kinsmen to participate in the tournament of the Hand of the King. To celebrate the appointment of Eddard Stark, Warden of the North, to the position of Hand of the King.

The prizes are: 40,000 gold dragons for the winner of the joust, 20,000 dragons for the runner-up of the joust, 20,000 dragons to the winner of the melee and 10,000 to the winner of the archery contest.

Gods guide you.

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Lord Varane mutters quietly as he reads the scroll, before turning to his wife, "I'll have to go, you don't simply turn down a summons by the king." Talia nodded primly, looking up from the fire, "Take Amelya and Inyse with you, it'll be a good learning experience for them."

Varane rubbed a hand across his forehead, "Amelya, by the seven, the girl is strange, Talia, she spends all her time with those cogs and pulleys, twenty six and unwed is almost unseemly."

Talia looked at him pointedly, "Then this will be all the better for her, it's your fault for letting her get entangled with those cursed machinations anyway; she could use the air. Take Golthis and Sarin as well, Caylais can stay and keep me company, and your brother can hold Wavepeak for you in your absence."

Varan looked to the ceiling, almost pleadingly, "Fine woman, your way it is, I'll take Dawnseeker mind, it's been too long since the old thing has seen travel, let alone combat."

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"Agh perfect" Michael shouted in the hall of his castle, sitting alone on his small throne. His son Gordon was quick to enter when he heard the ruckus, "Father?"

"Gordon m'boy, the kings having a tourney so that means you're participating."

"Father, that seems unwise."

Michael stands up, walking up to his son. "Gordon, Silar has yet to marry let alone have children, you're my hope, and with House Ceval at your back you'll be a strong ruler."

Gordon nodded to his father slowly, "I'll get my sword".

"Send a raven to Silar, tell him to come to High Hammer Hall at once, and tell him he's lord of the Hammer Hills while I'm in the capital"

Maester Liam smiled "I'm sure he'll be pleased."

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The cold ocean winds blew into the castle room in which Lord Valkrae sat, reading over the notice that King Robert had sent to all the Lords of the realm. He nodded once, immediately standing up from his desk, and walking out to the already assembled family of Valkrae's that were currently in White Harbor.

Lord Kailar Valkrae strode forth, exiting his private chamber. A young lord, by all accounts, at the age of 25. His father had died early, and the realm passed on to the young boy. He had since evolved into a strong, if quickly angered Lord. His family supported him, with only a few who openly questioned his ability. "The King has invited us to participate in a tournament, including a joust, a melee, and an archery contest." The crowd began to resonate a quiet hum of mumbling, and Lord Valkrae held his hand up to silence the lot.

"Arikath, Zareh, and myself will go to Kings Landing. Accompanying us will be; Ser Jergar, Delyrio of Braavos, Robyn the Eagle, Ser Solus, and of course, Ser Fadril." He let those who had been called step forward. "I leave in charge of my lands whilst I am good; My uncle, Ser Waylar." He stepped down from the steps he addressed everyone on, and spoke once more. "I expect all of you to bring your best to this. House Valkrae will prove it's worth at this tournament, mark my words." The robed Lord stepped back into his private chambers, to two robed individuals standing before him. He quietly shut the door, amidst the shuffling of the gathered in the other room leaving to prepare.

Before him stood a pale, gaunt man, with blue lips, and dressed in rough, brown robes, next to him was a man with a white mask covering his face. "Delyrio." He said to the man with the mask, and he bowed. He turned to the other. "I assume the preparations have been made?" He asked. The man with blue lips nodded. "The ball is ready." He retrieved a small orb from his robes, and handed it to the Young Lord. "Good." He turned to Delyrio. "Kill him."

The man in blue could barely turn to run before the masked man had stabbed him through his neck, rupturing an artery. The Lord managed a small smile, and whispered something under his breath.

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The Reach had always been a fertile land but this summer it was as green as an emerald, Michael had always loved the Reach mostly because it was one of the few places in Westeros that wasn't a Dull brown or Grey.

Michael's party was rather large in number, but the main retainers were; Lord Gawen Westerling of the Crag - a recent Vassal to The Lord Tulgrad. Ser Elys Westerling, a dear friend of Michael's that fought with him against the Men of Kings Landing in Robert's rebellion. Janos Sarsfield, Lord of Sarsfield and a loyal vassal to Michael. Ser Royn Castillion, Michael's brother in law and the last surviving member of house Castillion, besides the Lady Tulgrad. Ser Lysanuh Dilgan, Michael's bodyguard and adoptive-nephew a man of 21. Elizabeth Tulgrad, Michael's fierce niece and squire. And Michael's third son Gordon.

