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Sandy's Whitelisting! Yay!

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BYOND key:Sandcom

Character names:Vera Aora

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Honestly? A couple years, however I took a very long steady break and things changed, a lot, had to do one of my normal study nights to catch up with all the laws, SoP, and alike, including pet pieves of the playerbase and preferences of the Administrative Staff.

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I have watched a lot of very passive aggressive stuff aswell as some very "Unorthodox" treatments in Medbay that you just /wouldn't/ do in real life, I have seen HoP's who really don't know what a job entitlement does in RL however that's not something ill hold against them unless they attempt to ignore the opinions of people who try and help inform them and not even care about listening to them, What we need in a Captain around here is not some power-hungry fiend or someone who thinks he can steal whatever he wants, that he's above the law, that he can threaten anyone without any opposition, that all rules apply to everyone else except themselves, that there opinion is the only opinion that matters and that they should never accept feedback for claim responsibility for when they fuck up, no we need none of that, we need the opposite, my Vera Aora was specifically tailored to be loving and caring of each person, she worries about everyone and would never throw another's life over her own but would never put herself in danger, she loves others opinions and respects everyone's opinions as we all have our own professions ICly, shes not going to go around and just waltz into another persons workplace and take over for them and leave them out of the job (I have always disliked all of these things, I have /a lot/ of experience as a Captain on Hypatia before my Captain character turned ERT and joined the DES Corps, Aurora is no different in hindsight, just a little tweak here and there with Standard Operating Procedures and different situations and preferences with the playerbase and Administrative Staff that are easy to follow, however I return to my previous statements [Digress]) To shorten things up, I know what people want, I also know what we need, I want to play a captain who cares about their staff, whose not thinking there almighty but that there a Manager and someone for the other Heads to Consult and refer to, someone who loves each person onboard and prefers the best for them and understands when to backoff and when to step up to the plate (and that's where my previous experience comes in, that mixture of commonsense and judgement skills are what I have), I look forward to working with all of you and advocating for each of you who so that we all can RP and play having a fun time together! :D

Why did you come to Aurora?: I came to Aurora to relax and get away from everything and have fun with all the cool people here, sofar its been just that, relaxing and fun. ^_^

Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?:Yuppers~ I read everything, Corporate Regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, the TLDR Versions of the Backstory for each Races, the works! It swiped at that little part of me that peaks my interest. ^_^

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: This is a /big/ Contraversial Topic, something we have all debated over the years, ill tell you what I believe and what I have found over my 3 years on playing for Hypatia and what my thoughts ended with after talking with my buddies and hearing many different sides. [What is Roleplay?]: Roleplay is obvious and almost self explanatory, roleplay is creating a character and assuming a role ICly for that character and putting yourself into there position to simulate whatever scenario that is provided. [What is Roleplay about?]:And here comes the /big/ head thumper, what is Roleplay about? Why do we do it? In the end this is my thoughts about SS13 and Heavy Roleplay such as with Aurora and Hypatia...Roleplay is about having fun in a manner that doesn't ruin the fun for everyone else, think about it, what is Aurora? Its a game, simply that, when we go to play video games whether its competitive, or casual, its all so we can sit down with our buddies and just have fun! We don't come here solely for "Work Simulator 101" if this was to just Simulate an Office work environment then hell. When we get home from Work or School and want to just unwind from the daily stress and come to "Work Simulator" Then we would be going to our second Job, and in the end that second job would just drive stress, only difference is its in space with more hazardous condition and /sometimes/ more jerks who just want to spite you or make your life miserable, that's not what we want. [How do you, Sandcom, expect it should be done?] I think it shouldn't be work simulator, it should just be remembered that in the end, this isn't work, it doesn't need to be exactly realistic, you don't see Doctors working with patients and after surgery putting them on leave for the rest of the week with bed rest while working with there Range of Motions and Checking Vitals, or Washing there Hair or preforming Peri-Care, its just not that kind of thing, doing that is just overboard. Its a game, have fun, send them back off to keep playing! When you have a patient who doesn't want treatment then don't force it by sedating them and throwing them through surgery, when your an Officer don't throw every Corporate Regulation that's broken in there face and try to act like a hardass, try and show some sympathy, some consideration for what that character is ICly going through, give a warning here and there for the minor things, if your in Cargo don't require the heaviest amount of paperwork just for a metal sheet crate or cleaning supplies, in research don't start building a army of Exosuits and shoving Positronic Brains in them (Atleast not without CC permission, think of a station with Gygaxes controlled by Posi-Brains that roam the halls like Cyborgs and work with Officers on there Command, that would be sweet, and terrifying! Although if whoever plays them RPs it off right and doesn't chucklefuck that would make things even more glorious! Ahh player involvement and creativity combined~ ^_^),[i] So to sum things up! Roleplay is about having fun with your friends and unwinding, don't cause greif for others ICly just cause you don't like them and you have a power advantage over them, accept when you did something wrong, and remember, were all living beings, even ICly, us and our characters make mistakes, don't burn someone at the stake for a mistake.[/i] (As Captain my HoS accidently shot me in the face, after I got out of recovery the HoS said they apologized and would turn in there ID immediately, I just looked at them and said, "Im not going to punish you, your human,we all make mistakes, I refuse to punish you for a mistake." She just stared at me and said, "Thank you...Captain...thank you.." and then I never had my Character meet that character again sadly =\ )

