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Basically, a brower based MMO set in , where you start a game along with 49 other people, in a village type thing, and you have to survive, together, as long as humanly possible.

You need to eat and drink every day, and communication is key if you're going to go out into the wilderness and scanange the needed supplies. Up to, but limited to, Condoms, Dildos, Cyanide, Unlabled Drug Items, and Water Pistols.

You can also build defenses and other buildings to help the town, buildings like a 500ft Sandcastle, an alter to a crow, gallows, and a human butcher shop.

I myself haven't played the game since 2013, but I think its still going, and my acount may still be valid. If anyone else starts the game, you may be lucky enough to see me pop up in one of the random towns in zombie world.

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I haven't played this since.. Early 2011? I remember hopping on around 2013/2014 and seeing that it hadn't really changed, at all, in over two years. It's a neat concept but it tends to grow a bit stale, and like all Twinoid games, it goes with a concept of "You /need/ to hop on atleast once a day, preferably several times". Granted it doesn't push the point as far as Mush does, but atleast Mush presented a much more interesting environment for teamwork and roleplay.

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