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This is to the people I love. No hate here, only the truth..

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Hello frieends! I got something major that I really need to get off my chest as a lot has been going on in my life and I'm being more open to the people I trust and love. Many of you know me as female, even know my name as Amy. I want to be more open about this as I kept this a secret because it was the only way I could be the real me was online.

In the real world, I was male. My real name was Luke and I was a 19 year old boy from the UK. However... with the help from my family and friends, I'm able to become the true person I am on the inside. Amy. I hope you're not upset with me keeping this a secret and really hope I've not made any of you uncomfortable with me. Nothing has to change at all, I just want to be honest with you all!

I'm feeling so much better about myself now that I've been able to come out with this. For so long I would be scared that showing the real me would be rejected by the people I love. So there we go! Trembling while typing this up, but I need to do this.

Amy <3

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