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Thank you.

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So the community has been in a bit of a frenzy as of late, and I just wanted to make a positive thread for once. While I agree that the server has problems and something needs to change, this isn't that thread.

Thank you to all of the developers, for working hard to give us quality content, whether we want it or not (#FreeCorporateSecurityCap2457). Thank you to all of the administrators for keeping the chucklefucking at bay and providing us with a server on which to play. Thank you to all of the moderators who volunteer their valuable sanity time to create a less chaotic environment for us to spend our free time in. And last of all, thank you to all of the players who make Aurora what it is. We wouldn't have this without each and every one of you.

That is all. Regardless of where we end up, I'm glad to have played with each and every one of you. Even those of you who sometimes irritate me.

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I'm not upset at any of you. In fact, my only goal in being here is to do my best to ensure everyone can have as much fun as possible (while maybe having a little bit of fun myself).

I really appreciate that you've all come to be part of this community so we can play games together.

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Screw it all. Thank you for being such awesome.

Because. Really. No, I mean it. So many people set aside their time and effort to make Aurora awesome. And it really is. No other server I've witnessed (granted, I don't visit other servers that much..) can really hold a candle to Aurora standards. The mods that put in their time to banhammer griefers, the admins that work hard to make events fun and keep mechanics fixed, the lore writers to come up with entrenching stories...everything.

So again. Thank you. To everyone and all.

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Some advise I should probably adhere to more often is just simply, "Take a break."

Would it be wrong if I suggested it to other people, whether or not I follow it myself, whenever people in general get all steamed up?

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