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Aayun Kaiser's Prototype Scarab ESS

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BYOND Key: Lmwevil 
Discord Username: SquidQueen
Character Name: Chief Engineer Aayun Kaiser
Item Name: prototype exo-stellar skeleton
Item Function(s): ESS but fully encompassing, not vaccum proof, mechanically identical to an ESS.
Item Description:

A prototype (whatever the full ESS name is), made of extremely expensive, custom made and proprietary parts allowing for comfortable existence of an offworlder in normal worlder conditions. Featuring microdoses of medicine in the air supply to aid in lung pain, electro stimulants to assist in muscle rehabilitation and innumerable other features. Unfortunately due to design limitations it is only capable of maintaining a lower internal pressure when exposed to normal environments, and is not spaceworthy nor immune to environmental conditions. This particular model bares a small mark of Zeng Hu pharmaceuticals on the main back piece, and was largely designed by a collaborative effort of experts in their fields on the Horizon. A new future for Offworlders, or a money pit?
Why is your character bringing this item to work?: 
Aayun originates from an extremely hostile environment in comparison to the Horizon's own, and while she can function in the Horizon's atmosphere it would be far more functional for her to be able to not be in agony as she works. Along with showing off the unique potential bug-like designs of scarab culture.
How did your character obtain this item?: 
I have in a sense, crowdsourced this item, Aayun has gotten countless player characters to chip in on helping with the design to help save her. Including many of engineering, several excellent people from medical, including one chemist, mechanist help and also one OM over the course of 4 or so months irl. Longer even? 
What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?:
It tells the evolution of the ESS technology and the scientific/engineering prowess of the Aurora crew to try and begin manufacturing a way to make things better. While this is a prototype, it could be a sign for the future.
Sprites: image.png.066265036407c1acf90d35a43d194c61.pngimage.png.b550980ed2d8a3fdb6e9ee69e7012d68.pngimage.png.4227d377a0994b271d8948b2f41cfb1b.pngimage.png.0e94889774c76f7342bf422ccd89baca.pngimage.png.846dd757404a7958079a69a02a718cd3.png (Not aayun)
Additional Comments:

Sammy is putting up a PR that should be out within an hour or so of this post which will have the code premade, the sprites already done and all that. 

MUCH love to sammy and LVS for realizing this concept. 

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I like the item and the collaborative aspect you've added to it. We've spoken a lot regarding this item, so the only thing I would like to hear at this point is what those IC contributions entailed, roleplay-wise. Either from you or those who roleplayed with you. That could be as straightforward as "they worked at the design" and still satisfy me mostly but I would like to hear it even still just to get a feel of how you're going to roleplay with this. 

As a note, stuff like material contributions from the crew might mean I'll ask for you to adjust that element of your story should that have taken place. I'd expect a lot of red tape to get in the way.

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So, I fortunately have a little break as the movers dismantle stuff, forgive any typos as this is from my phone. 

The collaboration was done on ship, asking subordinates in her department at first to help her out, showing diagrams on her laptop and getting design ideas/features and so on.


Then it advanced to asking medical, cmos, doctors, pharmacists and so on if they would be able to help design the life support systems.


She spoke with Captains and about two or three XOs regarding the administrative side of things to navigate the sea of paperwork along with getting design ideas.


Science had the least involvement because I could just never catch them reliably.,I think one RD? 


Mechanists and OMs were consulted as well in the construction/material design.


I invite anyone who helped Aayun if they remember what they did to send a message if they want.


Materially it was funded at first from her own savings, and once the skeleton of it was made with no internals she pitched it to zeng hu. They offered a hefty sum of funding for sole ownership of the blueprints and reproduction, as well as sharp NDAs to (now their) proprietary design.


Edit: I believe this project has gone on for maybe half a year.

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