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Player Complaint- NuriseKitty

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BYOND Key:Smileydemon

Player Byond Key: NursieKitty

Staff involved:No Staff were involved to my knowledge.

Reason for complaint:Consistent Dickish behavior

Approximate Date/Time: Every round they play Phoebe Essel

The very first rule of this server is to not be a dick. This person is a dick literally all the time for the most basic of things. Its annoying, it's stupid, and when you retaliate, the player is equally toxic to interact with. Rather than icly ignore this character constantly, I would like for some administrative oversight. Pretty much every round they play as this character I avoid interacting with them due to their attitude. When I have to metaknow their character to have an enjoyable round, and not interact with this character, something is wrong with that character. I'm not alone in drawing her ire though, She is consistently a dick to everyone she does not share a history with and frankly, I'm tired of it.

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I've never talked to Nurise OOCly, and hardly ever ICly, but from what I see, Essel despises humanity. She has never gotten along with my human characters, but she is a perfectly respectable human towards by mangy cat-beast. I'd say this is more of an IC issue than OOC, cause from what I see, this is just a counter complaint against Nurise.

Also, it'd be helpful to back up your complaint with some screen shots/logs. The works.

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This is an IC issue. Essel is a character which despises humanity, however, they don't take it over the top (like using it as an excuse to self-antag). Having a conflicting character such as this is allowed as long as there's checks and balances. I have not witnessed Nursiekitty behave in a way which requires intervention. However, if you have any evidence to the contrary, please provide it.

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Nursie is a very nice person OOCly, and I've never seen an OOC <-> IC leak occur between her and Phoebe. She stopped playing Phoebe for a stretch when I first came here because Phoebe was becoming rather disruptive, so she's pretty aware that Phoebe needs to be moderated.

Please don't conflate Nursie with Phoebe. It's a really easy thing to do, but her IC behavior really isn't reflective of her OOC behavior at all.

She's also one of the most non-violent "asshole" characters on our server, despite her occasional mutterings about assault and deathwishes. A fair few of our more unpleasant personas are pretty hilariously violent given a chance, but they tend to be hidden away in less public parts of the station most of the time.

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I've never seen Nursie be toxic or otherwise unpleasant.

I think what we're seeing here is a failure to separate IC and OOC.

Phoebe can be difficult to work with for a good chunk of characters. If you want to file a complaint, do it ICly.

I understand that you "have beef" with Nursie because of a recent report which was filed against you for your own RP and self-admitted metagrudging. That's understandable. Your feelings are hurt. You've already said that you have a negative opinion of Nursie, and that's well within your rights. I'm glad we have a chance to talk about this character.

I don't think Nursie is "wrong" to RP a character who is rude and confrontational at times.

BYOND Key:Smileydemon

I'm not alone in drawing her ire though, She is consistently a dick to everyone she does not share a history with and frankly, I'm tired of it.

This is just not correct. As a player with multiple characters, I've had characters with no history with Phoebe meet her several times. It's gone in different ways and I never message Nursie with stuff like "HEY NURSIE, THIS IS LOOW PLAYING THIS CHARACTER", so I've had multiple chances to see how Phoebe treats "new people".

Phoebe is not the sort to hold your hand and guide you through medbay. She expects you to have a certain level of competence and to be able to function without her, or at least, that's what I've seen.

I have one character who met her as an eager student who was looking to learn about surgery, they seemed to get along well although the interaction was short.

BYOND Key:Smileydemon

Its annoying, it's stupid, and when you retaliate, the player is equally toxic to interact with.

Phoebe is, as far as I have seen, not overly aggressive or otherwise disdainful unless a character starts down that path. I believe this because I have RPed characters who met with Phoebe while being "pushy" or "rude". She seems to have a way of thinking that makes sense. Someone's rude to her, so she doesn't go out of her way to interact with them. Is it frustrating? Yes. Is it unreasonable? No. It makes complete sense for a character to not want to be best buddies with an aggressive or otherwise unpleasant person.

I've also had a character who met her as "a friend of a friend" more or less. Because of this character's personality, this character didn't like Phoebe very much, but they did meet multiple characters (both Xeno and human) who vouched for Phoebe. Phoebe is considered by many characters to be a friend.

To sum it up, I've had characters who viewed Phoebe as everything from "that bitch" to "my coworker" to "okay, I guess." I even have one character who went through all three of those views. After seeing the character from so many angles, I can say without a doubt that she is an interesting character that adds good RP to our community. She may not like you, but that's okay. She's a person with opinions and a personality.

Think of it like this, if you met someone who you thought of as "unpleasant", would you complain to your superiors about her or just continue along your day?

I hope the latter. This more or less shows my opinion on this topic in general. Someone is upset because a character dislikes their character and continues to metagrudge against them and has the gall to air their frustration in the guise of a formal complaint. Feel free to hate a character, but don't impose that aggression you feel towards them onto your own characters. If I had all of my characters share my initial view of Phoebe, it would have made for far less interesting RP.

Phoebe has the capacity to act (almost disarmingly) kind to characters she "does not have a history with". Your complaint is even labeled as being against "Nursiekitty" rather than an IC complaint against Phoebe. Nursie is not breaking the rule of "Don't be a dick." Phoebe may be "a dick", but others can vouch that she is a character. You can like or dislike a character all you want, but please have the decency to separate your IC hate from OOC aggression. Unless of course, your complaint is mainly based on all of the meta and gossip about Phoebe... in which case, please try to get to know the character. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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I find Nurse to be very nice and polite OOC, IC Phoebe is seen by some as a bitch but really she just takes no nonsense from anyone and expects a level of professionalism from her fellow crew members. Phoebe is a extremely hard character to befriend (especially if you are a male Human) probably due to trust issues; one of my characters worked with her for a very long time and only got referred to by her last name. Phoebe however isn't the type of character to fly off the handle and attack someone for calling her bad names. I think you are confusing the character Phoebe with Nurse which isn't very fair, also a lot of people play character who are way more of a "dick" than Phoebe ever was (Trevor Stamos anyone?) and as Dea already said the "don't be a dick" rule applies for OOC.

If you have a legitimate complaint for Phoebe I suggest posting a incident report.

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