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This is a notice to all independent operators and Cells located within the Tau Ceti/Sol/Epsilon Eridani/Jargon systems.

Hello, dears. It's been awhile since I've made contact with the lot of you. I've good news and some bad news, and some ugly news.

The good news is, we've made over 700,000 credits in the past three months, a new quarterly record. That little heist I arranged back in the winter helped bump us up a bit. So far, the Tau Ceti Minh cell has been at its strongest in the six years I've worked with you lot. Profit, boys and girls, beautiful profit. And with that profit we can afford better gear for the more dangerous missions. Wonderful, isn't it?

The bad news is, I believe our cease-fire treaty with the Trinity cell is reaching its end. No telling when the truce is off, it could be a year, could be a couple months, or even a week from now. In addition to that, we have reports of a Frontier cell moving in to set up open shop. They've been around in Tau Ceti for awhile, but they've been quiet. Sounds like they called in their enforcers, as well. We've reports of armed shuttles manipulating warp bubbles to jump from sector to sector in a near instant. If the info is correct, we got the newly dubbed Interstellar Crime Network rolling in. I hear they're competitive, relatively wealthy and quite dangerous. I heard a story of a five-man fireteam being able to rob an entire vault carrier without tripping any alarms or leaving any witnesses. The same ship is still adrift, surrounded by Alliance Police investigative forces. Entire box was cleaned out. What was in that vault is unknown.

And the ugly news is, I believe I'll have to be moving on. New job prospect. With the Crime Network fellows. I know, I know. You're probably thinking I'm a traitor or backstabbing scum.

But believe me, I'm better off where I belong. But, no worries, I'll still maintain contact with the few of you I was able to work with. Perhaps, if any of you decide such, we could very well be partners again.

Given the nature of Syndicate network transmissions, you might want to expect another notice popping up regarding the ICN officially moving into the sector. In that case, it wouldn't be detrimental to hazard a look into their operations.

Until then, dears.



--Transmission Terminated--

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Oh boy, some new kicks.

Raptor is out of here. Going dark for a bit, might resurface as one of the Interstellar Crime operatives. We'll see, won't we?

It was a nice tango, Minh. But this dancer needs a fiery new partner.

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