Michael's thoughts wandered to his children. First to Duncan, a man of the kingsguard more famously known as the Hammer of the West, Michael was so proud of Duncan but devastated that he'd never be his heir; Then to Gordon, a lean boy of nineteen who was about to cement an alliance with one of Michael's old war compatriots, Varane.

Then Michael thought about Varane. A man of Valyrian descent it was honestly a wonder the king had let him live. Michael walked, unlike most of his party, who proudly trotted along on their horses. Michael couldn't ride, a well known fact in the Westerlands. He didn't mind all too much, it kept him closer to his men and he loved it. Michael's feet began to ache in his fine, but fragile leather boots but before he could open his mouth to complain, the party came over a small hill and were greeted with the sight of the red keep.

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"Ser Duncan!" Aeron cried, tramping down a darkened hall, scroll clutched tightly in his left hand.

"Ser Duncan! An invitation, from the King!"

Aeron swiftly pushed open the door to Duncan's room, uncovering his mentor mid-dress, his tunic barely buttoned and flapping gently from the wind through the window.

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Varane watched from his high-seat as Golthis hurled a barrage of curses at the dockworkers who were securing Dawnseeker to the pier; the large warship dwarfed the numerous tradercraft shadowed by the Red Keep. The Keep stood in all it's glory, overseeing the long, crowded harbour; Varane peered up at it, shading his eyes with his hand. "We're in for a long walk. Dockmaster!" He gestured towards a well-dressed man watching the dockworkers, "A carriage for my daughter and niece, Dockmaster." The man nodded respectfully, pulling one of his men away to run for a carriage.

Once the carriage had arrived, Varane pushed open a door to the inner cabins, revealing a well-furnished room; two women were sitting at a table in the room, one pouring over a book, and the other fiddling with a pile of blacksmith scraps. Both women were wearing ornate, blue and grey dresses, one had her hair tied up in a knot behind her head, while the other, younger one, let her hair hang loose behind her ears. "Amelya, Inyse, come, the carriage is here, we are headed up to the keep."

The two women stood to follow him, the elder muttering under her breath while the younger snatched up a parasol from beside her chair. The two of them followed Varane out onto the deck, blinking in the bright sunlight; before being sheparded towards the carriage by Golthis and Sarin, while Varane secured his blade in his baldric, before climbing into the carriage himself.

Inside, the older woman looked at him petulantly, "I don't see why I had to come, I was perfectly happy on Karynn. All that is going to happen here is some men are going to fight, some more men are going to fight, they shoot sticks into bales of straw, and they get drunk. I had plans."

Varane runs his thumb and middle finger along his brow, "Amelya, it was your mother's idea; in any case, staying inside for so long isn't healthy. You need to get involved with the world." However, Amelya had stopped listening to him, staring pointedly out of the window. Varane mumbled something under his breath, then looked at Inyse, "You aren't going to give me the same treatment, are you? I swear... Every woman in our family has it in for me..."

Inyse shakes her head, before speaking quietly, "I think this could be fun, knights, gold, pitched battles, horses. This has all the makings of a great adventure, may the Seven watch us through it, yet we emerge victorious."

There was a grating at the window at Golthis pushed the blinds open, he had decided to sit on the sidearm of the carriage, for the fresh air, apparently, "I don't know about winning, sis, unless they care to duel on a boat, or let me use my crossbow in the archery, I think only Uncle Varane has a chance of victory here, I hate horses, and platemail."

Varane smiled, tapping his hand against the hilt of his bastard sword, "Aetherys will serve me well, as always, in any case, we are here."

The Red Keep's gates loomed before them.

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The contingent of House Valkrae set forth, supplemented by various retainers, foot soldiers and other men of low-birth. They came by wagon and carriage to the gates of the Red Keep.

((SHORT POST, because there isn't much to describe. ))

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Sandor nodded, as he stood by Joffery. Standing silently and watching him vigilantly.

Joffery was popping his sly smile as he taunted his siblings, bantering on about how his dear Uncle Jaime would destroy all the opponents. Sandor couldn't help but pop a small smile, as he heard the barely cohesive rant.

Yes, you keep thinking that, Prince Joffery.

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The Evenstar grumbled as he opened the scroll; he pointed to a servant "You, fetch Ser Nu- Nathaniel, now please" as the servant hurried off he turned his attention back to the scroll, picked up a quill and began scribbling on the parchment, muttering to himself "Archery? ha! no, the Joust? maybe" he made a mark on the paper "the Melee? That could do" he looked up as the large Ser Nathaniel ducked in.

