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Oxygen Generator

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The sodium chlorate candle, or emergency oxygen generator.


A device which when triggered burns and produces a source of oxygen, which when filtered is breathable. It's an irreversible reaction, with modern units having a burn time of 10-20 minutes, used currently in aviation as one of a few possible sources for the passenger emergency oxygen system on aircraft.

If we were to implement this into the game, I have a few ideas we could choose from:

-emergency O2 supply: acts as a large O2 tank for people stood on the tiles directly next to it, if they attach their masks to it. Possibly have two per department or one per major room stored in an emergency closet or even the wardrobes in some areas, people who want to use it right click it, instead of a set pressure contained, it could provide for a set time from ignition?

-room refiller: used as a generator by atmos techs to help speed up the filling process for a room, at this point we could reason that the candle is assembled so as to have a nitrogen source (N2 tank that is replaceable?) and then mixes into air mix as it comes out of the nozzle.

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Heh, no, it is easy to find oxygen yes, it was just a fun-ish idea I had after finishing a college assignment. (I study aero engineering)

As for chemistry making them? I like that idea, grenade casing + beaker of sodium chlorate + igniter/signaller assembly or something?

I would love it if so,e realistic danger could be added to them. IRL thus are on use only and have to be transported as HAZMAT with triggering mechanisms disabled, they are in heavy steel cases as well.

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Great info to know about. Thumbs up!

First-responders must be prepared for many dangerous situations. Lack of oxygen is an immediate risk that can lead swiftly to death. That's when a chlorate candle can be a life-saver. It's a generac generator. These candles can be counted among the equipment carried by firefighters and mine rescue crews. They can also be found on submarines and air- and spacecraft.

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Guest Complete Garbage
What if when oxygen alarm activated, lighted arrows lead you to these oxygen tankers, like on planes to the exits.

That might be difficult to accomplish, especially since they can be moved. Also, where would the arrows lead from? Just random places in the hall?

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