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, in game?: A Head of Staff should /not/ be this OP all knowing head of there department In my own opinion, sure go ahead and play that, but that's just not how I want to play my character, a Head of Staff is purely administrative, they would have had experience in Medbay in maybe two or three of the many fields of that Department over time, but not every Department, they would be there not only to be the Manager of there Department but to also oversee operations and pitch in and give tips when its necessary, and only but in if it is /totally/ necessary, the CMO wouldn't burst into chemistry taking there duties without asking if its okay first, or at least that's what I would do, some chemists and pharmacists don't like working with other people after all, safer just to ask and not step on there toes, your all a team after all and everyone upset at each other makes a poor work environment aswell as making the gameplay no longer fun, its just bickering then and passive aggression. If you do step on any toes, then take your staff member privately, sit down with them and apologize and talk things through with them to settle your differences and so you can easily work together as a team.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: OOC responsibilities are to act as an example of what the staff expect and want out a Head of Staff, not only that but giving tips or helping out others would be fantastic! If they need feedback and or want feedback on how they could have acted in a situation to do better, or ask why you did what you did, then give feedback, and if there questioning you on why you did something be open to their criticism, hell they may have something that could make you a better person too! Theres always ways of pitching in, whether its criticism or help. :)

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

Character name: Vera Aora

Character age: 33

Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs):

Vera Aora was born on an Apartment Station by the name of Nexus Alpha, from the ages of 1years - 5years her father would take care of her with her mother, on Nexus Alpha there was not many children, Vera was mostly alone in the world but that never kept her down. When she turned six her mother died from her left aorta in her heart being completely turned on the other side, this was a natural birth defect that was never ever treated or noticed. Vera was in the lower middle-class like most family's around the area, no one was really rich other then the Landlord, a very intelligent and polite man. When Vera's mother died, her and her father were struck with grief at this grave loss, her mother being a prime example of who Vera always wanted to be, how she felt she should act, her Hero, and now she was gone leaving her father in a state of depression losing the most beautiful woman alive. Vera day by day would go to her tutoring with her next door neighbor, when she came home she would find her sulking father sitting there on the couch, some days he would turn with these red sulken and swollen eyes, give a faded smile with dead eyes as he sees his daughter, a spitting image of his mother, and cant help but cry from the resembles of the thing he lost, leaving Vera feeling guilty beyond belief for the grieving of his father.