"Father? why have you called for me?" he asked looking toward the Evenstar,

" You are going to the King's Tourney Nut, We need to send at least one Knight to represent us but you'll have to go without Brienne, she is heading south to Renly's Court with a missive"

Nut nodded and turned to begin his preparations.

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Game Master

When the majority of the lords arrived at the red keep they were told the castle held no more space for lords and their parties, and that most of them would have to find their own accommodation in inns. They were allowed to attend the court just as long as they weren't planning on sleeping there. With the exception of Nathaniel Tarth and Micahel Tulgrad who were given accommodation inside the keep.

Ser Duncan Tulgrad

Duncan turned, alarmed, with his manhood swinging freely only to be greeted by a squire who could barely breathe. Duncan hurriedly covered himself up, before taking the scroll, noting that the seal was unbroken he gave Aeron an assuring smile.

"The king as invited us to a tourney, I think this was accidentally sent to me, however."

Duncan thought to himself about the last time he'd seen the king, it was two months ago. Duncan had been instructed to stay and watch over the red keep along with The Lord Commander, only Ser Meryn and Ser Jaimie were allowed to accompany the king to Winterfell. an unwise move Duncan thought to himself.

He looked up from the scroll to see the excited face of his squire. The boy was privileged and spoilt, growing up on tales of his uncle the White-Bull and other knights of the seven. Duncan was too kind to bring the boy into reality, the world would do that for him.

"Fetch me my armor and my hammer then Aeron, now."

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"Yes, Ser." Aeron speedily replied, rushing off through the narrow curves of the White Sword Tower. He returned in a number of minutes once again out of breath, carrying a rather heavy hammer and suit of brilliant white armour.

Aeron lifted his mentor's arm, wrapping around it a gorgeous white gauntlet, tying its sides together to fasten it tightly. He did the same for the other arm, then fastened the vambraces. After finishing the arms, he shifted his attention to the leg armor. Grunting slightly, he lifted the breastplate, nearly squinting from the light reflected from the open window off of the amazing white-finished metal. Aeron, practiced in suiting up the knight, finished this act in very good time, handing Ser Duncan the helmet, and lifting the hammer from its position resting on the wall.

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Varane turned to the carriage driver after being turned away from the Red Keep. "Take us to an inn of good standing, the Silver Dragon will do." The driver nodded, turning the carriage around, back into the town.

Once at the Silver Dragon, Varane hired the five best rooms, along with some lower class accommodation for the squires and servants.

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Ser Duncan Tulgrad

Duncan smiled, his squire had grown incredibly competent at getting his armor on and although Grey-Bane was still far too heavy for him, he had stopped complaining about carrying it. Duncan gestured to his sword, which the squire quickly buckled to his belt and the pair marched out of the white tower.

"Ahh Ser Duncan" a smarmy voice spoke as Duncan left the tower with his squire to be greeted by the other Kingsguard excluding Ser Barristan. There was Ser Jaimie Lannister the Kingslayer, Ser Boros Blunt, Ser Mandon Moore, Ser Arys Oakheart and Ser Meryn Trant. All five were dressed as he was, with their white cloaks and enamelled armor. The others had refused squires, all but Ser Barristan. Due to the ruckus it causes when a white cloak dies.

Ser Jaimie gestured and the other five followed, marching in unison with their hands close on their swords. Aeron trailed behind a little bit carrying Duncan's hammer. Their journey took them through alleys and streets until they finally made it to the gate. Their king had ditched the rest of his party, including his wife. And took Barristan so that he could go 'piss in the woods' All seven white cloaks marched with their king until they got back to the red keep, Robert left Duncan and Arys outside of the throne room to guard.

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Aeron rested a short ways down the hall from Ser Duncan's post, and was picking at loose threads on his tunic when he heard a familiar voice. Strolling down the hall was his elder brother, Baelor, with two of the queen's maidens under his arms. He was smiling brightly, treating them to his subtly rough-mannered humor, while they laughed gaily and admired his grand looks. Aeron frowned, dropped his garments from his grip, and cleared his throat quite loudly.

"Has Father finally come down from the tower and thrown you out of town?" Aeron sneered, snorting.

"Quite hardly, dear brother," Baelor replied, his eyes quickly directing down the dress of one of the young girls under his arm, "Lord Tyrell has chosen me to accompany his sons to the King's tourney. I will of course be proving my mettle in the games as well." He spat next to Aeron's foot. "I see they have set you up as a practice target for the competitors."

"I am here to assist Ser Duncan Tulgrad, Knight of the Kingsguard, in his noble duty to protect our King Robert Baratheon, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm!" Aeron shouted at his brother, his cheeks now visibly turning a bright scarlet colour.

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