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Fortport's hard-worn suit application.

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BYOND Key: Fortport

Character name: Henji Chetou

Item name: hard-worn suit

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Well, Henji's been into security for a long time, so I want him to have something to show for it. He was specifically educated and learned law enforcement, also some basic forensics. On Aurora, he's had about a year's experience as a detective. I want him to have the suit because logically I think he would have bought one to work in, and own one in his wardrobe.(rather than the station's)

Item function(s): Cosmetic.

Item description: Identical to other hard-worn suits.

Item appearance: ^

Additional comments: Also, (from an OOC standpoint) it would show others that he might have experience in that field. Something to carry on with him when he gets into another job from time to time, like when he's an assistant, janitor, cargo technician, etc. His time in the force would be displayed with this item, and I would like that.

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I... I don't see the point in giving you a custom item for something thats on station...


Then you have missed my point, it's all there! I want this character to spawn with an item that he realistically would have bought for himself. Everyone else can dress however they want, with clothes that are just lying around, or with the loadout menu. And the point of custom items, is to have something unique, that others would not have normally. That you applied for.

It's to be able to have the suit regardless of what his job is. Assistant? Hard-worn suit. Botanist? Hard-worn suit. It's not easy to legitimately obtain this without being a detective, and he's a detective most of the time. This expresses that, I think. I am sorry if I sound confrontational or anything, but I felt like explaining. It would be like having a favorite hat that you used to wear as a security officer, or an old badge from when you were in "the force." This is kind of the same thing.

(Also because it's stylish. And also because detective isn't available all the time, and I want to still be Henji. :? )

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Just so you know... A suit in no way, shape or form tells people "I'm a detective". Everyone owns suits. I wear suits on Fridays because Formal Friday and nobody thinks I'm a detective. Applying for a suit is like applying for a blank t-shirt; it doesn't convey anything. The only thing a suit tells people is that you're a serious person or are a businessman. I'm just going to quote something I told Doom over Skype when he asked me about applying for a suit:

"Joekane ahelped a similar issue once about detective and getting a better suit; which Skull took. We came to a consensus that suit's are generally an extremely poor medium to get more information about a character. Nobody is going to ask you "Where's that suit from?" "What's special about it?" etc because suits have nothing that make them stand out. The only thing they show is that you are a professional or serious person. What you CAN do though, Swat's always complaining that he has nothing to sprite. You can ask him to sprite more suits, and then that can be talked out with Skull or Scopes about adding it to the laundry room/head of staff attire lockers."

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From an OOC perspective, it does. But I see your point in the IC environment. You are right. Unless it were Sherlock's hat. WHAT THEN, HUH?

I'll consider asking around, but not anytime very soon. I guess you can consider this application closed, if that's your final decision. ( Or maybe I could apply for a special suit or whatever, with its own icon. If that's what you mean, next to the general wardrobe. )

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