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Staff Complaint - A_big_bear

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BYOND Key: Rawmoddles 
Staff BYOND Key: A_big_bear
Game ID: N/A
Reason for complaint: I don't have much of a complaint concerning the User who banned me, But I'm here to discuss on the topic of the "Three permabans" thing, You see, I got my second ban (at least to my knowledge) when you could get three perma bans and then be out, But now that I've made an appeal at the time where they changed such thing, It's being denied, Now you could say that it's my fault for being "Lazy" and not writing an appeal in time, but it's because I had to take some time for myself to think through my actions, and I agree that I was acting rather rowdy, And I've taken action to stop myself from acting so, So please, You've practically pushed me into begging, I'm asking for a last chance, A chance I'll rather mess up and get what I deserve, or show that I changed for good.
Additional remarks: I also have to claim that I had read the rules before the ban and warnings even, but it's too obvious for me and you that there is no way I can prove this in a forum page. So I won't argue about something utterly useless to argue against.

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The appeal in question was denied on the standing policy found here which has not been touched since the start of the year if not longer.

For ban itself, it was applied in seven days from the unban due to two warnings, a note, and then the final occurrence listed above in that time frame for poor play/conduct. As you had already been permanently ban, temporary bans would not have been appropriate.

With that stated, an appeal was properly made by rawmoddles here for the review of whichever admin takes this complaint.

Feel free to ping me with any other questions.

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Does there exist a way you could then revoke this last "strike"? As I said, I had read the rules at the time, Just after having my first permaban appealed, So we could argue that the reasoning behind the last strike is faulty, If you revoked this last strike, I would be back to standing with my other two warnings, Which I find a reasonable position for the things I've already done, It's an appropriate last chance for me, And as I stated in my ban appeal, I don't plan on playing antagonists anymore, Which practically resulted everytime in me breaking the rules, Could you reason with me here?

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I will not be making the decision on this complaint.

The logic is not flawed in any way, and the warnings/bans already applied are not being revoked. You can make a separate staff complaint on previous warnings you have received if you wish, however. You are expected to have read the rules and understand them in their entirety before posting a ban appeal, you have been around long enough to know that if you had questions about a situation to ahelp before doing it if you were unsure. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. After being unbanned from a permanent ban you are subject to re-application of permanent bans as punishment at the staff member's discretion. The warnings you were given in the day prior were already extra chances, not an obligation. Escalation of punishment can be found on the rules page.

A decision for clemency by the handling admin is up to the handling admin. If you are disagreeing with the decision made as a rule break to ban you, you need to spell it out more clearly in the complaint and why you are disagreeing with the decision.

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On 15/05/2024 at 16:01, rawnoodles said:

Sure, I can try and make a separate complaint on a different warning, But I don't exactly remember all of my warnings, Would you be so kind to hand me the list of my warnings and who gave them?

You should be able to see them through the Web Integration so long as your account is linked. You can also find a link to the WI on the front page of the wiki if you are having troubles.

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Okay, Since this post has been mostly dead for so ten days I've come up with something else

I will talk about the other warnings I've had, Specifically, the second warning i had before this ban, Which is the one where I cryoed as a thrall without Ahelping about it, And to put it simple, I did not know thralls were considered as proper antags, Seeing as they're not a roundstart thing, And I thought I could be un-thralled, So i thought i could've cryoed normally, and for the smack talk in Dchat? it was just me being a little angry since I was enjoying the roleplay in that round, my bad on that one

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Hi. Sorry for this taking so long, people are busy and so on. 

As Bear stated, the policy of permabans states that you are not able to be unbanned due to, more or less, running out of chances. It is rather difficult to accrue this many offences leading to so many bans without intentionally ignoring the rules for a long period of time and the multiple permabans show that you did have multiple chances to change, and thus I don't really see a reason to entertain this complaint further. If you would like to change the permaban policy, a better way to voice your concerns would be in the suggestion forums. 

If there's nothing else, this will be locked and archived at the end of the day.


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