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Job Ban- Roboticist

Guest Seven Ghost

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BYOND Key: Seven Ghost

Total Ban Length: About a week or so?

Banning staff member's Key: Skull132

Reason of Ban: Created a teleporter equipped Durand and ignored sec orders to eject, leading to a chase across the station ending by error in the AI core where I, an officer and the AI itself were killed by turret lasers

Reason for Appeal: I've spent some time reading over the minutia of the mechs and realize that military mechs shouldn't be constructed without approval from higher authority. The fact that I didn't equip it with weapons or intend for harmful consequences or to land in the AI core is irrelevant. When it comes to combat oriented mechs, I'll follow strict protocol surrounding them.

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I'm in full favor of the unban given you understand the responsibility that comes with military mechs.

They can turn the tide of an entire round around, and are basically not very fun to fight against, in most cases. Giving some IC/RP sense to their existence and function other than "roboticist uses mechs to instantly become a robust hero" is thus paramount.

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