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Hookay. So since i get bored and seeing sometimes something that looks bad (Weapon wise in design) i just get sad in my heart.

And i am talking about the Nuke ops guns. They.. They look to small for their danger. I never thought id like the old standart CR-20 design, but now i do.

So i thought. Why not make CR-20 into a little bit more scarier version? Making it look like "Hell, it's about time.*puffs out a smoke cloud from cigar*"



This. Is my creation. yay or nay?

Difference is the folded buttstock on those guns.

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Honestly, I'd like it to be sleeker with more glowy bits. And have the caliber changed to something lower, since a 12.7mm is basically the equivalent to a .50 cal. And that shit's going to kill you faster than the (comparatively) itsy bitsy .357 mags that the revolver fires.

The best possible way for the nuke op gun to be changed, in my opinion, is from a conventional firearm to a magrifle with a dual/triple rail design. That glows blue.

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Also, while I appreciate the Starcraft 2 reference in the OP, I don't think that sprite quite captures the absolute ballerness of a C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle.




Plus, it'd look really weird for one, an SMG to look like that, and two, for something like that to exist in the current setting in our universe.

Unless we had some futuristic time traveller space marine company in our lore or something. In which I'd totally be okay with, okay

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It's a sub-machine gun everyone. It is small, it's compact, it's intended for fast close-ranged combat. Honestly I like it. It's so fucking tactical, you don't even comprehend.

When I think operator, I don't think of a commando dual-wielding M240B's.

When I think operator, I think of a professional in a utilitiarian - yet badass looking - outfit. Everything they have - everything they do - has a purpose that serves it very efficiently with no unneeded bulk. And I think the current CR-20 serves that purpose very well as well as effectively and attractively portrays an SMG. In fact, I personally think that nukes should somehow also have access to a silenced pistol. But that's just for - as Delta refers to it - baller status.

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Funny, but i based this gun model mostly on P-90 (the handle part), PP-19 the under barrel mag and with a mix of modernised coloured (greenish coloured) Mass effect 2 Vindicator.

Also i like the idea of P-90, but it is a PDW.. if my memory serves correct right, but the design is like a beast, always love P-90.

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This in itself is already ridiculously compact. Note the retractable stock.

In addition, we're 400+ years into the future, in a setting where energy weapons and ballistics each have their own place within the galaxy. Also, refer to the legendary, innovative K10 Kriss Vector.




Small, lightweight, short-travel bolt engages with slider mass to reduce felt recoil. Slider mass absorbs recoil energy and re-directs downward and away from the operator’s shoulder eliminating barrel climb.


Unlike any other firearm ever invented, instead of having all the recoil force slam back into the shooter’s shoulder, causing massive amounts of felt recoil and resultant muzzle climb, the KRISS System absorbs and redirects these forces downward and away from the operator thus enabling him to better control and keep the KRISS firearm on-target. More control equals more rounds on-target, more of the time.


In addition, the K10 fires .45ACP. At 1200RPM. With minimal muzzle climb and felt recoil. This thing handles and hits right on target like a dream. And this is 2015.

Imagine 400 more years into the future. Eventually, we're going to be able to condense rounds with stopping power equivalent to 12.7mm into X round magazines, eventually. I say leave it. 12mm is fine given the era and setting.

I'd be surprised if no one has attempted to dual wield these things, though. Both the C-20r and the K10, that is.

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Just for reference - not all .50 rounds are huge and massive.

This in particular is most likely intended to use something more along the lines of .50 AE, a round that is far too large to be practical when fired from a pistol but isn't actually very big at all by rifle standards.

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