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Kira's 104th Pride Flag (No, not that kind.)


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BYOND Key: dessysalta

Discord Username: remratsuken

Character Name: Kira Vasquez

Item Name: defaced warlord flag

Item Function(s): It's a large flag. Put it on the wall, maybe wear it as a blanket.

Item Description: The flag of some minor Solarian defector state that has been stitched and painted over with various energetic words and the number and emblem of the 104th Fleet. The most notable is written in Sol Common, "Szalai's finest!"

Extended Description: Not so uncommon within what was the Human Wildlands, and even prior to the Wildlands' formation, many minor Solarian successor states tried to form and either failed or were forcefully quelled or absorbed by the more capable fleets and warlords that were part of Sol's standing navy and army. Fleet Admiral Klaudia Szalai and the First Middle Ring Battlefleet itself were particularly heavy-handed with rebels or secessionists that opposed Sol or considered themselves sovereign powers, and the 103rd-107th Fleets commonly defaced, tore apart, or burned these trivial attempts at propaganda. This particular flag has many patriotic epithets on the backside, from Sol Common phrases, to Tradeband monikers, to TCB and Freespeak slang, with the ink in the center of the back reading: "Our attempt at a better life, one year at a time."

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Kira is a strange patriot by ordinary means, at least from the perspective of many working on the Horizon. She wants to forgive the Sol system for doing what it has done to countless innocent lives, she wants to embrace Biesel for letting her live a better, inclusive life, and she doesn't know which to align herself with, even if she always says Sol's her loyalty. Over the years of working for herself, for Sol, for NanoTrasen and now the Conglomerate, she's had time to realize that being a patriot isn't ignoring the faults of one nation and playing up their achievements, but accepting these faults and hoping for a better future; a better Sol.

This flag stands for the 104th Fleet under Szalai's command, part of what would become the Southern Military District, known for its loyalty to the Alliance even when all hope was lost and they could have chosen to become pirates or some other antagonistic side. Much like how everyone else on the Horizon likes to hang up their flags for whatever reason they might have, Kira wants to hang this one in security. Not because it says "Sol number one," but because it reminds her that she fought for a better future for herself, her family, Sol, and now her friends. If nothing else, it advertises the Wildlands Squadron just a bit more, and draws attention to her old service--like any Sol veteran, she loves talking about it.

How did your character obtain this item?: Even prior to the main collapse of Sol, there was infighting to be found and AWOL soldiers trying to play God or resent the Alliance and Kira's fellow man. One such deployment to a small asteroid housing a group of miscreant soldiers under the name of "The Solarian Province of Firesetters" (at the time named for no other reason than their usage of incendiary rounds, but always played up and framed as though they were taking on some "noble goal" of Solarian reformation; the joke of course being these soldiers had done nothing to better Sol and were no better than rebellious pirates) led to the 104th assaulting and arresting each and every rifleman that had defected or attempted to fire upon the 1MRB. Interestingly enough, these individuals had fashioned the old Solarian flag into one of their own, complete with the usage of black and gold ("The Front ended up using those colors better, hijo.") and even a large seal in the center ("A seal? Really? They couldn't have just put an ounce of creative thought into it?"). 

Kira, at the time Sergeant Vasquez, took note of this flag as the defecting men were cuffed and brought in. When her men stepped in to tear it down, she grabbed their arm and stopped them. Her eyes wandered around the room and found cans of spray paint, the ones that must have been used to make the flag in the first place. She stepped over to the box and picked one up, shaking it back and forth.

"No, no. I've got a better idea."

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: The flag is of great sentimental value to Kira, someone who has come to terms with her military service and even yearns for the days she could go kicking pirates or dissenters in their pants again. It's more than your usual flag; it's not necessarily a keepsake to advertise the Solarian Armed Forces (she has plenty of those, and trust me, she doesn't want to make an enemy by hanging it near a Biesellite or, God forbid, a Gadpathurian), and it's not meant to be as blandly and loudly patriotic as a nation's flag. It conveys the message that while Kira might be another dime-a-dozen Solarian veteran, she did something good once, and maybe Sol did too. After all, the Wildlands Squadron, not to mention Kira herself, is here for a reason, light years away from her home, still fighting for a just cause, this time on the Horizon.



Additional Comments: Sprites by myself! I also asked @CampinKiller if this would be accepted from a human lore standpoint and got the go-ahead. Shading is a little weird because it's a spray-painted flag.

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It's hard to believe that the SCC, already having a rocky relationship with the Sol alliance, is going to allow a looted flag branded with Szlazi's fleet. The Southern Military District was actively hostile to Biesel and engaged their ships and raided their territory for most of its existence. Near the end they did have a ceasefire, though that doesn't quite make up for it. That makes it harder to justify versus one of the wildland states that wasn't so belligerent.

Still discussing it for now, but that's my take at the moment.

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