Days passed on with this constant pattern, Vera is now 16, Vera soon grew tired of the constant process while her father unknowingly grew sicker and sicker, Vera soon found he could barely move some days and that he was suffering, boney and weak and sobbing in pain. She left for the market in order to fetch some supplies as she helped her father hoping to make him better, while at the market a cargo ship had came through and the Captain of the small vessel took notice of the frail girl, he listened to her as she spoke frantically to the baker in hopes to find something her father would eat, taking pity on her he passed her a book, a small Medical Journal torn from the ages. Blinking from this odd present Vera looked up to thank him but he was gone, and the ship was already undocking from the station, Vera went home and prepped dinner for her Daddy, after feeding him his soup and eating her own food she then layed down and cracked open the book, inside she found what would be the start of her career and her passion. A year and 9/10ths passed, Vera came home to find her father sleeping like normal, looking better now then before, she smiled knowing he was nolonger crying and writhing in pain, as she approached him to take his temperature she noticed he was ice cold to the touch, her face grew with fear, all she could say was, "D-dad?..." before reaching out her hand and with the thumb of her right hand taking his brachial pulse, she counted for 20 of the 60 seconds before stopping and noticing that there was no pulse, her voice cracked as she tried to call out to him, her eyes swelling with tears streaming down her cheeks, her bottom lip quivered as she sniffled and frantically looked around the room, trying to think of someway to help him, forgetting the most important thing, her father had passed...he wasn't growing bony and weak from the sickness, he was refusing to eat...his depression was why he sobbed.. He had given up on life, he didn't need a doctor.. He needed a psychiatrist, and now, it was to late..her dad was now gone, just like her mother. Vera rose sobbing, packing her gear and ran from the room, trying to find escape from the station, but all she noticed in each hall was memories of her, her mother, and her father, the park where they played, the pool where they swam, the sauna where her mother and her used to go, she couldn't take it..she collapsed on the floor pressing her back against the wall and curling into a ball crying and she realized her attempts at escape, was useless. For what felt like an hour she cried before crying herself to sleep, exhausted of all energy...she awoke to a man kneeling over her, a familiar face in a large brown long coat with bear fur around the collar, a large smile on his face and a cane in his hand to steady himself on his ancient prosthetic leg, as he looked down at her she soon realized that it was /him/, the same Captain of the small cargo vessel two years ago who gave him her book, she looked up at him still crying before hugging him, after a short discussion he took her with him, when he asked where she was going, she just thought for a moment before saying, "North Fireside....Sol..." and then she finally made her first step towards College.

What do you like about this character?:

She's /very/ down to earth, not only does she care about everything but she cares about everyone and would do whatever she can to help them, she respects everyone's opinions and hates injustices given to others, and overall she sees and hates any injustices she would ever cause if she did, and strives by her nature to make up for it tenfold to that person.

What do you dislike about this character?:

She gets hit on...a lot...and she sometimes is too nice to just say no, or that the other person makes her uncomfortable, sometimes It takes another person in that specific scenario just to get them to back off or get her out of the situation, although at least others don't mind the RP =\

Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff? (Please note that Head characters must be over 30, unless given special clearance): I feel she is more then qualified for a Head Position, I also feel that others will soon love having her as one too, nothing better then having someone who actually cares about you and your opinions and /wants/ to listen to you as your Manager.(Among other qualities)

Why?: She downright loves the station and each person on it, she respects everyone and doesn't hate anything, only thing she becomes is disappointed in the persons actions. She isn't capable of being manipulated or pushed around either, she knows exactly when people are using her to their advantage and she doesn't tolerate it, she wants others to handle there own problems, she shouldn't have to fix everything for them unless necessary, and when she does help she's more then happy to! She does love everyone after all.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?: My own RP? I cant base it on what I think, I can say this...three years ago, I was a amateur, just like any new person, over the rest of the time I have grown and become more knowledgable just like any person who does something long enough, those who have RP'd with me on Hypatia and on Aurora I know have both liked my characters, so I cant argue, yeah every once in a while I get someone who dislikes me, but some either just don't like me OOCly, ICly, or we make up later on and they realize im actually not what they thought, which its always nice to hear, "Wow, your a good RPer, please stay around, we need people like you", however its nicer when its, "Wow, you are not what I thought you were. I apologize I thought you didn't like me, but your really cool! I'm glad you think my cool too!", knowing everyone's satisfied is just all kinds of better! Sadly you cant satisfy everyone, but I can try! ^_^ (For Medbay, which is my baby, I love it cause im a Medical Student in RL, they terminology's we have to learn is actually not as hard as people think, its the attitude that's what makes you a CNA, Practitioner, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Movement Technician, Paramedic, or alike, I really hope to share it with the rest of you if you really are interested to learn how in RL, also getting CPR certified is actually really easy people! Took me a day! Get certified its really useful! :D )

Extra notes:

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I don't suppose having another CMO would do much harm, especially as we've been lacking regular ones as of late.

I like the emphasis you put on heads being there for administrative work (yes, paperwork and scheduled meetings are delicious rp), as well as respecting your staff. One thing, however. I've noticed a lot of incompetency in medbay all around - from doctors/CMOs failing to address outstanding critical situations or assign personnel to them, to gross neglect such as leaving cloned bodies within direct sight of the people having just been cloned, failing to carry over artificial limbs to clones, etc. What would you say you would do, as a CMO, to address such shortcomings when they do appear?

Also, you should really consider breaking answers to your questions into shorter, more numerous paragraphs, to make them easier to read for others.

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