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New Guns, Gun Customization, New Armour


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So I've been sitting on this idea for a while.

New Guns

Wesson Wardog: Fully automatic shotgun with a clip that stores 20 rounds. Found only in the ERT armoury.

Seigfreig Fully Automatic Assault Rifle: An assault rifle that stores 30 rounds of ammo in it's clip, additional clips are in a separate ammo crate. Uses single shot, 3 burst fire, and can be fully automatic. Orderable in cargo, available in ERT armoury.

Izwezki Hunting Rifle: Bolt action rifle that zooms, much like the LAWP, and stores a clip of 5. Addition clips can be ordered. Found in ERT armoury, orderable from cargo.

Gun Customization[/u

Plating: Using mining materials (Gold, silver, diamond, etc) you can plate your gun. Plating uses 5 sheets of the material and provides only a vanity bonus.

Scribe: Using a scribe from in tool storage, Nuke ops shuttle, and the ERT armoury, you can etch words into your gun. You can also etch in tally marks, and your signature.

Hand Grinder: Found in the nuke ops shuttle, tool storage, and the ERT armoury, used to remove plating or sand off words and tally marks.

New Armour:

Armoured exosuit: Buildable by robotics when they have weapons research level 5, and materials research level 5. You have to build a cyborg exoskeleton, make the plates for the limbs, head, and chest. The plates cost a large amount of metal. Once you put the plates on the exosuit you will have to use your wrench to bolt them into place. When using the exosuit you will become slower (Like using a hardsuit while starving) but will recieve 70 bomb protection, 60 brute protection, 50 laser protection, 50 ballistic protection. Alternatively, to bypass the weight, you can add wiring, adjust it with wire cutters, and add a sheet of metal to protect the wiring and place in a battery. However if the battery runs out the person will not be able to move and would require a crowbar to set them free.


(Just some pictures spriters can use if these items are cleared)

Wesson Warhound: http://imgur.com/gallery/cS8FLNv http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/wolfenstein/images/a/af/Row_shotgun.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140522131310

Seigfried Fully Automatic Assault Rifle: http://imgur.com/gallery/KtxQad6


Izwezki Hunting Rifle: http://imgur.com/gallery/FjrDo


Heavy Armour: http://wolfenstein.wikia.com/wiki/File:316_22.jpg

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I sadly do not see many situations where a player would get the chance to build and customize a full-auto ballistic firearm.

Like, outside of maybe ERT. And ERT don't have time to think about naming their weapons cause they're meant to equip themselves quickly and rush into action (And they take enough time to get ready as it already is.)

Much like the previous thread that suggested we expend our arsenal with more (real-life) weapons, this seems like a lot of work for little payoff.

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I find it surprising I've never suggested the DC-17m.

Highly compact, highly versatile, easy to carry and simplistic in design. Three modes, fully automatic ion pulse blaster rifle that's easy to holster right at the waist, a long-range projectile-based sniper rifle with its ammunition encased in blaster energy, and an anti-armor attachment that fires grenades heavier than a 20lb dumb-bell and just as large, with impact rivalling that of a rocket propelled grenade. The true weapon of a commando. Or, rather, an ERT responder.

Would be neat af if they had these.

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Why make assault rifles and ballistic LWAPs a cargo orderable thing?


it's called a ballistic sniper rifle, you nerd! :c

Also, yeah, no. Would prefer ballistic sniper rifles not exist.

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I like the idea of the armor, sort of. Mainly because research can make it.

But uh, the rest is just gun porn.

2D spacemen and its silly combat system really isnt a place for gun porn.

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